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Definitions and meanings of "Canonist"

What do we mean by canonist?

A person specializing in canon law. noun

One skilled in ecclesiastical or canon law. noun

One who lays down canons or laws for guidance in the systematic or scientific treatment of a subject. noun

A professor of canon law; one skilled in the knowledge and practice of ecclesiastical law. noun

An expert in canon law noun

Pertaining to or characteristic of a body of rules and principles accepted as axiomatic; e.g. adjective

A specialist in canon law noun

An expert in canon law; canon lawyer

To have no concern for anybody else. To have a total disregard for everyone but yourself. Urban Dictionary

Fandom terminology for a person who only likes what is canon. Urban Dictionary

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The word "canonist" in example sentences

It seems as if you mean that the canonist is looking for an indicator (even if not a definitive one) of the thing the theologian is concerned with. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Carl - be careful, we need to promote some humility for our favorite canonist. ❋ Unknown (2009)

And it seems to me that in the example I gave the canonist can have no such thing. ❋ Unknown (2009)

It seems as if you understand the canonist to be looking for a real sign of the same thing the theologian wants to know about. ❋ Unknown (2009)

While others can better describe his work with, say, the Institute for Priestly Formation, Cursillo, or Charismatic Renewal, it's Carlson the canonist who interests me. ❋ Unknown (2009)

A real expert in canon law would not expect to be taken seriously by merely coming onto a blog under a pseudonym and calling himself a canonist. ❋ Unknown (2009)

If indeed he is a canonist, he is not one who is very good at logic. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Maybe I am a canonist and insist that all material be from the brain of the creator or at least approved by them. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The first such council was convened at Basle in 1431, with Nicholas of Cusa then a young university canonist as one of its prominent members. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Some important observations from an expert canonist can be found at Fr John Boyle's blog Caritas in Veritate. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Note that I'm not a cleric or a canonist; I'm a husband, a father, and an engineer presently on his lunch break. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Because the Power to bind and loose rests with Benedict XVI -- not John Salza, or any of the Society's Bishops and any canonist worth his salt knows this. ❋ Unknown (2009)

As any Catholic canonist would tell you, when canon law restricts, it must state so. ❋ De Brantigny........................ (2008)

"" The church does not want to bring pain on someone else, '' says canonist Cogan. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Dionysius Exiguus, a sixth-century canonist, developed the calendar designations A.D. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Maciel by urging him to repentance," said Timothy Ferguson, J.C.L., a 38-year-old canonist from Clair Shoals, Michigan." ❋ Terry Nelson (2006)

"I think what we're seeing with Benedict XVI's papacy, he is standing for what is not popular, but what is right," said canonist Vere. ❋ Terry Nelson (2006)

I cant believe they have [parked] across our drive, how canonistic. selfish [self centered] [arsehole] wanker twat ❋ Vaders-love-child (2015)

I love [writing] [fanfiction] but my friend hate it because she is a [canonist]. ❋ Problematic Virgil (2019)

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