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Definitions and meanings of "Cars"

What do we mean by cars?

A wheeled vehicle that moves independently, with at least three wheels, powered mechanically, steered by a driver and mostly for personal transportation.

A wheeled vehicle, drawn by a horse or other animal; a chariot.

An unpowered unit in a railroad train.

An individual vehicle, powered or unpowered, in a multiple unit.

A passenger-carrying unit in a subway or elevated train, whether powered or not.

A rough unit of quantity approximating the amount which would fill a railroad car.

The moving, load-carrying component of an elevator or other cable-drawn transport mechanism.

The passenger-carrying portion of certain amusement park rides, such as Ferris wheels.

The part of an airship, such as a balloon or dirigible, which houses the passengers and control apparatus.

A sliding fitting that runs along a track.

The aggregate of desirable characteristics of a car.

A floating perforated box for living fish.

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The word "cars" in example sentences

And I saw three cars in a row drive by, and yes, I mean the effing _cars_ were driving, because the person who should have been driving was yakking on a cell phone. ❋ Jhetley (2006)

Michael Jackson death anniversary ... cars: kelley Blue Book «cars sale | car | cars | top cars | best cars Kelley Blue ❋ Unknown (2010)

Software in cars is only going to grow in both amount and complexity. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The fuel would be available to use in cars from the 2007 model year and up. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Because most Italians live with their parents until they marry, sex in cars is a national pastime. ❋ Unknown (2006)

So it seems to me that this marked increase in cars is a good indicator of rising affluence. ❋ Unknown (2006)

"In these cities of the developing world where the large majority of the population does not have a car, taking a bit of spaces from the cars is a policy of fairness, is to build equality and social justice," Penalosa said. ❋ Unknown (2010)

One of his cars is a Jeep, which is made by Chrysler. ❋ Unknown (2009)

There's one very good piece of news to come out of this, though: Ford's program to let its fans do whatever they want with high-quality shots of the cars is a damned forward-looking and decent bit of strategy. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Believe me, we were VERY careful to keep an eye on each other, but one of our cars is a 1993 white Honda Civic and the other is a silver 2005 Honda CRV and there are LOTS of cars out there that fit that description. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Gas taxes, road tolls, anything to get people to pay more to use their cars is a good idea. ❋ Unknown (2007)

On each of the cars is a small open space in front where one may sit if one likes and enjoy the sensation of plunging down the most startling inclines and yet see the car stop short at perilous points to allow a traveller to leisurely dismount. ❋ Unknown (1891)

The issue over cell phone use in cars is really very simple, it is no different to the old CB radio's many used in years gone by, the radio, CD, MP3, kids in the vehicle, the cop using his radio or cell phone while driving or even on high speed chases, the ambulance or fire truck driver using their radios or the formula 1 racing driver talking to the pit crew racing at over 200 MPH. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Also, the consumption of durable goods, such as cars, is spread out over time rather than expensed as purchased. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Yes | No | Report from samuel wilson wrote 33 weeks 6 days ago lookk and help work on cars is what i like to do ❋ Unknown (2009)

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