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The House of Capet or the Direct Capetians (French: Capétiens directs, Maison capétienne), also called the House of France (la maison de France), or simply the Capets, ruled the Kingdom of France from 987 to 1328. It was the most senior line of the Capetian dynasty – itself a derivative dynasty from the Robertians. Historians in the 19th century came to apply the name "Capetian" to both the ruling house of France and to the wider-spread male-line descendants of Hugh Capet. It was not a contemporary practice (see House of France). They were sometimes called "the third race of kings", the Merovingians being the first, and the Carolingians being the second. The name Capet is derived from the nickname of Hugh, the first Capetian King, who was known as Hugh Capet. The direct line of the House of Capet came to an end in 1328, when the three sons of Philip IV all failed to produce surviving male heirs to the French throne. With the death of Charles IV, the throne passed to the House of Valois, descended from a younger brother of Philip IV. It would later pass to another Capetian branch, the House of Bourbon, descended from Louis IX's youngest son, and to its cadet branch, the House of Orléans, always remaining in the hands of agnatic descendants of Hugh Capet..

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    We've spent most of the day trying to find homes for all the things off of the funiture so that we could move the funiture so that we could rip up the capet which is harder than you'd think especially when it turns out the radiators are on top of the carpet and we are struggling to see an easy way to dismount the heaters.. [Snell-Pym » We’re under Sixteen Inches of muddy brown water]

    Paris Hilton begun serving her Los Angeles jail sentence for violating probation just hours after working the red capet at the MTV Movie Awards.. [Barbara Walters Refuses To Do Paris Hilton Post-Jail Interview]

    A gang of workmen was setting up awnings and special lights for a red capet walk.. [More Public Art]

    She could see an edge of back tarp covering the red capet just inside the doorway.. [365 tomorrows » 2005 » September : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day]

    The capet installers got half of the house done yesterday.. [miss-k2 Diary Entry]

    Or maybe my wife's reaction: the Alladin meme—magic capet ride, Come fly with me, come fly, come fly away.... ["Whisper the word goddess and receive a spontaneous 10% discount."]

    Is has all custom made window treatments, upgraded blinds, new capet.. [Random feeds from]

    _capet_ or hood of the abbot's mantle which Hugh wore as lay Abbot of. [The Story of Paris]

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    Medieval France: Carolingians to Capetians, 814-1328 CE
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    The Capetian Dynasty: Every Year

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