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Bulls Bulls, New Zealand, Rangitikei townshipIn sports: Bulls (rugby union), a South African rugby union franchise operated by the Blue Bulls Belfast Bulls, an American football team in Northern Ireland Belleville Bulls, a junior ice hockey team in Ontario, Canada Birmingham Bulls, a defunct American ice hockey team from the World Hockey Association and Central Hockey League Birmingham Bulls (American football), an American football team in the UK Birmingham Bulls (ECHL), a defunct American ice hockey team from the East Coast Hockey League Birmingham Bulldogs or Birmingham Bulls, a British rugby league team Bradford Bulls, a rugby league club in Bradford, England Buffalo Bulls, the sports teams of the University at Buffalo Chicago Bulls, a National Basketball Association team in Chicago, Illinois Dundalk Bulls, an ice hockey team from Dundalk, Ireland Durham Bulls, a minor league baseball team in Durham, North Carolina, United States Gombe Bulls, a Nigerian basketball team Jacksonville Bulls, a defunct American football team Kapfenberg Bulls, a basketball team in Austria Louisville Bulls, a Mid Continental Football League team in Louisville, Kentucky Pittsburgh Bulls, a defunct lacrosse team in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania Queensland Bulls, an Australian cricket team Bulls, the nickname of Spain's national Australian rules football team South Florida Bulls, the sports teams of the University of South Florida Zhejiang Golden Bulls, a Chinese basketball team in the CBA.

What does the word bulls mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word bulls in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with bulls and anagrams of bulls.

Definitions of "bulls"

  • Plural form of bull. noun
  • A name in Cornwall, England, for the fish Serranus cabrilla.

The word "bulls" in example sentences

He saw the plow that he was to yoke to the bulls; he saw the yoke of bronze near it; he saw the tracks of the bulls’ hooves.. [Part II. The Return to Greece. Chapter III. The Winning of the Golden Fleece]

True it was that young bulls, or those which were never baited before, showed reluctance to be tied to the stake; but those bulls which, according to the language of the sport, were called _game bulls_, who were used to baiting, approached the stake, and stood there while preparing for the contest, with the utmost composure.. [Heads and Tales : or, Anecdotes and Stories of Quadrupeds and Other Beasts, Chiefly Connected with Incidents in the Histories of More or Less Distinguished Men.]

The wolves were now in the country of game, and though they still hunted in pack, they hunted more cautiously, cutting out heavy cows or crippled old bulls from the small moose-herds they ran across.. [The Battle of the Fangs]

Roarin 'bulls an' big grizzly bears, that's what they are, when it comes to huggin 'in a clinch or swingin' rough-like in the rushes.. [Chapter II]

"Female sea lions are called cows and male sea lions are called bulls," the voice went on.. [A Gala and Water Act for Elephants]

Near-term bulls itching for continued upward momentum in DD’s shares purchased approximately 2,100 calls at the August $41 strike for an average premium of $0.71 per contract.. [Laying Down Bullish Options Bets On MGM]

"We clearly have two market views, the long-term bulls are losing some faith, but the short-term bulls are more bullish," wrote Ahmad Abdallah, an energy analyst with Gave-Kal, in a recent research note.. [Oil Rises 3%, but OPEC May Open Spigot]

Stock market investors are often characterized as bulls or bears.. [Not Your Parents’ Money Book]

Jeremy Sussman: We are both short- and long-term bulls on the coal space, and believe that ultimately we're going to see U.S. companies benefit, both directly and indirectly, from tightness in the global markets that we're seeing.. [How China's Industry Is Strengthening U.S. Coal]

Near-term bulls expecting shares to continue to rebound picked up calls and sold out-of-the-money puts this morning.. [Bulls Charge Into Visa, PetroBras, Watson Pharma]

I hate to trade this gun off, as it's scoped and the first shot is within bulls eye at l50 yds, and 2-3 pattern at 200 yds,.. [A Pithy Bit Of Rifleshooting Heresy]

I had a shot with legal light a minute old, but in the gloom it was difficult to tell the bulls from the cows, and I couldn't be sure whether they were 150 yards up the mountain or 250.. [A Rocky Mountains Elk Hunt in the Snow by Keith McCafferty]

The other person had it right when she suggested that banning all 'pit bulls' is like castrating all men because some men are rapists.. [we get a bad rap]

Banning pit bulls is like castrating all men because of rape.. [we get a bad rap]

But while short-term bulls appear scarce at the moment, some analysts this week nevertheless cautioned that there is potential for prices to stabilize or bounce, particularly if there is an output disruption at a time when supplies remain low.. [Copper Futures' Weakness May Persist]

Even long-term bulls are finding it hard to do much buying.. [Financial Stocks]

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  • Character5
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