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Carnivalesque is a literary mode characterized by a mocking or satirical challenge to authority and the traditional social hierarchy. It originated as "carnival" in Mikhail Bakhtin's Problems of Dostoevsky's Poetics and was further developed in Rabelais and His World. Bakhtin traces the origins of the carnivalesque to the concept of carnival, itself related to the Feast of Fools. This was a medieval festival held originally by the sub-deacons of the cathedral, at about the time of the Feast of the Circumcision (1 January). The humbler cathedral officials performed burlesques of the sacred ceremonies, releasing "the natural lout beneath the cassock."Bakhtin derives carnival and its influence in literature from the reign of the “Serio-comical,” with the examples of Socratic dialogue and Menippean satire..

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Definitions of "carnivalesque"

  • Resembling a carnival adjective
  • Pertaining to or resembling a carnival; suitable to or in keeping with a carnival.

The word "carnivalesque" in example sentences

Instead, he offered the term "carnivalesque," a world where passions bubble over, costumes are forever sliding off of all-too-fleshy bodies, genders are bent, and toilet jokes are as sure as the sunrise.. [Picking Out Eye Candy]

In a number of venues now (check out Zilvinas Kempinas's "Ballroom," a disco-meets-bumper-car installation at Yvon Lambert) the carnivalesque is alive and well.. [Taking Senses to the Extreme]

This is a fine book, but it is far from the only "carnivalesque" novel to be found in postwar fiction.. [Comedy in Literature]

To some extent, Everett's practice in a work like Glyph is an illustration of M.M. Bakhtin's concept of the "carnivalesque," in which an attitude of "radical skepticism" makes it impossible for anything to be taken seriously.. [October 2009]

In the great tradition of American slapstick comedy (what I also like to think of as a tradition of "carnivalesque" comedy as described by M.M. Bakhtin), Bob Hope is one of its most important figures, and perhaps the figure most unjustly left out of critical considerations of this tradition.. [Film]

Ray captures his "carnivalesque" qualities precisely: "an absolute distrust" of everything "serious" that informs all of his best films, right down to a distrust of his own role in the film.. [Film]

GEEK LOVE comes immediately to mind, of course; Bakhtin's concept of the "carnivalesque" if you want to get all lit theory-ish, and poetic imagery from Hart Crane to Red Skelton.. [Friday Cleanup: Links, Appeals, Speculations]

Was Triple J's Jesus impersonation contest in Melbourne's Federation Square on the day before Good Friday merely a revival of the 'carnivalesque' tradition of playful irreverence that is linked with a destruction and uncrowning related to birth and renewal.. []

LH: Recently I watched Atonement, which I wasn’t intending to, and to my surprise I found the movie intriguing, particularly the war scenes in which Robbie finds himself wandering in a kind of carnivalesque masquerade.. [Vanessa Place, Round One]

Time to stroll around the grounds where corporate sponsors were peddling carnivalesque amusements: Rows of chill-out teepees, a strange cluster of bunkbeds, Ferris wheel rides for charity and a psychic who would tell your fortune if you texted her a "yes" or "no" question.. [In concert: Virgin Mobile FreeFest at Merriweather Post Pavilion]

There you'll find mind-altering enhanced screenings such as Richard Linklater's philosophical animation Waking Life with live music, Bergman's arresting foray into gothic horror, The Hour Of The Wolf (with intro), Svankmajer's nightmare fairytale Alice or expressionist silent The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari (plus carnivalesque cabaret).. [This week's new film events]

Faced with contemporary art, there are on the one hand the grumblers, convinced that art is dead, or uninteresting, or, worse, carnivalesque and in the process of disappearing in an ultimate and derisory parade.. [Bernard-Henri Lévy: Run to See Jacques Martinez]

But the more affluent the area becomes, the more carnivalesque the carnival seems in return.. [Where Riot Is Transposed Into Play]

Time to stroll around the grounds where corporate sponsors were peddling carnivalesque amusements: Rows of chill-out teepees, a strange cluster of bunk beds, Ferris wheel rides for charity and a psychic who would tell your fortune if you texted her a "yes" or "no" question.. [FreeFest: For LDC Soundgarden, a roaring (and swirling) success]

The idea, in short, was to create a summer music festival for New York in line with the Secret Garden Party, which Mr. Fellowes, 33, has run for the past nine years on a carnivalesque site outside Cambridge, England.. [Sagging Toward the Harbor]

Almost every demonstration I have been to -- has featured some element of the carnivalesque: costumes, music, impromptu dancing, the sharing of food and drink.. [Benjamin Shepard: In Defense of the Silly: From Direct Action to the Pies of March]

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Mikhael Bakhtin's Carnivalesque (Literary Theory)
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