Definitions and meanings of "Carpeted"

What do we mean by carpeted?

To lay carpet, or to have carpet installed, in an area.

To substantially cover something, as a carpet does; to blanket something.

To reprimand.

The definition of being so totally drunk that you inevitably end up crashing out on the floor and sleeping there for the rest of the night.  Urban Dictionary

A colloquial nickname given to the home ground of Arsenal Football Club. Located in Ashburton Grove, it is more widely known as the Emirates Stadium, for sponsorship reasons. The term 'the carpet's is attributed to the stadium due to the exceptional quality of the grass as a playing surface.  Urban Dictionary

The thick, knotted mass of pubic hair just north of the vagina.  Urban Dictionary

1) a person who puts in carpet and does not build houses  Urban Dictionary

A woman's pubic hair  Urban Dictionary

A soft material used to cover floors  Urban Dictionary

A lush expanse of hair covering the vulva, meant to be munched upon and not shaven.  Urban Dictionary

When you get so high that all you do is lay on the floor "to help the carpet do its job because it's always working overtime"  Urban Dictionary

A person who gets walked on and used day after day  Urban Dictionary

A Carpeteer is a girl or woman who eats at anothers sushi bar AKA (vagina or pussy) Note: a bit of a classy lady  Urban Dictionary

The word "carpeted" in example sentences

How to use carpeted in a sentence? Example sentences with the carpeted, a sentence example for carpeted, and how to make carpeted in sample sentence, how do I use the word carpeted in a sentence? How do you spell carpeted in a sentence?

Hard working reps at the bottom and non entities in carpeted offices at the top.   ❋ Inspector Gadget (2007)

The illegal bouts, in carpeted 16-by-16-foot pits surrounded by four-foot walls, are staged in hidden venues, usually with no more than a few dozen spectators allowed.   ❋ Unknown (2007)

His office as Secretary was the only one in the Department that had carpet, which gave a very literal ring to officers 'dread of being "carpeted" or, as they used to say, "summoned to the carpet".   ❋ Unknown (2001)

The sanctuary is a low-lit carpeted hall filled with nine long rows of padded, auditorium-style seats clustered around a raised platform called the bimah.   ❋ Robert D. Putnam (2010)

One group finds their way to the Angel Room, a small carpeted space in the Parish Hall lined with bags of canned food that have been collected at Mass over the past few weeks.   ❋ Robert D. Putnam (2010)

Walking gingerly down the carpeted stairs, you avoid certain spots because of how badly they creak.   ❋ Ann-Marie Martino (2011)

The insides of the vans are hollowed out and fitted with small, carpeted seats.   ❋ Daniel Hernandez (2011)

The ground was velvety and springy to his feet, being carpeted with dead pine-needles and leaves and mold which evidently bad been undisturbed for years.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Convinced he was teasing me, I followed him through a set of double doors and down a long, carpeted hall that looked vaguely familiar.   ❋ Kristi Cook (2011)

They did not know, and he never told them, of the rabbits he had killed, of the quail, young and old, he had captured and devoured, of the farmers 'chicken-roosts he had raided, nor of the cave-lair he had made and carpeted with dry leaves and grasses and in which he had slept in warmth and comfort through the forenoons of many days.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

As I was descending to the master suit, down a narrow spiral staircase, without shoes, my bare feet lost traction and I fell down a flight of 5 carpeted stairs and pulled something that required a Cortisone shot.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Downstairs, the line to get an autograph and photo with Snooki stretched a tenth of a mile at least along the convention hall's carpeted concrete.   ❋ The Reliable Source (2011)

As we ran off to get our leeward position of the last lee boat, we found the ocean fairly carpeted with sleeping seals.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

A carpeted platform about three feet higher than the rest of the area was situated to one side about ten feet from the doors we entered.   ❋ Linda Robertson (2011)

Part of the messaging that night involved the use of children, several of whom sat on the carpeted hotel riser at Harper's feet while he spoke.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

I slouch down further into the leather chair to bring it to eye-level, hunching my shoulders and squinting at the light as it blurs into the carpeted wall of my cubicle.   ❋ Brett Rosenblatt (2011)

But that was a relatively short kick under ideal conditions: Lucas Oil Stadium features a retractable roof — it was closed for the Jets-Colts game — and is carpeted in plush, perfect Fieldturf.   ❋ Mike Sielski (2011)

The room looked just as Maggie had expected—a big, bare, carpeted square with windows on one side covered by vertical blinds.   ❋ Anne Canadeo (2011)

It was carpeted, brand-new, and bare of anything essential, but at first, this was what I liked about it.   ❋ Alison Espach (2011)

My god! Last night Mikey drank 13 pints of cider, he was so carpeted! ❋ Henery Duong (2007)

Man 1: wa'gwanin this Saturday bruv? Man 2: na'gwanin, just watching Arsenal at the Carpet bruvvv. ❋ HoldTightAsnee (2017)

"I unbuttoned her pants and tried to run my hand down her panties, but it got caught in her carpet." ❋ Fatass (2003)

Hey I really need a carpenter to put this carpet in, should I ask Dave? Carpenters actually only build houses Frank, what you need is a carpeter ❋ Mytwentycats (2017)

Her carpet was well trimmed. ❋ The Return Of Light Joker (2008)

I skipped happily along the carpet, and when I tripped I only chipped four teeth. ❋ Nathaniel Spritzner (2005)

"Mmmm, check out that carpet, I wish I was eating some of *that*!" ❋ KCtah (2003)

Jon: I don't think I was THAT high... Bryan: Dude, you were upstairs carpeting for like six hours. Jon: Okay, maybe it was a little too much LSD. ❋ Saaame (2017)

Wow thanks now I feel like a carpet. ❋ Thecarpet (2019)

Sheila is a full on carpeteer as you can see. ❋ -cM (2007)

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