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Definitions of "bunting"

  • A light cotton or woolen cloth used for making flags. noun
  • Flags considered as a group. noun
  • Strips of cloth or material usually in the colors of the national flag, used especially as drapery or streamers for festive decoration. noun
  • Any of various birds of the family Fringillidae, having short, cone-shaped bills and brownish or grayish plumage. noun
  • A snug-fitting, hooded sleeping bag of heavy material for infants. noun
  • Strips of material used as festive decoration, especially in the colours of the national flag. noun
  • A thin cloth of woven wool from which flags are made; it is light enough to spread in a gentle wind but resistant to fraying in a strong wind. noun
  • Flags considered as a group. noun
  • Any of various songbirds, mostly of the genus Emberiza, having short bills and brown or gray plumage. noun
  • Present participle of bunt. verb
  • A bird of the genus Emberiza, or of an allied genus, related to the finches and sparrows (family Fringillidæ). noun
  • A thin woolen stuff, used chiefly for flags, colors, and ships' signals. noun
  • Short and thick-set.
  • A short and thick-set person. noun
  • The act of pushing, as with the horns or head; butting. noun
  • A game among boys, played with sticks and a small piece of wood cut lengthwise. noun
  • A large piece of timber; a heavy support for machinery or other structures. noun
  • The act of swelling out, as a sail. noun
  • Sifting. noun

The word "bunting" in example sentences

Though slightly ad hoc, the bunting is at least cheerful, and appears to be strung between ground-floor window-frames.. [Archive 2009-03-01]

… Doesn't he know sacrifice bunting is a waste of time?. [Part Manager, Part Motivator]

And in fact, statistically, pitchers bunting is the only way in which NL baseball is vastly different than AL baseball.. [USATODAY.com - Time to blow up those AL, NL myths]

Patterson said he would bunt if his team needed a baserunner in a close game or if he was struggling, but added, "If I'm swinging the bat well, bunting is the last thing I'm thinking about.". [USATODAY.com - National League Central]

It shows that bunting is becoming a lost art in baseball.. [Cubbies close to infamous mark]

The canals were packed with gay barges, houses flaunted in bunting and floral decorations, and a festive air was prevalent in every quarter of the city.. [Jacqueline of the Carrier-Pigeons]

He thought they resembled the European reed bunting, so drew from the Latin word for "rush," juncus, and that's how the junco got its name.. [StarTribune.com rss feed]

“This is the painted bunting, that is the swallow-tailed hawk.”. [The Memory Palace]

The defenses sometimes leaked, and the bunting was atrocious.. [Too bad the NLCS had to end]

A bunting is a rather superior kind of sparrow -- a Lord. [Birds of the Indian Hills]

The inhabitants of the street request the "Ambassador of England, a country the purity and the decency of whose manners is well known," to cause this bit of bunting, which is a scandal in their eyes, to be hauled down.. [Diary of the Besieged Resident in Paris]

The mourning fans, commonly called bunting, rise like livid welts on the city's grieving precinct houses.. [NYT > Home Page]

You may perceive that it is made of what is called bunting, and that is a description of cloth used only by vessels for such purposes,. [Pathfinder; or, the inland sea]

But yesterday, after a sudden spurt of energy/concentration/effort (delete as appropriate) I finished the 12 sets of bunting and put them into cello bags, and stamped 'bunting' onto binding to seal the top and finish them off(just in case someone couldn't tell what it was in the bag).. [Bunting, Bunting Everywhere...and a poorly girl]

Sometimes these intended malapropisms can be quite effective, like when he sheepishly describes a player "bunting" the ball into the net for a goal.. [An American Adopts a Soccer Team]

There oughta be a law, with hefty fines and even prison time, for lies told and retold without regard for the consequences … like tens of thousands of wounded soldiers who marched off to war to the muffled beat of lies wrapped in bunting.). [Think Progress » Former Bush Solicitor General Ted Olson goes after right-wing fear-mongering on marriage equality.]

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Car flag bunting for Piglet's room. Love it.

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Bunting Word Data

  • Pronunciations(bŭnˈtĭng)
  • Character7
  • Hyphenation bun ting


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