Character 5
Hyphenation built
Pronunciations /ˈbɪlt/

Definitions and meanings of "Built"

What do we mean by built?

Having a specified physique. adjective

Having a well-developed or attractive body. adjective

Large-breasted. adjective

Form; shape; build; mode of building. noun

Constructed; formed; shaped; made: often used of the human body, and frequent in compound nautical terms, as clincher-built, clipper-built, frigate-built, etc.

Constructed of different pieces; not composed of one piece: as, a built mast or block; a built rib.

Formed; shaped; constructed; made; -- often used in composition and preceded by the word denoting the form adjective

Shape; build; form of structure. noun

Well-built adjective

Simple past of build. verb

Past participle of build verb

(used of soaps or cleaning agents) having a substance (an abrasive or filler) added to increase effectiveness adjective

To form (something) by combining materials or parts.

To develop or give form to (something) according to a plan or process.

To increase or strengthen (something) by adding gradually to.

To establish a basis for (something).

To form by combining materials or parts.

To develop in magnitude or extent.

To construct (software) by compiling its source code.

(of source code) To be converted into software by compilation, usually with minimal human intervention.

Large, well built, highly muscular, great presence, huge. Urban Dictionary

Strong, muscly or fit. Also used if someione is hard. Urban Dictionary

Complete, stacked, full, brought from the bottom, from zero to nothing, grown up, perfect, Urban Dictionary

A group of Ego Spastics who Aimbot their way to being the best. Chances are they have: 1. Slurred speech and a VERY limited vocabulary. 2. Thinks everyone is a ‘mate’. 3. The uncanny ability to get 10 head shots in a row in close combat. 4. Anti-Social/Misanthrope/Just a Dick. Urban Dictionary

Putting something on the built. like saying ong. Urban Dictionary

A structure that has been completely finished and is no longer in the process of being made (i.e. a building). -Coined by Professor Action Jaxson Urban Dictionary

In built i.e. running through the person like black pool rock. Urban Dictionary

Somethings to be built Urban Dictionary

You are THAT MOTHERFUCKER. You are on a completely different plane of existence in relation to the rest of these lame wannabes. Urban Dictionary

A term used to define oneself to be extraordinary at a variety of levels, from the simple above average kind to being above the very deities themselves Urban Dictionary

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The word "built" in example sentences

FIDDLER'S GREEN BASE, Afghanistan (Reuters) - Decades ago development experts from Washington built the town of Marjah in southern Afghanistan in order to populate a desert they had helped irrigate with a network of U. S.-built canals. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The F/A-18 fighter, built in Australia under license from the U.S. manufacturer, is the principal combat aircraft of the Royal Australian Air Force, backed by the U. S.-built F-111 strike aircraft. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The F / A-18 fighter, built in Australia under license from the U.S. manufacturer, is the principal combat aircraft of the Royal Australian Air Force, backed by the U. S.-built F-111 strike aircraft.

Ms. Dirks and several fellow members of the Handweavers Guild of Boulder are setting out to boost acceptance of dog hair—or, as they prefer to call it, chiengora, a term built around the French word for dog that also evokes the luxurious feel of angora. ❋ Stephanie Simon (2011)

His four solo records for the label built on one another like a coming-of-age tale and ranged stylistically from the giddy Cheap Trick-style pop of "Sha Sha" (2002) and "On My Way" (2004) to his first record after moving to Austin in 2008, the appropriately country-themed "Changing Horses" (which was co-released with The Noise Company). ❋ By ANDY LANGER (2012)

But can you be sure that a word built on this basis in the ancestor language meant “toy doll”? ❋ Leslie Dunton-Downer (2010)

Under the aegis of Williamson and Gary Walker, the label built up careers and even recorded Tidwell's mother, Connie Easton. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Adkins was the original star of Norton Records, a label built around the primal recordings Adkins produced in his mountain home, beginning in the Eisenhower era. ❋ Unknown (2005)

He left behind everything he worked on and built from the ground up, as well as moved his family across the country for this gig. ❋ Pabba (2010)

Where I built is a nice, new colonia but just not yet well developed with all the commercial activity I like in the older colonias. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The church was once again built, and once again destroyed when problems with dampness plagued the building. ❋ Unknown (2009)

“Each freighter, since the very first one we built, is given a unique name,” the technician explained. ❋ Unknown (2009)

He is so [built]. ❋ Kung-Fu Jesus (2004)

His [mum] is [well fit], but watch out 'cus his dad is [built]! ❋ Willed1234 (2007)

"Put your [playlist] on! your stations are hella [built]." "Daaaaaaamn girl. That booty is [lookin'] built." ❋ Lalunelovell (2017)

"I'm built [m8] b@[pce]" is the common [mating call] for the Built People. ❋ Sqauce (2011)

“[put that on] the built bro!” “[yeah bro], [on the built].” ❋ Built Ass Nigga (2020)

Authority: Hey what are you doing? Student: [Getting some] reference of buildings for [my art class]. Authority: There are plenty of buildings over [on the other side] of campus. Student: Sir, those are clearly builts you are speaking of. I need to get reference for buildings. ❋ PandaMarine (2011)

[Kev] [Mahon] asking [Sherrelle] for a blow job - it's inbuilt in him. ❋ Joanne (2003)

[Water] [main] [2007] as built ❋ David Due (2007)

My attorney: “[Your Honor], I’m sorry but my client is completely innocent. He’s just [built different].” The Judge: “I️ can see that. Sir, I’m sorry for [wasting your time]. I️ didn’t realize that you were THAT MOTHERFUCKER.” ❋ KingKqi (2020)

Example: [Simpleton]: What would you do if the sun were to [blow up]? Chad: I would stop the sun from its impending destruction, simply because I am [built different]. Example: Virgin: Hey how did you fuck 15 girls in one night? Chad: Cause I'm just built different. ❋ Beaning Gamer 71 (2020)

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