Definitions and meanings of "Budget"

What do we mean by budget?

An itemized summary of estimated or intended expenditures for a given period along with proposals for financing them. noun

A systematic plan for the expenditure of a usually fixed resource, such as money or time, during a given period. noun

The total sum of money allocated for a particular purpose or period of time. noun

A stock or collection with definite limits. noun

A wallet or small pouch. noun

To plan in advance the expenditure of. intransitive verb

To enter or account for in a budget. intransitive verb

To make or use a budget. intransitive verb

Of or relating to a budget. adjective

Appropriate for a restricted budget; inexpensive. adjective

A small bag or sack; a pouch or portable depository for miscellaneous articles: now chiefly figurative: as, to open a budget of news. noun

A stock or store; a collection: as, a budget of news. noun

A pocket used by tilers to hold nails. noun

In Great Britain, the annual financial statement which the chancellor of the exchequer makes in the House of Commons, sitting as a committee of ways and means. noun

Hence Any similar official estimate and statement. noun

A bag or sack with its contents; hence, a stock or store; an accumulation. noun

The annual financial statement which the British chancellor of the exchequer makes in the House of Commons. It comprehends a general view of the finances of the country, with the proposed plan of taxation for the ensuing year. The term is sometimes applied to a similar statement in other countries. noun

To lay before a legislative body the financial estimates and plans of the executive government. noun

A wallet, purse or bag. noun

The amount of money or resources earmarked for a particular institution, activity or time-frame.

An itemized summary of intended expenditure; usually coupled with expected revenue.

A wallet, purse or bag.

A compact collection of things.

A socket in which the end of a cavalry carbine rests.

To be of poor quality.  Urban Dictionary

Process of allocating money from your weak, skank ass job in order to buy food, pay rent, car payments and insurance and still have enough to buy party supplies.  Urban Dictionary

Something that is poor/cheap or old  Urban Dictionary

N. Resource allocation plan, prescribed for specific duration; resource most commonly is money, but other resources such as food and even intangible resources like time can be allocated in a budget.  Urban Dictionary

Spending within a set limit, and not going apeshit with the credit card and bad checks.  Urban Dictionary

A person's ass (usually a female's).  Urban Dictionary

A code word for marijuana when you'd rather not make the topic of weed obvious. The logic is as follows... you get bud you bud get you budget. can be used as a verb ''to budget'' or a noun ''budget''.  Urban Dictionary

A way to go broke methodicaly!  Urban Dictionary

Something that tells you just how broke you really are  Urban Dictionary

A popular and trendy term commonly used by the urban elite of Brooklyn to explain a shortage of funds while keeping your rep intact. See also broke po unemployed  Urban Dictionary

The word "budget" in example sentences

How to use budget in a sentence? Example sentences with the budget, a sentence example for budget, and how to make budget in sample sentence, how do I use the word budget in a sentence? How do you spell budget in a sentence?

• Poll shows Lib Dem supporters ready to leave the party after the massive budget cuts announced by the coalition in the emergency budget• G20 communiqué expected to avoid criticism of austerity programmes in Europe   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Akaka���s bill gives the czar a budget for p.r. but no oversight over anyone else���s budget��� [and the] bill doesn���t specify to whom the czar would report ��� which leaves no one responsible when goals aren���t met.   ❋ Unknown (2008)

Each new budget message explained that, because of unforeseen circumstances, the promise of the previous year had not been met, but next year things would be better; next year there would be a balanced budget….   ❋ Unknown (1989)

5: In April 2009 the Daily Telegraph set up a "Twitterfall" for its coverage of the budget, in which it tried to include any tweets with the tag "#budget".   ❋ Unknown (2010)

\ "Instead, it is the process by which a particular type of budget is developed -- a Performance Budget (or \" program performance budget\ ").   ❋ Unknown (2009)

But at least they are now using the phrase "budget cuts" in polite company.   ❋ Doug Bandow (2011)

When you hear the term budget travel, we know what you think: cheap hotels, C-list attractions and meal portions that wouldn't satisfy your average toddler.  

An 18th century pamphlet The Budget Opened likened Sir Robert Walpole to a mountebank opening his ` wallet of quack medicines and conjuring tricks '-- a less polite explanation of the term budget in its financial sense than the discreeter view that it refers to the ` Chancellor's leather bag or dispatch box,' hence to its contents.   ❋ Unknown (1981)

If your budget is about $600 plus tip and want to take other family members, I would suggest giving me a call at 251-975-8111 and we can go do a 4 hour trolling trip for big bull redfish.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Good news ... if you are one of the taxpayers of the City of Aurora who wants to see government spend less, this budget is the first major step in that direction.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Anyone who still believes that Clinton actually balanced the budget is an idiot!   ❋ Unknown (2009)

So much of the budget is a slush fund to buy votes and reward campaign contributors, and to indulge the imperial fantasies of our ruling elites.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

The Republicans balancing a budget is about as likely as Jamaica dominating the future of world curling.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Let me explain: a budget is a way to assign values in spending to certain priorities to ensure that more money than is available doesn't get spent.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

The Arizona budget is a vivid reflection of how the fiscal crisis afflicting state governments is cutting deeply into health care.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Why was he never brought to task for simultaneously advocating cutting taxes on the. 5% at the top of the wealth scale and arguing for cutting social security and medicare to balance the budget is a complete mystery … Oh wait, he was popular with the villagers, so no accountability is par for the course … abb1 says:   ❋ Unknown (2010)

You might find, that NASA'a budget is about 20 billion dollars a year ...   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Taking 65 million out of their budget is a good start, 380.6 million would be just about right.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Beyond this however, there are of course other important elements and aspects when a budget is available for more extensive projects.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Did you see that girl that Aaron hooked up with, damn she was budget. ❋ Chris (2002)

Man, after paying my bills with that paycheck from Mack Donalds, I only have $3 to party on. ❋ Move Zig (2003)

Did you see his bike? hahaha that thing was budget like, it only had one tyre ❋ Rexx (2005)

Yo 'sup! I've had a miserable time managing my money, 'cuz I been so muthafuckin' focused on keepin' up wid da bling! Werd. ❋ Truth2Power (2004)

Now that I bought a new Porsche, looks like I'm gonna have to be on a budget for the next 6 years. ❋ Ricky Roma (2003)

Hey girl, come here and let me check your budget. ❋ Blawck (2007)

Stoner 1 - When we picking up that we- Stoner 2 - BUDGET MAN! BUDGET! YOU GET BUD! REVERSE IT? WHAT DO YOU GET? BUDGET!! Stoner 1 - woah, chill out dude, I was only asking when we were going to get the wendy house from my brother's... ❋ Satirejs (2011)

This years political budget! ❋ Samydoot (2005)

I can't even buy Ramen noodle on my baby daddy budget. ❋ Artiquephenom (2015)

Example 1 Hey man you wanna go to the movies? Naw that's budget. example 2 hey, buy me a beer? sorry, budget bro. ❋ Dee Dub (2004)

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