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The meaning of the term cameralistic science (_Cameralwissenschaft_) can be explained only by the history of the cameralistic system. ( ❋ Wilhelm Roscher (1855)

The term cameralistic science, the creature of chance, was used, it must be said, with very various limits to its meaning. ( ❋ Wilhelm Roscher (1855)

Now that the expression cameralistic science is altogether obsolete, the aggregate of these might be designated by the name private economy. ❋ Wilhelm Roscher (1855)

It may well be doubted, on an impartial view, if the mutilation of the country's industrial system by such measures of isolation does not after all rather weaken the nation even for warlike ends; but then, the discretionary authorities in the dynastic States are always, and it may be presumed necessarily, hampered with obsolete theories handed down from that cameralistic age, when the little princes of the Fatherland were making dynastic history. ❋ Thorstein Veblen (1893)

The political economists also require a knowledge of the natural side of the cameralistic sciences. ❋ Wilhelm Roscher (1855)

After such men as Morhof and Thomasius had prepared the way, (148) Frederick William I., himself a clever cameralist, and author of the masterly financial system of Prussia, took the important step of founding, at Halle and Frankfurt on the Oder, special chairs of economy and cameralistic science; which, considering the time, were very ably filled by Gasser and Dithmar. ❋ Wilhelm Roscher (1855)

While _Nau_ (1791), in his “Ersten Linien der C.,” treats only of the branches of private economy, _Schmalz_, (1797) treats also of national or public economy, and _Rössig_ (1792) divides cameralistic science into the doctrine of the public demesne and regal rights (cameralistic science in the narrower sense), and the doctrine of taxation and police. ❋ Wilhelm Roscher (1855)

However, Political Economy in Germany developed out of the science of law and the cameralistic sciences, while in England and Italy it had its origin chiefly in the study of questions of finance and foreign commerce. ❋ Wilhelm Roscher (1855)

If we abstract from cameralistic science as it was understood in the last century, what it has in common with all economy, (150) and therefore with public economy, next that which belongs to the aggregate of governmental economy, there remains only a number of rules, such as those which govern the principal branches of private business, and which indicate how they are to be carried on with the greatest advantage to those who engage in them. ❋ Wilhelm Roscher (1855)

(municipal and rural), and police, as well as cameralistic subjects in the strict sense of the term, that is, the public, domain and regal rights. ❋ Wilhelm Roscher (1855)

149 While _Dithmar_ (1731) distinguishes economy-police and cameralistic sciences and restricts the latter to finance and taxation; _Darjes_ ❋ Wilhelm Roscher (1855)

The most eminent men who wrote, in the seventeenth century, on cameralistic matters, laid great stress on the point, that it was the duty of the aulic councils to entertain not only fiscal questions, but that it was within their province also, to determine questions of economic police. ( ❋ Wilhelm Roscher (1855)

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