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Bursa is a large city in Turkey, located in northwestern Anatolia, within the Marmara Region. It is the fourth most populous city in Turkey and one of the most industrialized metropolitan centres in the country. The city is also the administrative centre of Bursa Province. Bursa (Ottoman Turkish بورسا) was the first major and second overall capital of the Ottoman State between 1335 and 1363. The city was referred to as Hüdavendigar (Ottoman Turkish خداوندگار 'God's gift') during the Ottoman period, while a more recent nickname is Yeşil Bursa 'Green Bursa' in reference to the parks and gardens located across its urban fabric, as well as to the vast and richly varied forests of the surrounding region. Mount Uludağ, the ancient Mysian Olympus, towers over it, and has a well-known ski resort. Bursa has rather orderly urban growth and borders a fertile plain. The mausoleums of the early Ottoman sultans are located in Bursa and the city's main landmarks include numerous edifices built throughout the Ottoman period. Bursa also has thermal baths and several museums, including a museum of archaeology. The shadow play characters Karagöz and Hacivat are based on historic personalities who lived and died in Bursa. The city is also known for Turkish dishes such as İskender kebap, its candied marron glacé chestnuts, Bursa peaches, and production of Turkish Delight. Bursa houses the Uludağ University, and its population can claim one of the highest overall levels of education in Turkey. The historic towns of İznik (Nicaea), Mudanya and Zeytinbağı are in its province. In 2015, Bursa had a population of 1,854,285. Bursa Province had 2,842,000 inhabitants..

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Definitions of "bursa"

  • A sac or saclike bodily cavity, especially one containing a viscous lubricating fluid and located between a tendon and a bone or at points of friction between moving structures. noun
  • Any of the many small fluid-filled sacs located at the point where a muscle or tendon slides across bone. These sacs serve to reduce friction between the two moving surfaces. noun
  • Any sac or saclike cavity; especially, one of the synovial sacs, or small spaces, often lined with synovial membrane, interposed between tendons and bony prominences. noun
  • In anatomy and zoology, a pouch, sac, or vesicle: variously applied with a qualifying term. noun
  • [capitalized] A genus of dicotyledonous plants of the family Brassicaceæ. See Capsella and shepherd's-purse. noun
  • a small fluid-filled sac located between movable parts of the body especially at joints noun
  • a city in northwestern Turkey noun

The word "bursa" in example sentences

The spermatheca (also called the bursa copulatrix) is an organ that can't be exchanged, while a spermatophore is a packet of sperm that is given to a slug's (or a snail's) partner during mating and may or may not be stored in the spermatheca.. [How a glaring error of mine was corrected a year later]

The observations made by Dr. Brauell, the first Continental writer to fully describe the disease, led him to the statement that neither the bone nor the bursa was the. [Diseases of the Horse's Foot]

The peritoneal cavity gives off a large diverticulum, the omental bursa, which is situated behind the stomach and adjoining structures; the neck of communication between the cavity and the bursa is termed the epiploic foramen (foramen of Winslow).. [XI. Splanchnology. 2e. The Abdomen]

Our guess is that it is a Tropical Fowl Mite, Ornithonyssus bursa, which is profiled on the Featured Creatures website.. [What's That Bug?]

A further op was needed in 2008 when a scan revealed that a sac of fluid called a bursa and a bundle of tangled nerves called a neuroma had developed at the stump.. [Telegraph.co.uk - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph]

Shoulder Pain Exercises That Helped to Fix My Shoulder The bursa is a sac of fluid that helps to protect the shoulder joint as it moves.. [We Blog A Lot]

A bursa is a fluid filled sac that allows extra protection for the tendons on motion between two uneven surfaces.. [We Blog A Lot]

"Dengan mempertimbangkan PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk telah menyampaikan keterbukaan informasi mengenai rencana penjualan saham PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk di PT Energi Mega Persada Tbk, maka bursa memutuskan untuk mencabut suspensi Perdagangan Efek PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk dan PT Energi Mega Persada Tbk di seluruh pasar," kata Kadiv Perdagangan BEI, Supandi, dalam keterbukaan informasi Selasa.. [ANTARA - Berita Terkini]

Merillat consider curb as a synovitis having for its seat the synovial bursa which is situated between the superficial flexor tendon. [Lameness of the Horse Veterinary Practitioners' Series, No. 1]

The "bursa" is a square case opening at one side only and covered and lined with silk or linen; one side should be of the colour of the vestments of the day.. [Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4 "Bulgaria" to "Calgary"]

Camelia Şucu relansează "bursa" de mărfuri de la Piaţa de Gros şi se gândeşte să închidă magazinul Natuzzi. [ZF]

Cortisone is most frequently used to reduce swelling in joint tissue, such as bursa or tendon tissues.. [eHow - Health How To's]

[Footnote: A bursa is a small sack containing a lubricating fluid to prevent friction where tendons play over hard surfaces.. [Hygienic Physiology : with Special Reference to the Use of Alcoholic Drinks and Narcotics]

Unlike this time last year, when he was headed for July knee surgery that was compounded by a bursa sac infection, Manning is healthy and able to shepherd his young mates through the upheaval.. [Manning's mantra for '09 Colts: 'You better be getting better']

The crash left Compton with a cut that required stitches, as well as a bone bruise and a partial rupture in the bursa sac of her left knee.. [Katie Compton crushes in kickoff to Greenware U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross]

MEDICAL WATCH: — 3B Chipper Jones (left groin strain, right hip bursa sac irritation) was injured running out an infield single on May 8 and did not play on May 9.. [Atlanta Braves Team Report]

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i., zool. kese, bursan.i., zool. kese, bursan.

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  • Character5
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