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Definitions and meanings of "Calcarious"

What do we mean by calcarious?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word calcarious. Define calcarious, calcarious synonyms, calcarious pronunciation, calcarious translation, English dictionary definition of calcarious.

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The word "calcarious" in example sentences

Wells, and what I can collect from the whole, is, that the water contains nothing but a little salt, and calcarious earth, mixed in such inconsiderable proportion, as can have very little, if any, effect on the animal economy. ❋ Unknown (2004)

The residue, after boiling, evaporation, and filtration, affords a very small proportion of purging salt, and calcarious earth, which last ferments with strong acids. ❋ Unknown (2004)

The rock in the hills seemed calcarious, and on a detached slab of ferruginous sandstone, I saw ❋ Unknown (2003)

Leaving locomotive frequenters of the calcarious basin out of the question, we may ask, Was direct creation after the dying out of its result as a "rugose coral" repeated to constitute the succeeding and superseding "tabulate coral"? ❋ Various (1909)

Again it frequently occurs that an atheromatous or calcarious deposit has developed itself in the artery, rendering it brittle, and causing it to give way within a day or two succeeding the operation. ❋ Unknown (1863)

In aneurisms when the coats of the artery are diseased in consequence of calcarious or artheromatous deposits. ❋ Unknown (1863)

Its substratum consists of calcarious sandstone, scantily covered with soil, most of which has been carried thither. ❋ Charles Earl (1851)

Rising from the middle of the brook, were seen seven or eight semi globular mounds self-formed by continual deposites of a calcarious nature, which time had hardened to the consistency of rock. ❋ Unknown (1844)

The upper soil of these swamps is a perfectly black, soapy, rich earth, or stiff mud, two or three feet deep, on a foundation or stratum of calcarious fossil, ❋ Unknown (1823)

The rock in the hills seemed calcarious, and on a detached slab of ferruginous sandstone, ❋ Thomas Mitchell (1823)

I walked the greater part of this day on the north side of the river, which is partly bounded by rocks of secondary lime-stone; at the foot of which I observed crystals of quartz and calcarious spar, or carbonate of lime. ❋ Unknown (1819)

Septr. 20th on the lard. shore at the commencement of the big bend observed a clift of black porus rock which resembled Lava tho on a closer examination I believe it to be calcarious and an imperfect species of the French burr - preserved a specemine, it is a brownish white, or black or yellowish brown - ❋ Meriwether Lewis (1791)

This arises from an inability of the capillary vessels, which ought to secrete the calcarious matter, and deposite it in the bones, to perform their office, from debility: hence by sympathy other vessels ta ke up the matter and deposite it in the wrong place. ❋ Thomas Garnett (1784)

I shall, however, proceed to give some directions, which if rigidly persevered in, will not only afford relief in the fit, but will prevent its return with such violence, and at last totally eradicate it, provided the constitution be not completely exhausted, and almost every joint stiffened with calcarious concretions. ❋ Thomas Garnett (1784)

Concretions of a chalky or calcarious nature are likewise formed upon the outside of the joints. ❋ Thomas Garnett (1784)

At the end of five or six days, when the surface of the rock was removed, we found the stone become easier to work; it then seemed calcarious, and, finally, only a sort of hardened clay, which we could remove with spades; and we began to hope. ❋ Johann David Wyss (1780)

We must therefore acknowledge a stronger attraction between the calcarious earths and acids than between these and magnesia: but how does it then happen, that, if magnesia saturated with air be mixed with ❋ Joseph Black (1763)

But it does not separate an acid from a calcarious earth, nor does it induce the least change upon lime-water. ❋ Joseph Black (1763)

When we consider that the attraction of alkalis for fixed air is weaker than that of the calcarious earths, and reflect upon the effects of heat in chemistry, we are led to imagine, that alkalis might be entirely deprived of their air, or rendered perfectly caustic, by a fire somewhat weaker than that which is sufficient to produce the same change upon lime; but this opinion does not seem agreeable to experience. ❋ Joseph Black (1763)

Whenever Chemists meet with this salt, they are inclined to ascribe its origin to some animal, or putrid vegetable, substance; and this they have always done, when they obtained it from the calcarious earths, all of which afford a small quantity of it. ❋ Joseph Black (1763)

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