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Bugi is a synonym for a fluffy ginger Fox who specifically lives in the UK. This term originated in 2019 when a group of boys were deciding to name the dog. This was it’s name. Originally, the dog was meant to be named Hugo but Bugi became it’s nickname.  Urban Dictionary

Upper middle class or rich black folks who forget their roots  Urban Dictionary

He Bugis are the most numerous of the three major linguistic and ethnic groups of South Sulawesi, the southwestern province of Sulawesi, Indonesia's third largest island. Although many Bugis live in the large port cities of Makassar and Parepare, the majority are farmers who grow wet rice on the lowland plains to the north and west of the town of Maros. The name Bugis is an exonym which represents an older form of the name; (To) Ugi is the endonym. The Bugis speak a distinct regional language in addition to Indonesian, called Basa Ugi, Bugis or Buginese. In reality, there are a several dialects, some of which are sufficiently different from others to be considered separate languages. Bugis belongs to the South Sulawesi language group; other members include Makasar, Toraja, Mandar and Enrekang, each being a series of dialects.2 In historical European literature, the Bugis have a reputation for being fierce, war-like, and industrious. Honor, status, and rank are of great importance to the Bugis. They are a self-sufficient people who have a positive self-image and are very confident of their own abilities. As the most numerous group in the region (more than 5 million), they have had considerable influence on their neighbors.  Urban Dictionary

Bugi is one of the greatest man alive. A Bugi is a kind, honorable, super intelligent, funny man with a great heart. Not to be confused with a “Bugra”, a Bugra can become a Bugi only and only if he is upgraded in the game of life. A Bugi’s hobbies include: hoodies, listening Muslum Baba& trap music, intellegent memes, social services. He is hard to explain, you just have to see one. Your highest chance of seeing one is in Kadikoy.  Urban Dictionary

A individual who is progressive, forward thinking, innovative, intelligent, independent, strong will, sharp, self-motivated, and driven. (Individuals without high self esteem who seeks to be included generally dislike or hate on this individual)  Urban Dictionary

Over-exceedingly pissed off. Angered after being annoyed from stupid people, ignorant people, and/or long, nautious car rides. salty  Urban Dictionary

One of the super coolest people in the whole world ...she is hylarious and can beat anyone in a brupping contest...and shes an amazing artiest  Urban Dictionary

A man with a beard and a malteser trim  Urban Dictionary

A person who loves supernatural and eating pastys.  Urban Dictionary

A great Turkish trap beat maker  Urban Dictionary

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Meet dear at 7pm at bugis .. late for 2 hrs .. shocked him with my HAIRSTYLE .. ❋ Kimmiology (2008)

Took a cab from bugis n found out tt it's actually 1 street away from e MRT station ... ❋ Kimmiology (2008)

Unfortunately, the land is currently occupied, but still the bugis should be claimed since the place of the killing is located within the territorial jurisdiction of Licuan-Ba-ay. ❋ Unknown (2007)

HAHA. at the bugis fountain on the mrt stn: me: let's have a dare and walk through tt fountain! evil ppl: ok! then i got pushed inside (i think by eric. u watch out. lol). ❋ Turdle (2006)

WEDNESDAY: the day out (FINALLY) with GEST = germaine + evelyn + sarah + terence. we met at bugis to have lunch and actually to just chill. but we ended up taking a trip to the science centre! yeah! had so much fun there! re-learning new stuff and finding out how much more smarter i am than germaine and evelyn. ❋ Overthefence (2006)

= D met up with gladys, xue ni, yiwen [and her bf hahha = x], althea and ct. tour round bugis, had a awesome lunch at sakae sushi and tour round bugis again.hahaha. ate alot todae alrite .. ❋ Zhen-zhen (2006)

Qianhui says: clydie thought of eating in bugis after work ... so she called me see if i wanna join her since we work at the same area ❋ Nevereverend (2006)

= D oink. bout 6pm. gladys and ct hafta leave for work and steamboat. so we continued to shop round bugis b4 proceeding to holland v nydc to visit gladys!!! by den wenxiu came alr ah .. so we had dinner there. ❋ Zhen-zhen (2006)

Moving on with my life haha haven't updated in a long time went shopping with my mom today at bugis to get my mind off some things that have been bothering me and driving me crazy. lol saw this sign in the guys toilet (not that i went in haha): ❋ Melcircus (2005)

* SLAP* but it's cool still. * smile* but i still have that sound screeching in my head in that familiar tune.damnit. so sharon and huimin was kind enough (OF COS!) to walk me to the mrt station. if they did not, i think i would have gotten lost along the way despite me going to bugis area for COUNTLESS nummber of times! then they went shopping. drats. ❋ Overthefence (2005)

Anyway, we got to bugis and it was quite late already. ❋ J-gan (2004)

Seeing that the entrenchments were not to be carried in front, a subedar with thirty sepoys and the bugis-guard were ordered to endeavour to pass the swamp on the right, find out a pathway, and attack the enemy on the flank and rear, while the remainder should, on a preconcerted signal, make an attack on the front at the same time. ❋ William Marsden (1795)

One of them, soon after, in a scuffle with some bugis (country soldiers) was wounded and died. ❋ William Marsden (1795)

It now consists of Lieutenant Dare, Mr. Alexander, surgeon, seventy sepoys, including officers, twenty-seven lascars and Bengal convicts, and eleven of the bugis-guard. ❋ William Marsden (1795)

The bugis soldiers and others in the Malay bazaars whom we see most attached to it, and who use it to excess, commonly appear emaciated; but they are in other respects abandoned and debauched. ❋ William Marsden (1795)

HO SAY AH. i ask my brother to pretend to be a buyer. my brother and me went ot bugis. my bro went to ask him about the laptop (the scammer didnt see me), then when he was trying to push the laptop onto my brother, i appeared from his back ❋ Pewpewpew (2010)

Bugi, or [boog], is such a [nice] [dog]. ❋ LoleIsAMoleInAHole (2021)

She was so [bugie], she never had [fried chicken] before! (like in that [lil bow wow] song)... "we called her bugie, she didn't shop nowhere but Gucci" ❋ LilMerm (2003)

A Minangkabau person: Oi!!! Where did you come from??? A Bugis person: I am from South Sulawesi. Why? A Minangkabau person: Are you a [bu]... A Bugis person: [Yes I am] a Bugis. A Minangkabau person: I'm so sorry sir... Please [forgive me]... ❋ Petta Hello (2010)

[Oh my god], is that a Bugi? Yes! Do you think he will [take a picture] [with me]? ❋ Debussyonshrooms (2020)

"Please stop hating on me because I am [bugie], [chic]. Let go and find yourself." That [diva] chic is so bugie! Redefining bugie, that's me. ❋ Diva9 (2011)

He [backstabbed] our team, that dirty [trader]! It makes me really [bugie]. "[Bugie]..." ❋ Aaron-AD-MJ* (2008)

[Crap] [shes] a bugie...she [kicks ass] ❋ Super S (2005)

[Look], [that guy] is a [sugi-bugi]!! ❋ YoungSirRonnie (2021)

Boy 1: [Mmmh] these pastys are so good. Did you watch the latest episode of [supernatural]? It gave me a boner. Boy 2: Wow, your name should be [bugi] bruh. ❋ Kris •~• (2016)

A: Did you hear [Bugy's] [goosebumps] remix? B: Yeah man he's a hit [banger]! ❋ Sitabel (2017)

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