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Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word butt-weld. Define butt-weld, butt-weld synonyms, butt-weld pronunciation, butt-weld translation, English dictionary definition of butt-weld.

When two men have so much sex that the receiving partners cheeks get stuck together from the dried man juice like two piece of metal that have been welded. Also a manufacturing term. Urban Dictionary

The act of ejaculating in your partners ass crack, and giving the cheeks an almighty clap together to seal the deal. Urban Dictionary

When you can't get your I.D. out of your wallet from sitting on it too much. Urban Dictionary

A sex act involving a man and partner, in which the man, with expert precision, ejaculates between their partner's ass cheeks and presses them shut, allowing the semen to dry. The dry semen forms cement, welding the cheeks shut. Urban Dictionary

Refers to metal-fabrication dat you are able to perform with just your own fart-gases due to their being so super-hot dat you can actually use them like a welding-torch. Urban Dictionary

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The word "butt-weld" in example sentences

Any butt-weld fitting or weld-neck flange can be directly welded to any other butt-weld fitting or weld neck flange without the need for any extra piece of pipe (Pup piece) between them. ❋ Guest (2010)

One such case showed a common control valve station (manifold) which had 11 (eleven) extra and unnecessary "Pup" pieces where butt-weld fittings could have and should have been welded together. ❋ Guest (2010)

It is just a butt-weld and if I cannot make a butt-weld between these two round, beveled-end, schedule 40 carbon steel (fitting) objects what if I need to join two other round, beveled-end, schedule 40 carbon steel pipes. ❋ Guest (2010)

For butt-weld fittings the only exception to this is; when there is an overall dimension requirement that is greater than the combined total dimensions of the two fittings. ❋ Guest (2010)

I would like to see a more complete library of pipe fittings: butt-weld, victaulic, malleable iron, MJ, B&S cast iron -- the list goes on. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I suspect that someone, somewhere was listening to instructions about the make-up of piping assemblies for 2 "(50mm) and smaller screwed or socket weld piping and then mistakenly applied the instruction to all piping including large-bore butt-weld piping. ❋ Guest (2010)

This specific statement is totally incorrect when applied to 3 "(80mm) and larger butt-weld fittings. ❋ Guest (2010)

Guy: Last night I was with Brian and I [Butt Welded] him. Other Person: What is that? Guy: I came really hard and after I pulled out, he didn't wash his cheeks properly so the next morning his butt crack was stuck shut. Other Person: I am [your Grandmother], why would [you tell me] about Butt Welding? ❋ I.B. Bangin' (2013)

"Having a dirty one with the [missus] and the full time celebrations may have got [out of hand] when I went and gave her the butt [weld]." ❋ Only Gone And Done It (2016)

When the [doorman] at the club asked [Billy] for his I.D., Billy had to give him his [wallet] because he had butt welded it in there. ❋ PeteyD.com (2009)

"Man, that bitch [Randy] was such [an ass] until I gave him a [vertical butt weld]. His dumbass won't ever shit or call me gay again." ❋ Vertical Butt Weld Man (2019)

I made da mistake of sitting on a stack of several nested chairs while chowing down on extra-spicy baked beans, [cabbage stew], and hot wings at my buddy's [backyard barbeque], and after some [uproarious] whizzpopping adventures, I ended up butt-welding da chairs together into one solid mass of metal tubing! ❋ QuacksO (2021)

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