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Hyphenation busi ness
Pronunciations /ˈbɪd.nəs/

Definitions and meanings of "Business"

What do we mean by business?

The activity of buying and selling commodities, products, or services. noun

The amount or volume of this activity. noun

The variety of this activity in which a person is engaged. noun

A specific occupation or pursuit. noun

A commercial enterprise or establishment. noun

Commercial dealings; patronage. noun

One's rightful or proper concern or interest. noun

Something involving one personally. noun

Serious work or endeavor. noun

An affair or matter. noun

An incidental action performed by an actor on the stage to fill a pause between lines or to provide interesting detail. noun

Strong verbal criticism; scolding. noun

Urination or defecation. noun

The condition of being busy. noun

The state of being busy or actively employed; diligence; pains. noun

Care; anxiety; solicitude; worry. noun

A matter or affair that engages a person's attention or requires his care; an affair receiving or requiring attention; specifically, that which busies or occupies one's time, attention, and labor as his chief concern; that which one does for a livelihood; occupation; employment: as, his business was that of a merchant; to carry on the business of agriculture. noun

Specifically Mercantile pursuits collectively; employments requiring knowledge of accounts and financial methods; the occupation of conducting trade or monetary transactions of any kind. noun

A specific commercial enterprise or establishment.

A person's occupation, work, or trade.

Commercial, industrial, or professional activity.

The volume or amount of commercial trade.

One's dealings; patronage.

Private commercial interests taken collectively.

The management of commercial enterprises, or the study of such management.

A particular situation or activity.

Any activity or objective needing to be dealt with; especially, one of a financial or legal matter.

Something involving one personally.

(parliamentary procedure) Matters that come before a body for deliberation or action.

(travel) Business class, the class of seating provided by airlines between first class and coach.

Action carried out with a prop or piece of clothing, usually away from the focus of the scene.

The collective noun for a group of ferrets.

Something very good; top quality. (possibly from "the bee's knees")

Excrement, particularly that of a non-human animal.

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The word "business" in example sentences

Follow the latest business news, comment and analysis on Twitter jilltreanor: Quite astonishing that the banks are not compelled to provide details of their own lending commitments under Project Merlin #business about 13 hours, 46 minutes ago jilltreanor: There is nothing in Project Merlin that appears to "force" banks to lend. ❋ Unknown (2011)

He started in again about business, without explaining exactly _what _business he was in. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I understand that companies that have losing business models often find it more profitable to invest outside of their business**, but GM seems to have found the only investment on the planet worse than their own stock. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The ­secrets of business, he said, were to be found in ­history, literature and the classic ruminations on life and existence, not in the half-baked ramblings of ­business academics, consultants and “gurus.” ❋ Unknown (2009)

Virgil Thomson wrote crushingly of "Porgy and Bess" that "it is clear, by now, that Gershwin hasn't learned the business of being a serious composer, which one has ­always gathered to be the ­business he wanted to learn," though Thomson spoke more kindly of him off the record. ❋ Unknown (2009)

While it is true that existing solutions are probably sufficient for the casual user (although we are still faster, more reliable and have bluetooth support) – when you need to use a mobile business card for * business*, you cannot, must not and will not use a solution that is unreliable across platforms, gimmicky or iPhone-only. ❋ Daniel Brusilovsky (2005)

QUOTATION: We believe that there is one economic lesson which our twentieth century experience has demonstrated conclusively—that America can no more survive and grow without big business than it can survive and grow without small business…. the two are interdependent. ❋ Unknown (1989)

_When to quit business = When they are to quit business_, or _When they ought to quit business_. ❋ Brainerd Kellogg (N/A)

_ (Reports, unfinished business, and new business_.) _C_: Is there one fit to join our Wigwam? ❋ Allan Hoben (N/A)

For men’s eyes are upon the business, and not upon the persons; or if upon the persons, it is for the business’ sake, as fittest, and not for flags and pedigree. ❋ Unknown (1909)

Mickey begged him 'to be square' and told him that 'was not business' -- '_not business_,' mind you, but the big fellow jeered at him and was starting away. ❋ Gene Stratton-Porter (1893)

I did not suppose I was expected to turn spy, and call to account every drop of wine that chances to be used in my buildings; it would be such utterly new business to me that I feel certain of a failure, and _we business_ men, ❋ 1841-1930 Pansy (1885)

In the course of the forty or fifty years during which Mr. Gillott was in business, many other manufactories of steel pens were established, at some of which, probably, greater _numbers_ of pens were produced than at his own, but the _amount of business_ transacted was in no case, probably, so great. ❋ Eliezer Edwards (1853)

A QUAKER (says Hood) makes a pleasure of his business, and then, for relaxation, makes a _business_ of his _pleasure_. ❋ Mark Lemon (1839)

Do you suspect that your employees are abusing business work hours to get ¡®personal business¡¯ done? ❋ Unknown (2009)

To say that those who understand economics and business can't comment on the * business* of investigative journalism unless we've done investigative journalism seems pretty silly, doesn't it? ❋ Unknown (2009)

It is the voter who waits for a carriage to take him to the polls; the man who “doesn’t see what’s the use”; the business man who says “business is business, ” and has no time to waste on voting; the citizen who “will wait to see how the cat jumps, because he doesn’t want to throw his vote away”; the cowardly American who “doesn’t want to antagonize” anybody; the fool who “washes his hands of politics. ❋ Unknown (1902)

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