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Hyphenation care less ness
Pronunciations /ˈkɛələsnəs/

Definitions and meanings of "Carelessness"

What do we mean by carelessness?

Lack of care.

Not giving a single fuck about anyone else’s opinion and living life with no boundaries bc yolo Urban Dictionary

When you just dont just a fuck so hard as to the point where for a short ammount of time you stop doing anything productive and give up on life. This usually leads to questioning the world and existence itself. Also known as: Temporary Depression, a Disturbance in The Force, and Fuck It. Urban Dictionary

Regular citizen definition: grossly negligent (i.e. criminal) Hillary Clinton definition: presidential Urban Dictionary

When someone speaks without sensitivity or regard for other peoples feelings who may be in the proximity. Urban Dictionary

When a male releases a large turd into a shallow toilet. The turd makes contact with the bowl before being pinched off, falls forward, and smacks the man in the back of the scrotum. Urban Dictionary

An act of self masturbation in public areas such as lavatories, like pop star George Michael (who also had a no 1 hit in the UK during the 80's with "Careless Whisper) Urban Dictionary

The act of queefing out semen from one's vagina. Urban Dictionary

Careless whisper was a song made by the group Wham, consisting of Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael. Saddest song ever about a lost love. Urban Dictionary

Originated from MTV's True Life: I have Tourettes. One of the people featured on this particular segment was 16 year old Alyssa, who lives with her grandma. Memorable highlights from the show featured Alyssa getting angry and frustrated with her grandma, particularly when her grandma was painting her toe nails, and Alyssa says "You didn't get it all're being CARELESS!" The phrase spawned many Facebook pages and YouTube videos, showcasing Alyssa's temper and tourettes. Urban Dictionary

1) A person who intentionally likes being an asshole and is also careless. 2) A sketchy person whose behaviours and thoughts towards others are so careless, clumsy, stupid and irresponsible it makes them very asshole-like, even though they aren't intentionally being an asshole. Examples typically include sketchy buyers from your local classifieds, next door neighbors of your sketchy apartment complex, or some incredibly dimwitted kid at school that doesn't know shit. Urban Dictionary

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The word "carelessness" in example sentences

Oh apologizes for Green Beret 'confusion or misimpression' City Council candidate David Oh issued a formal apology Thursday for what he described as carelessness in describing his five-year stint in the Army National Guard - an issue that led some veterans to complain he was embellishing his military record. ❋ Unknown (2011)

M. de Maupeou came to me in December, and after having gently scolded me for what he termed my carelessness, he showed me a letter from the duchesse de Grammont, which, he said, would wonderfully aid our plans. ❋ Etienne-L��on Lamothe-Langon (1825)

Wouldn't an ideal solution be to have a free-market, capitalist society WITH some level of government overview to ensure that corruption and carelessness is kept to a minimum? ❋ Unknown (2009)

All of these manifestations can give the impression of a certain carelessness with regard to the liturgy and should be avoided. ❋ Unknown (2009)

If the failure to file over ten months or so was due to carelessness, is this an organization that should be "certifying" complex information systems upon which lives depend? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Coupled with the poor writing is a certain carelessness in the story development: early on, for example, we learn of the high-tech processes Space Vulture uses to make himself superhuman. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Such carelessness is unforgivable from a NATO hopeful. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Have already occurred (Night vii.) but such carelessness is characteristic despite the proverb, “In repetition is no fruition.” ❋ Unknown (2006)

If she had been an ugly woman, one would not have cared so much, though it would have been provoking; but for a handsome creature like her to have her beauty put in peril by such an atrocious piece of carelessness is something to make one's blood boil! ❋ Unknown (1892)

A carelessness is generated by the consciousness of unlimited supply – from the knowledge that "Papa will pay," or later in life from the dangerous postponement to the "Christmas bill." ❋ Unknown (1874)

This gracious carelessness is the same with that sleep which God gives to his beloved, in opposition to the worldling's toil, Ps. cxxvii. ❋ Unknown (1721)

"Your accidents -- my 'carelessness' -- did begin about seven years ago when we ..." ❋ Unknown (2004)

We are forced to face the fact that a century’s carelessness is now melting away the world’s storehouses of ice, a melting whose momentum may be nearing the irreversible. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Keoghan said, referring to their carelessness in booking a flight that landed one hour later than that of the other teams on the episode. ❋ Unknown (2011)

“Civilian casualties have been a continuing issue in Afghanistan, and President Karzai has rebuked American and NATO forces for what he has called carelessness in their military operations.” ❋ Unknown (2008)

"Civilian casualties have been a continuing issue in Afghanistan, and President Karzai has rebuked American and NATO forces for what he has called carelessness in their military operations." ❋ Unknown (2008)

Inevitably, the quest for bigger and badder profits leads to greed and carelessness, which is how we got into this subprime mortgage mess. ❋ Unknown (2008)

[Care] [less] and be [careless]! ❋ Carelys (2018)

Friend 1: Dude, what's up with mike? He's just laying on his bed [blankly] staring at the ceiling. Friend 2: Looks like a bad case of Careless. If you don't bother him he'll [be up] and active in a few minutes. Friend 1: [Alright I guess]... Mike: ............................Fuck...................this............ ❋ The MotherFucking Batman (2011)

Person 1: Dude, the FBI Director just said that Hillary Clinton was [extremely careless] in handling highly classified information. But I guess they're not recommending any charges be made. Person 2: [Extremely careless] - doesn't that basically mean she was grossly [negligent]? I thought that gross [negligence] in transmitting classified information is prosecutable under the Espionage Act. Sounds like she should be considered a criminal. Person 1: Nah bro, that just means she's considered presidential material. ❋ Jamescomey (2016)

Jamie meets a girl with a Purple dress at an [elevator], he smiles and walks away. Later Jamie decides to look up the name of the girl and sends her an email which reads. "Sorry for staring at you earlier. It's just Purple is my favorite colour. [Let me know] when you decide to get the lift again and I will stare some more." - This could be seen by some as being an [unwelcome] email and a prime example where "Careless talk"was used. ❋ Carebear01 (2013)

I was [expecting] to drop [a log] [cabin], not get bludgeoned by a careless lumberjack. ❋ Ryan_anarchon (2008)

Its his own fault he was [arrested], he shouldnt be such a careless wrister! fancy having [a wank] in such a [prolific] area!! ❋ I. Lowndes (2006)

"We were scared when I finished and [realized] that I didn't wear a [condom], but she put me [at ease] with her Careless Whisper." ❋ Tubadude62 (2011)

If you [dare] to listen to this song have [a box] of [kleenex] near by. ❋ Jerryblank (2005)

You're being [careless grandma], you [might as well] [not even] do it at all! ❋ FerrariCarr (2010)

1) "Man did you see that guy? He is such an asshole, but he's also very careless about his surroundings. Heard he almost got hit by a car once because he wasn't paying attention to the road." 2) a. Bill had a buyer who bought his [old phone]. Next day the buyer returned the phone, claiming the screen was "cracked", when in fact it was only the screen protector that was cracked. The buyer returned Bill his money, but kept all the trivial accessories that came with the phone. The phone box had also been severely disfigured for some reason. What would be the point of keeping all those phone accessories when you have [no phone]? No one knows, but it was clear to Bill that the buyer didn't care about the accessories at all, she was just a complete [careless asshole]. b. Johnny's next door neighbor, a pothead and a [high school dropout], asked Johnny if he could stay in his apartment for a few hours as his mom kicked him out. Johnny agreed and let him chill there while he went out to eat. A few hours later he came back, finding that his couch was flipped over, his [cupboards] ransacked, and his vinyl collection was all over the floor with deep scratches in almost every one. The whole apartment [reeked] of weed, and there was another unpleasant smell coming from the washroom: his toilet seat was covered with diarrhea. "Fucking careless asshole POS..." murmured Johnny as he cleaned up the place. ❋ Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian (2019)

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