Definitions of "Calculatingly"

If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves. [Thomas Edison]

The word "calculatingly" in example sentences

How to use calculatingly in a sentence? Example sentences with the calculatingly, a sentence example for calculatingly, and how to make calculatingly in sample sentence, how do I use the word calculatingly in a sentence? How do you spell calculatingly in a sentence? spelling of calculatingly.

Shaw can be a compellingly cool performer, but he's never calculatingly crooner-hip in the Michael Bublé manner. This week's new live music

I think that once his present scorched-earth strategy has reached its limit of effectiveness, or ineffectiveness, and even McCain's fanboy and girl media "base" has mostly backed slowly away, it is then that the McCain campaign will calculatingly (Rove) swerve back to the "good" McCain, the one that was long ago forced to emerge contrite after the Keating-5 Scandal to have a hope of salvaging his political career, which it did. Joe Klein: I Was "Wrong" To Call McCain An Honorable Man

Murmuring "sorry" to the harried maitre d 'and stopping briefly to chat with a fan, the London-born Ms. Panjabi, who plays the calculatingly seductive, street-smart P.I. Kalinda Sharma on the hit series, surveyed the block. 'What Would Kalinda Do?'

I love Webb and think he has grown from where he was but so has Sam Nunn and sorry but, being calculatingly cold, mathematically you lose more with whatever alienation you might cause with women if you pick Webb than you do alienating gays with a Nunn pick. Poll: Obama Just Edging McCain In Virginia

This junk-talk bozo has blended a noble cause -- freedom and equality for all -- with a genocidal regime in the calculatingly cute term, "femi-nazis." MY DEATH PANEL: The Ultimate Fair and Balanced Judgment upon Six Irritating Right Wingers

"My lord," interrupted Ferrin, eyes calculatingly narrowed. Father Swarat

Maybe these allegations are politically motivated and calculatingly timed. Midterm Roundup

Her behavior either was wacky and out of control or calculatingly divisive. Ferraro Resigns From The Clinton Campaign

She was either amazingly naive in believing him about Monica, or calculatingly dishonest in making public statements that he was innocent of Monica's charges. Poll: Hillary Way Ahead Of Rudy And Thompson In Arkansas

While it was reassuring to think that they hadn't been in danger, the thought that someone had been so calculatingly determined was terrifying. Broken Symmetry

One of the benefits of not knowing anything about a film is just experiencing its pitch and this does it calculatingly well. This Week In Trailers: Mugabe and The White African, The Dungeon Masters, La fille du RER (The Girl on the Train), Talhotblond:,The Man Who Sold The World | /Film

McGwire finally, reluctantly, belatedly and calculatingly came to the conclusion that the shadow could not disappear, until ironically, he turned on the light. Charley Steiner: Big Mac and the Whopper

McGwire finally, reluctantly, belatedly and calculatingly came to the conclusion that the shadow could not disappear, until ironically, he turned on the light. Charley Steiner: Big Mac and the Whopper

The calculatingly severe junta in Burma, forever playing the victim, says it is perfectly willing to coordinate on defense with the Indians so long as India agrees to assist them in updating their aging Cold War arsenal. Derek Flood: From South-to-South: Burma's Stateless Minority Under the Tip of Globalization's Spear

Donovan, who had come to admire FDR proposed to the president the creation of a spy and sabotage service based on Britain's MI6, "with men calculatingly reckless with disciplined daring." The Spymaster's Spymaster

Hillary was either enormously naive (given Bill's track record) or calculatingly dishonest in saying to the nation that Bill was innocent of Monica's charges. Poll: Hillary's Huge Lead In Florida Fueled By Women Voters

They have been been calculatingly responsible, because of the shut Rafa gate, for the apartheid, murders, and genocide in Palestine, while telling the world with a straight face, that they are striving to implement peace. Egypt: After the revolution, the ballot box | Observer editorial

And so I will quietly and calculatingly go on a journey, go through the appropriate humiliation of finding the right people, then reemerge as the untouched, untouchable child-woman again. Fourteen Days In November

What is truly disturbing is that the debate is calculatingly being shifted from the isolated act of a deranged individual toward millions of Americans who are and will remain pro-life. Hyperbole In The Midst of Tragedies

Or are they, in fact, fully capable of making decisions about their futures, sometimes calculatingly so, with optimism, hopefulness, and resilience? In Gordath Wood: Writer Patrice Sarath » My nemesis, Caitlin Flanagan, is at it again

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