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What does the word buzzy mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word buzzy in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with buzzy and anagrams of buzzy.

Definitions of "buzzy"

  • Having a buzzing sound adjective
  • Being the subject of cultural buzz adjective
  • Full of buzzing; buzzing.

The word "buzzy" in example sentences

I “woke up” feeling really relaxed, like I had just had a facial, kind of buzzy and happy.. [Hypnosis]

The term 'urban exploration' has a kind of buzzy-architecture student-elitist feel to it, as does framing the activity as a 'movement' as some urban landscape theorists and writers do.. [Archive 2009-06-01]

Friday 8th Buttolph, buttocks … Our pet theory-that New York Times restaurant critic Biff ( "One Star") Grimes went on hiatus to sulk about his section's "buzzy" hire of Nigella Lawson - is blown to smithereens!. [Eight Day Week]

It feels like a hangover, kind of buzzy and awful.. [4/15/02 I had a tooth]

It did spend a lot of money on a social media marketing campaign - "Nokia's spokesperson emphasised they saw these kind of 'buzzy', fun applications as key to capturing column inches in the press and generating awareness in social media channels.". [The Register]

The zoom is relatively quiet, if a little 'buzzy' but as it can't be used while shooting video this isn't such an issue.. [Camera Labs and DSLR Tips latest news and reviews]

Prices are reassuringly expensive and compete with other high street brands on quality of product 'buzzy' atmosphere and friendly efficient service rather than price.. [Latest hospitality news from CatererSearch]

If I'd removed the backgrounds in Photoshop, they'd have pixellated edges, which would look "buzzy" in the finished animation.. []

Google uses Buzz in its own real-time search results, which will show up in SERPs for many newsy or "buzzy" (if you will) queries, but Google is generally pretty good at keeping spam in its search results to a minimum.. [WebProNews Feed]

Sometimes dark walls turn into a swarm of grain so thick and "buzzy", it's distracting.. [Home Theater Forum]

There are a lot of renewable energy sources out there being talked about, but it seems to me that two are kind of buzzy among the ecogeeks that aren't talked about a whole lot elsewhere.. [The Full Feed from]

In summer there was what Floss called quite a "buzzy" sound in this little garden – she meant that sweet, lazy-busy hum of bees and butterflies and all sorts of living creatures, that you never hear except in a real old-fashioned garden where there are lots of clove pinks and sweet williams and roses, roses especially, great, big cabbage roses, and dear little pink climbing roses, the kind that peep in at a cottage window to bid you "good morning.". ["Carrots": Just a Little Boy]

As you'd expect, the emphasis is on fresh, seasonal produce and River Cottage cookbooks; the tables are made of recycled doors; iron-framed windows look across the water towards the coast of Cornwall; there's a buzzy theatre kitchen with a traditional wood-fired oven.. [Plymouth's 10 best budget restaurants and cafes]

The Grey Catbird has a rapid-fire chorus of single notes that are often sharp or slightly buzzy; it's call sounds somewhat like a cat mewing, hence the name.. [City Bird]

Look instead on the market's margins, where a new set of tech companies is racing to attract public investors before the warm, buzzy feeling wears off.. [Skullcandy IPO? Check Your Head]

My favorite bookstores for buying books are any little used book store in any little touristy town, so when you're in, say, Sonoma, and you've tasted so much wine that you are getting a bit buzzy (because spitting is a sin because there are sober children in China), you can wander over to the used book store and breathe the musty smell and find treasures you've never heard of and can't wait to read.. [Bookstore Appreciation Time!]

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Introducing Buzzy!
[活死人] Buzzy - 不是太想寫一首通俗易懂的Diss T$P/Higher
[活死人] Buzzy - 不是太想寫一首通俗易懂的Diss T$P/Higher
【活死人】八贼Buzzy - 20 (2018)(到底有多少实力~ 给他们看当你开了口~ 只管做好你自己~ 别被他们带着走~)
【活死人】八贼Buzzy - 20 (2018)(到底有多少实力~ 给他们看当你开了口~ 只管做好你自己~ 别被他们带着走~)

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  • Character5
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