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A camisole is a sleeveless undergarment for women, normally extending to the waist. The camisole is usually made of satin, nylon, or cotton..

What does the word cami mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word cami in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with cami and anagrams of cami.

Definitions of "cami"

  • A camisole worn as an undergarment. noun
  • A camisole. noun

The word "cami" in example sentences

There was a perpetual rush of ‘machines’, motor-cars and motor-buses — called camiónes — along the one forlorn road coming to Sayula from Guadalajara.. [The Plumed Serpent]

Today would be a good day to post the 'cami' shot since half the pics aren't visible.. [Bolts and Nuts: The Making of a Classic]

Korenblum, an expert in depression, reviewed the entire transcript of a lengthy conversation between Nadia and 'cami' three days before Nadia died.. [ Celeb News]

The two quickly formed a suicide pact, as 'cami' soothed Nadia's worries, eased her guilt and, most disturbingly, repeatedly tried to persuade her to kill herself in front of a webcam, while she watched.. [ Celeb News]

I attempted low puppytails, but in combination with the cami it made me feel like I was about to suggest to people that if they wanted to commence a sexual relationship with me they ought to pursue friendship first and that, in fact, what I really really wanted was a ziggah-ziggah-ahh.. [Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway]

She pairs them with a "cami" (camisole tank top), a "hoodie" (hooded sweatshirt) and fuzzy slippers.. [Why Not Wear Pajamas All Day?]

Dove necklace by Amazon. com; peace necklace by Artfulwears. com; dress by SirAlistairRai. com; cami by Swell. com; Hendrix T-shirt by Artezn. com; bag and sandal by Piperlime. com. [Peace, love and rockin' style]

At left, Geldof tie-dye maxi dress, $175 at SirAlistairRai. com; at right Billabong Cabo cami, $29.50 at Swell. com. [Peace, love and rockin' style]

“Paging Secretary Clinton – please pick up the red phone” …. “armed soldiers in US cami just shot up an elementary school in Oslo ….”. [Suspenseful With A Pencil Ever Since Prince Turned Himself Into A Symbol | ATTACKERMAN]

Even worse, it will definitely be the day you decided to wear your hot pink bra under a white cami.. [Lauren A. Rothman: Is It Hot in Here, or Is It Just You?]

She appears to be wearing a tight cami/tank. they are made with a built in shelf that tends to push them up when you have bigger cups.. [Meghan McCain's cups runneth over on Twitter: Thanks for the mammaries! |]

I pulled the top of my cami down so my tits spilled out and I had access to brush my palm over my nipples, mimicking Tim's mouth in the fantasy.. [The Reluctant Exhibitionist]

You can find small flowers at any craft store and sew them around the neckline of any tank or cami.. [Leisa Naples: Say No to the Easter Dress: Pass Over Tradition!]

Make sure the tank or cami is fitted, so it portrays a dressier look.. [Leisa Naples: Say No to the Easter Dress: Pass Over Tradition!]

It has a simple elegance and looks great with a dressy tank or cami.. [Leisa Naples: Say No to the Easter Dress: Pass Over Tradition!]

I took off my jacket and felt much better in my cami-style top underneath.. [Roomies]

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@kmarmli: Sabar jela dapat laki cami weh HAAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA


Que diceee? Se la gana, la gente paga con mucho esfuerzo cada entrada porque AMAN ir a verlo!!! El artista más com…


@firatinblogu Canım yandı camı açtım, dumanından haberin olmadı..

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  • Pronunciations(kămˈē)
  • Character4
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