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Calves is a hamlet in Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal. It is divided between the parishes of Argivai and Beiriz and in the 2001 census it had 138 inhabitants..

What does the word calves mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word calves in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with calves and anagrams of calves.

Definitions of "calves"

  • Plural of calf1. noun
  • Plural of calf2. noun
  • Plural form of calf. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of calve. verb
  • Plural of calf, calf. noun

The word "calves" in example sentences

We wean our calves from the cows, and the cows forget about their calves within two days.. [Anti-Deer-Hunting Billboard Goes Up in Kansas City]

I had a pistol with me at the time but decided not to shoot her because she had twin calves nearby .... [whats the closest call you have ever had hunting like a bear charging,]

Hub gears are low-maintenance, so are perfect for jobbing cyclists, as is the chainguard, which protects your calves from the bike's oiliest bits.. [On the road: Cooper T250 Aintree bicycle]

Or the aborted calves from the panicked cattle during the attacks.. [On Wolves And The Future Of Hunting]

They can produce up to 1.5 calves per 2-year period, though three years between calves is probably more normal.. [Archive 2006-10-01]

Well, hundreds of animal experiments were done; the mechanical heart was put in calves and sheep over and over and over again.. [Heart Replacement—Progress & Problems]

"Wonder where HIS mother is!" says I. "Maybe it's a 'dogie,'" says Larry Eagen -- we calls calves whose mothers have died "dogies.". [Arizona Nights]

Some of the female reindeer were working with a will, while the young does were looking on, and when the moss had been reached the mothers called the calves by a peculiar grunt and let them feed by their side.. [The Land of the Long Night]

The food, when thoroughly masticated, is conveyed by another channel to the third stomach or many-plies, where it is subjected to muscular action; and, finally, it is conveyed into the fourth stomach, or red bag, which contains the gastric juice, and which in calves is the part used for rennet; and here the process of digestion is completed.. [The Lady's Country Companion: or, How to Enjoy a Country Life Rationally]

Six bodies intact enough for dissection were a mix of stillborn, premature and full-term calves that died shortly after birth.. [ News]

Because the head of the fetal skeleton of Head versus tail presentation of near - and full-term calves in a domestic cow and harbor porpoise.. [PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles]

Calves, when they are to be reared, are generally fed principally on milk for the first thirteen weeks, after which they are fed partly with hay tea, which the dairy-maids make them suck through their fingers, till they are old enough to eat grass; but the rearing of calves is rather too difficult a task for you to undertake from any directions that I could give you; and, as for the management of those poor calves which are to be fattened and then sold to the butcher, I am sure you would not wish to know anything about it.. [The Lady's Country Companion: or, How to Enjoy a Country Life Rationally]

I started by wearing them around the house and believe it or not, after just a bit of use, my calves were a bit sore!. [Meg Hemphill: Fitness Shoes: To Wear or Not to Wear]

My calves are my least favorite part of my body because after years of treating my local ballet class like it was the Australian Ballet Company, they are enormous.. [Unbearable Lightness]

Their calves are the size of my forearm and their quads are the size of my bicepsand I dont have big arms to begin with.. [ChiRunning]

A shorts-related anecdote: when Arnold started bodybuilding, his calves were his weakest point.. [Yes, I've seen it. You can stop alerting me.]

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TurkishCalves English to Turkish Translate
(bak). calf.(bak). calf.

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@jmcappiello: This is how calves are treated in the meat and dairy industries. They're connected. 💔

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  • Pronunciations(kăvz, kävz)
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation


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