Word BUG
Character 3
Hyphenation bug
Pronunciations /bʌɡ/

Definitions and meanings of "Bug"

What do we mean by bug?

An insect having mouthparts used for piercing and sucking, such as an aphid, a bedbug, or a stinkbug. noun

An insect of any kind, such as a cockroach or a ladybug. noun

A small invertebrate with many legs, such as a spider or a centipede. noun

A disease-producing microorganism or agent. noun

The illness or disease so produced. noun

A defect or difficulty, as in a system or design. noun

A defect in the code or routine of a program. noun

An enthusiasm or obsession. noun

An enthusiast or devotee; a buff. noun

An electronic listening device, such as a hidden microphone or wiretap, used in surveillance. noun

To grow large; bulge. intransitive verb

To annoy; pester. intransitive verb

To prey on; worry. intransitive verb

To equip (a room or telephone circuit, for example) with a concealed electronic listening device. intransitive verb

To make (the eyes) bulge or grow large. intransitive verb

To leave someone alone; go away. phrasal verb

An insect of the order Hemiptera (the “true bugs”).

Any of various species of marine or freshwater crustaceans; e.g. a Morton Bay bug, mudbug.

Any insect, arachnid, or other terrestrial arthropod that is a pest.

Any insect, arachnid, myriapod or entognath.

(chiefly computing and engineering jargon) A problem that needs fixing.

A contagious illness; a bacterium or virus causing it

An enthusiasm for something; an obsession

A keen enthusiast or hobbyist.

A concealed electronic eavesdropping or intercept device

A small and usually invisible file (traditionally a single-pixel image) on a World Wide Web page, primarily used to track users.

A small, usually transparent or translucent image placed in a corner of a television program to indicate what network or cable channel is televising it

A manually positioned marker in flight instruments.

A semi-automated telegraph key.

Hobgoblin, scarecrow; anything that terrifies.

("the bug") HIV.

A limited form of wild card in some variants of poker.

A trilobite.

A young apprentice jockey.

Name of the sexiest mother fucker to ever exist Urban Dictionary

Bug (to pester) Urban Dictionary

A fault in a computer system or any physical entity including humanoids. Urban Dictionary

Someone who’s insecure at the beach Urban Dictionary

Term of endearment, usually used by girls and women, sometimes older men. but youll never find a boy wholl call you bug. Urban Dictionary

Commonly refered to as "the bug" 1. An STD. Can be used to describe a large variety of sexually transmitted deseases but this term is most well known for meaning THE BIG ONE... HIV or AIDS. Urban Dictionary

Back Up Gun. (Noun) A secondary gun that is carried, in case the primary gun is inaccessible or out of ammo. Urban Dictionary

A thing that crawls around until it is stepped on or killed in any other way. Urban Dictionary

To have a sudden interest or craving for something. Urban Dictionary

A fault in a computer system Urban Dictionary

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The word "bug" in example sentences

该版本的主要变化包括:针对 Internet Explorer 7 的 bug 修正;改进了 crypt32,包含新的导出向导;更好的支持无窗 Richedit;对 "打印" 对话框进行了改善;修复了 Windows 平台上的回归测试问题及其他许多 bug ❋ Unknown (2009)

The term "bug," while having a specific taxonomic meaning, is also used as an umbrella term to include land-arthropods in general, including arachnids, like scorpions and spiders. ❋ Daniella Martin (2011)

I agree with Dave Winer's rant against what he calls bug graphics, and which I call kipple. ❋ Unknown (2006)

The term "bogeyman" seems to have come from the Welsh "bwg" spirit and the word "bug" was applied to insects because of the belief that insects were souls in search of rebirth. ❋ Unknown (2011)

While he runs, Zeizel keeps what he calls a bug-out bag within reach. ❋ By GEORGE VECSEY (2010)

I was ready to comment on the previous post, and say that in the spirit of the season, a Trini would tell you "the boy so cute he get malju" (derived from the French mals yeux), but that kind of bug is awful. ❋ Ewe Are Here (2008)

Terrorists are unlikely to use hundreds of tons of nerve agent, but they can quite dangerously use a few liters (put in bug sprayer or better aerosolizer, spray into air intake of large building). ❋ Unknown (2010)

Depending on what bug is in your gut, and depending on if it had been already partially treated with antibiotics by the former carrier, your antibiotic treatment may or may not help you. ❋ Unknown (2009)

If you really have to stretch it and want to use the pan more than just once a year, you could even use this as a pan to shape a loaf of no-knead bread into an approximation of a braided loaf, but being a big fat bug is definitely what it does best. ❋ Unknown (2009)

If first few practices of spring ball were any indication, it looks like the injury bug is sticking around Nashville a while longer, the last thing this program needed. ❋ Unknown (2010)

But first, I get as much information out as I possibly can, while the creativity bug is still munching. ❋ Unknown (2010)

And I found out LOTS of nasty chemicals are used to keep grain bug-free, mold-free, and ready for processing into the myriad wheat products we consume. ❋ Unknown (2009)

bug is the [smexiest], hottest, [bad bitch] to ever [exist] on this earth ❋ Mothmanxx (2020)

"Don't bug me, I really [need] to [concentrate]!" ❋ Robert (2003)

I [have been] [pwnz0red] by a bug and [am not] well. ❋ Brendan (2004)

her [boyfriend]’s a bug, [right]? ❋ Bugatthebeach (2021)

girl to [mom]: [hi] bug!!! mom to girl: hi bug! [i love you too]. ❋ Bea Poynter (2008)

"That girl is lucky she doesnt have [the bug], [after all] that [messing around] she does" ❋ XCOBRA_CLUTCHx (2004)

Good thing I [remembered] [to carry] [my BUG] today. ❋ The Defining Wordsmith (2007)

"dude, you [stepped on] [the bug]" "[aw], shit." ❋ Britainy (2005)

1. I really have a bug for New York [Cherry] [ice cream]. 2. I have a bug to find out what color underwear she is wearing right now . . . .[Oops], she's not wearing any. ❋ MikD (2005)

There's a few [bugs] to [work out] in [the system]. ❋ Falconrath (2003)

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