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Definitions of "cafe"

  • A coffee shop; an establishment selling coffee and sometimes other drinks or snacks, with a facility to consume them on the premises. noun
  • (pronounced /kæˈfiː/) A convenience store, originally selling coffee and similar basic items. noun
  • a small restaurant where drinks and snacks are sold noun

The word "cafe" in example sentences

A few years ago, the Toronto Star went around interviewing writers they found slogging it out in cafe windows.. [Nothing like a happy ending]

Going to an internet cafe is not really an option as we want to be able to work for hours at a time (most of the day) either from the house we're renting or from a hotel or car.. [high speed internet]

I cant really fathom the size if it. would maybe 4 casitas (one with 2 or 3 bedroom with kitchen and bathroom and the others with one bedroom, banos and maybe their own kitchenettes fit) and/or a very tiny store with a tiny hotel (6-20 rooms) with small built in cafe or beach bar fit on it?. [buying/building in mexico]

It hosts an anarchist bookstore and a local cafe is called Coffee Shop for the People.. [US midterms: Nancy Pelosi faces a struggle in her Democratic California heartland]

Published on November 9th, the newest installment in the chronicles of Clare Cosi and the Village Blend cafe is set at Christmas time - and what could be more perfect as a setting than Christmas in New York?. [All Things Girl » All Things Girl » Blog Archive » Book Talk: Holiday Grind by Cleo Coyle]

Published on November 9th, the newest installment in the chronicles of Clare Cosi and the Village Blend cafe is set at Christmas time - and […]. [All Things Girl » All Things Girl » 2009 » December]

Many shop at Marche d'Aligre nearby and it's common to meet them in cafe's.. [non-voyant - French Word-A-Day]

Haha wasn't sold till the end but the speech in the cafe is genius.. [Watch David Cross, Spike Jonze and Will Arnett in The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret | /Film]

The outdoor cafe is much more nostalgiac for a dinner watching of the Belagio fountains.. [Restaurants in the Eiffel Tower | Baking Bites]

American women walking the streets in Berlin, comic English waiters in German cafe's, slavish French laborers in German sweat-shops.. [Those Who Smiled And Eleven Other Stories]

He had made the acquaintance of some distinguished literary gentlemen, who had invited him to dine with them at a certain German cafe, which at an earlier date had been rather famous as the rendezvous of a group of young journalists, wits, and unblossomed poets, known as "The Bohemians.". [The Queen of Sheba & My Cousin the Colonel]

Dunedin Turkish cafe owners are not taking the same stance as Mr Tekinkaya.. [Kiwiblog]

The Thonet Chair #14 was first put into production in Austria in 1856 but since then has inspired hundreds (if not thousands) of knock offs and copies and is one of the A nice compliment to streamlined furniture, these wooden chairs are comfortable (a classic in French cafe's), poetic and ooze a sense of history.. [Apartment Therapy Main]

Opposite the cafe is the Inneroom, which sells strangely appealing tchotchkes, such as the vintage picture-story flipbooks that were popular with Chinese children from 1950 until the 1990s, a time when only revolutionary books were allowed to circulate (28 Guozijian Jie).. [City Walk: Beijing]

Down a path from the cafe is a shack devoted to coffee roasting, which is done over a wood fire as the beans roll in a crude and very rusty tumbler than reminds me of a big lettuce dryer.. [One Hour Out: Bali]

And the cafe is a terrific place for a quick bite.. [Faith Hope Consolo: The Faithful Shopper: Faith's March Madness]

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