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Definitions of "bumpy"

  • Covered with or full of bumps: a bumpy country road. adjective
  • Marked by bumps and jolts; rough: a bumpy flight. adjective
  • rough; jumpy; causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements adjective
  • covered with or full of bumps adjective
  • Having or marked by bumps; having a surface marked by bumps or protuberances.
  • causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements adjective
  • covered with or full of bumps adjective

The word "bumpy" in example sentences

Baglio Segesta and Tenute Margana, Segesta You definitely need a 4x4 as your hire car to stay at this pair of agriturismos: they're a couple of miles from the nearest road up a track for which the word bumpy is totally inadequate.. [A Sicilian opening in the wild west]

Not rutted as in bumpy, rather one long trough in which I have been comfortably ensconced.. [change is as good as a holiday]

Toms was surprised by the number of putts players made because he thought the greens were bumpy from the soft conditions.. [USATODAY.com - Medinah carved up after wet, cloudy week]

I think we see prospects -- although we understand that we're into perhaps what some call the bumpy landing, we think we see some prospects for long-sustained growth with low rates of inflation.. [Press Briefing By Mike Mccurry]

But I expect a short-term bumpy ride for Google's stock price until at least October.. [Forbes.com: News]

The route was really bumpy from the Irish sea meeting the Atlantic Sea (the locals say that they don't get along well).. [TravelPod.com Recent Updates]

We're very realistic about the short-term bumpy road ahead of us and are proactively preparing ourselves for the future.. [SeekingAlpha.com: Home Page]

So the flight was nice and bumpy, which is my favorite.. [WIL WHEATON dot NET: 1.5: September 2001 Archives]

The project has been in the works for nearly two decades, and Dr. Ting and his team of collaborators from 16 countries are hoping for a smooth ascent on Friday after years of what could only be described as a bumpy ride.. [NYT > Home Page]

Cola brown with a tan head that is probably best described as bumpy, the beer has a sweet aroma that suggests dark fruit and sugar.. [Boston.com Top Stories]

Twentieth Century Fox's action caper "Knight and Day" scored $3.8 million Wednesday at 3,043 locations, an opening that some B.O. observers have characterized as a bumpy start for the Tom. [Variety.com]

He opened with a 74 on Thursday and called the bumpy Pebble Beach greens "just awful.". [London Free Press]

Verbeek labelled the bumpy, clumpy surface as one of the worst pitches he had encountered in international football.. [The Sydney Morning Herald News Headlines]

First off the ground needs to stop being bumpy aka nuke outside, dust2.. [GotFrag eSports Stories]

I realized that although the k3, p1 ribbing was smooth on the outside it produced a "bumpy" inside.. [Laetare Sunday]

Here in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, the local council are putting in a kind of bumpy paving slab sequence at every pedestrian crossing in the city, and many of the steps leading to bridges etc have a ribbed paving slab inserted.. [The Effects of Disability Regs: Perverse, or Just Overpriced?, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

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