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Definitions of "career"

  • A chosen pursuit; a profession or occupation. noun
  • The general course or progression of one's working life or one's professional achievements: an officer with a distinguished career; a teacher in the midst of a long career. noun
  • A path or course, as of the sun through the heavens. noun
  • Speed: "My hasting days fly on with full career” ( John Milton). noun
  • Doing what one does as a permanent occupation or lifework: career diplomats; a career criminal. adjective
  • To move or run at full speed; rush. See Usage Note at careen. verb-intransitive
  • One's calling in life; a person's occupation; one's profession. noun
  • An individual’s work and life roles over their lifespan. noun
  • speed noun
  • A jouster's path during a joust. noun
  • To move rapidly straight ahead, especially in an uncontrolled way. verb
  • A race course: the ground run over. noun
  • A running; full speed; a rapid course. noun
  • General course of action or conduct in life, or in a particular part or calling in life, or in some special undertaking; usually applied to course or conduct which is of a public character. noun
  • The flight of a hawk. noun
  • To move or run rapidly. verb-intransitive
  • To move or run rapidly, as if in a race or charge.
  • The ground on which a race is run; a race-course; hence, course; path; way. noun
  • A charge or run at full speed, as in justing. noun

The word "career" in example sentences

I know that when I'm advising students, and they are fretting about career choices, and I ask them, what do you *want* to do with your life -- what do you think will make you happy, most of them, I'd say maybe 70% of them, give me this blank stare: as if *happiness* and *career* could have nothing to do with each other.. [Archive 2007-03-01]

I have a warm interest in your happiness and career -- yes, _career_ -- I repeat the word.. [Ernest Maltravers — Complete]

Madrid Number 9 Youth career 19931995 Andorinha 19951997 Nacional 19972001 Sporting CP Senior career* Years Team Apps ‡ (Gls) ‡ 20012003 Sporting CP 25 (3) 20032009 Manchester United 196. [ - Articles related to Cruyff hands in Barcelona club badge]

In light of trying to distinguish true democrats from 'corporate democrats' maybe for this Denver mayor's race, the term 'career politician' is actually a good thing in the case of Hancock, Linkhart and Mejia -- meaning we know where you have been working, and it has been in a public arena, not in private backroom deals.. [Wade Norris: Denver's Mayoral Race -- Pay to Play?]

The for-profit industry, which prefers the term "career colleges" or "proprietary" schools, grew rapidly over the last decade amid renewed calls to increase the nation's college graduation rate and a need to help laid-off workers find new careers.. []

Romney's critics point out that he might have earned the label "career politician" had he not lost his 1994 Senate race.. [The Washington Post: National, World & D.C. Area News and Headlines - The Washington Post]

The word career derives from the French word carrière, meaning a racecourse.. [Jamaica Gleaner :: Lead Stories]

Taking no risks in your career is the biggest - and worst - risk of them all.. [Adele Scheele: How to Take More Risk and Advance Your Career in 6 Steps]

If your career is a hill then the mountain next to it is the rejections accrued.. [A Q&A with Ron McLarty]

McCargo, who has battled injuries and inconsistent stretches of play, remains on the roster but his career is at a crossroads.. [Buffalo Bills Team Report]

But after Favre had what he called his career-best season for the Vikings last season, leading them to the NFC title game and finishing fourth in the NFL most valuable player voting at age 40, virtually nothing went right this season.. [Brett Favre: 'I know it's time']

My personnal opinion, his career is about to flush.. [Menendez after Crist decision: GOP 'cannibalizing' moderates]

However, I would venture to say that seeing him in one of the last roles of his career is almost a fleeting concern.. [Kevin's Review: The Dark Knight - The Dark Has Never Been So Bright «]

Your career is your job to manage, expecting others to do it for you just proves to me that you are not ready.. [Think you are entitled to a promotion? Prove it « TalentedApps]

I have one thing to say about this engagement: “CAREER DISASTER” … for Cook of course … her career is a tank already, but his career is heading in that direction the more he associates himself with a unintelligent, sl*tty, mean girl!. [David Cook Dating Kimberly Caldwell]

But his career is a marvelous example of the virtue of perseverance.. [As thoughts turn to draft for some teams, a warning]

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  • Character6
  • Hyphenation ca reer


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