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What do we mean by carriole?

A cart for passengers, used in the north of France. noun

Alternative spelling of cariole. noun

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The word "carriole" in example sentences

I like the winter carriages immensely; the open carriole is a kind of one-horse chaise, the covered one a chariot, set on a sledge to run on the ice; we have not yet had snow enough to use them, but ❋ Unknown (1769)

It was with the lie that they had eaten and drunk and talked and laughed, that they had waited for their carriole rather impatiently, and had then got into the vehicle and, sensibly subsiding, driven their three or four miles through the darkening summer night. ❋ Unknown (2003)

And soon a carriole passed by carrying a strange burden. ❋ Unknown (2003)

The carriole rolled down toward the road with the silent voynix trotting between its stays. ❋ Simmons, Dan (1981)

Certainly the mountains and ridges below were flicking past much faster than the familiar countryside had in the droshky or carriole ride between the fax portal and Ardis Hall. ❋ Simmons, Dan (1981)

The grazing animals were running fast — thirty or forty miles per hour Ada guessed in the seconds before the sonie carried them out of sight — but the birds were moving faster, perhaps sixty miles per hour, four times as fast as any droshky or carriole that Ada or the other three had ever ridden in. ❋ Simmons, Dan (1981)

The voynix padded up the circular drive to the front doors of Ardis Hall, stopped in the shaft of yellow light from those doors, and set the carriole tongues down so gently that Daeman did not even feel a bump. ❋ Simmons, Dan (1981)

Daeman climbed into the conveyance, said “Fax portal” to the voynix, and sat back as the carriole hummed around the driveway, white shells crunching under the wheel. ❋ Simmons, Dan (1981)

The voynix trotted up with the single-wheeled carriole behind it, upholstery gleaming in the evening light, gyroscopes humming. ❋ Simmons, Dan (1981)

Most of the guests had fled, running down the road when they could find no available droshky or carriole or voynix to pull them, but about seventy disciples had stayed, standing with Ada and Odysseus on the sloping yard. ❋ Simmons, Dan (1981)

Now, two weeks after her visit to Paris Crater, missing Hannah already but knowing that the girl must be safe in the firmary, Ada found herself lost in thought during the carriole ride over the hills to home. ❋ Simmons, Dan (1981)

But the phrase “three hundred miles” meant little to Harman and nothing at all to Daeman, since trips by voynix-pulled carriole or droshky were never longer than a mile or two. ❋ Simmons, Dan (1981)

Daeman stirred his drink and wondered how long it would be before he could get Ada alone in a carriole on the way back to Ardis Hall. ❋ Simmons, Dan (1981)

Daeman climbed down from the carriole and began walking toward the fields. ❋ Simmons, Dan (1981)

Everyone looked on the ground for signs of the tent or campfires or carriole tracks, but there was nothing. ❋ Simmons, Dan (1981)

Let the others stay for this spectacle, he would keep pouring Ada drinks through the evening, follow up on her “turgid” line of suggestive conversation, accompany her home (with luck and proper planning, just the two of them in a small carriole), pour the full force of his not-inconsiderable powers of attention upon her — and, with only an added bit of additional luck, this night he would not have to dream of women. ❋ Simmons, Dan (1981)

The voynix trotted effortlessly, pulling the carriole with only the gravel-hiss underped and the soft humming of ancient gyroscopes in the carriage body. ❋ Simmons, Dan (1981)

He had maneuvered to be in the lead carriole with their hostess, and Ada pointed out interesting trees, glens, and streams as they rumbled and hummed two or more miles down the dirt path toward the river. ❋ Simmons, Dan (1981)

I accompanied him in a carriole as far as Nogent Sur Seine, whence the coach was to start. ❋ Various (N/A)

We read _Viva la Divina Providenza_, in flaming characters on the front board of a carriole, while the whip is goading the poor starved brute who drags it; for these barbarians in the rear of European civilization, plainly are of opinion that a cart with a sacred device shall not _break down_, though its owner commit every species of cruelty. ❋ Various (N/A)

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