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Definitions and meanings of "Calamitousness"

What do we mean by calamitousness?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word calamitousness. Define calamitousness, calamitousness synonyms, calamitousness pronunciation, calamitousness translation, English dictionary definition of calamitousness.

Calamite was briefly, and infrequently, used as a euphemism for homosexuality early in the 20th Century. It referred to a group of Walt Whitman's poems that celebrated love between men, the Calamus cluster. Urban Dictionary

This is the ABSOLUTE horniest and desperate a person can get, even surpassing the likes of Down Cataclysmic and Down Catastrophic. You get so horny, that you do the most questionable shit. And you don't even get hit with post nut clarity because that's how down bad you are. You will do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING for dick / pussy. Basically, your dignity is no more. Urban Dictionary

Involved with disaster, chaos and catastrophe Urban Dictionary

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The word "calamitousness" in example sentences

He's been away for far too long but the goalkeeper known as 'El Loco' has made headlines this week after again producing a moment of 'calamitousness' that makes David James look completely sane. ❋ Unknown (2008)

It was purely a rhetorical question, but, much later, when he would have time to think about it, Scott Melroy was to wonder if ever in history such a question had been answered so promptly and with such dramatic calamitousness. ❋ H. Beam Piper (1934)

[craig]: 'not only [am i gay], [im] a calamite.' ❋ Richie Dagger (2006)

Jason: "So yeah, I booked a 36 hour flight halfway around the world for a [fivesome] with these four homeless girls. The plane is really old, and in worsening condition, and there is a lot of murder and violence in their country, but I just want to stick my dick into [some pussy]. I haven't had that in months. I was tired of waiting, so I jerked off to their voices." epic135: "What the fuck, you are beyond [down cataclysmic]" *Proceeds to go to urban dictionary and create a definition for "Down Calamitous"* ❋ Epic135 (2021)

The [collapse] of the huge shopping [mal]; was utterly [calamitous]. ❋ Kangsaebyeokplayer67 (2021)

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What does calamitousness mean?

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