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Hyphenation care
Pronunciations /kɛə/

Definitions and meanings of "Care"

What do we mean by care?

A concerned or troubled state of mind, as that arising from serious responsibility; worry. noun

An object or source of worry, attention, or solicitude. noun

Interest, regard, or liking. noun

Close attention, as in doing something well or avoiding harm. noun

Upkeep; maintenance. noun

Watchful oversight; charge or supervision. noun

Attentive assistance or treatment to those in need. noun

To be concerned or interested. intransitive verb

To provide needed assistance or watchful supervision. intransitive verb

To object or mind. intransitive verb

To have a liking or attachment. intransitive verb

To have a wish; be inclined. intransitive verb

To wish; desire. intransitive verb

To be concerned to the degree of. intransitive verb

Grief; sorrow; affliction; pain; distress. noun

Concern; solicitude; anxiety; mental disturbance, unrest, or pain caused by the apprehension of evil or the pressure of many burdens. noun

Attention or heed, with a view to safety or protection; a looking to something; caution; regard; watchfulness: as, take care of yourself. noun

Grief, sorrow.

Close attention; concern; responsibility.


Maintenance, upkeep.

The treatment of those in need (especially as a profession).

The state of being cared for by others.

The object of watchful attention or anxiety.

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The word "care" in example sentences

This is why when people ask me what to do about health care, one of my proposals is to heavily tax any form of _primary care_ insurance so that very few people have it. ❋ Unknown (2009)

VIEW FAVORITES yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Iraq and Afghanistan veterans sue US govt. over \'poor care\' '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' US veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are suing the government, claiming inadequate care is leading to an increase in suicides. ' ❋ Unknown (2008)

To make men love you for the sport of it, and not to care when they kill themselves for your sake, -- truly _not to care_? ❋ Edward Stratton Holloway (1903)

Clinical audit: a quality improvement process to improve patient care& outcomes through systematic review of care against explicit criteria& the implementation of change ❋ Unknown (2009)

But I do care if he is trying to get us in a war..didn’t balance the budget…weakened the dollar…and advocated bad laws…I want a president who cares about the health of people,and the health of the for the environment…get us out of debt..and work in harmony with opposition parties and groups. ❋ Unknown (2006)

The utility (willingness to pay) associated with receiving same-day care is more than twice the utility associated with receiving care from a physician. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Call your Senators and Representatives and ask them to help make sure long-term care is National Sales Tax, aka VAT

But what really needs extra care is the furniture outdoors in the patio. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The lines are no longer, the care is as good, and people don't go bankrupt over having surgery. ❋ Unknown (2009)

When such people become sick or are injured, the cost of their care is absorbed by the vast health market, lawyers for the federal government say. ❋ Rosalind Helderman (2010)

Your suggesting the repeal of obama care is an extremist view. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Obama care is a giveaway to big insurance which did nothing to control costs. ❋ Doug Feaver (2010)

Yet his main proposals are not only about expanding subsidized programs to cover more people but about adding the massively expensive benefit categories of mental health, which has a strong lobby behind it, and long-term care, which is important to the broad middle class. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Perhaps costing more in the event long term care is required as a result of that service - yes - but I can forgive that. ❋ Unknown (2005)

She went up there, she delivered what she called a care package to them with Kleenex, a binder to store information, everything that she needed during the first week of her daughter's disappearance. ❋ Unknown (2007)

I'm satisfied, that with most of them having been US trained, the care is there and Guadalajara is only 30 miles away .. ❋ Unknown (2004)

She said the care is the best there, and cheaper than any other local hospital. ❋ Unknown (2004)

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