Character 4
Hyphenation case
Pronunciations /keɪs/

Definitions and meanings of "Case"

What do we mean by case?

A container; a receptacle. noun

A container with its contents. noun

A decorative or protective covering or cover. noun

A set or pair. noun

The frame or framework of a window, door, or stairway. noun

The surface or outer layer of a metal alloy. noun

A shallow compartmented tray for storing type or type matrices. noun

The form of a written, printed, or keyed letter that distinguishes it as being lowercase or uppercase. noun

To put into or cover with a case; encase. transitive verb

To examine carefully, as in planning a crime. transitive verb

An instance or occurrence of a particular kind or category: synonym: example. noun

An occurrence of a disease or disorder. noun

A set of circumstances or a state of affairs; a situation. noun

Actual fact; reality. noun

A question or problem; a matter. noun

A situation that requires investigation, especially by a formal or official body. noun

An action or a suit or just grounds for an action. noun

The facts or evidence offered in support of a claim. noun

An actual event, situation, or fact.

A given condition or state.

A piece of work, specifically defined within a profession.

(academia) An instance or event as a topic of study.

A legal proceeding, lawsuit.

(grammar) A specific inflection of a word depending on its function in the sentence.

(grammar) Grammatical cases and their meanings taken either as a topic in general or within a specific language.

An instance of a specific condition or set of symptoms.

A section of code representing one of the actions of a conditional switch.

1. Verb-To check out in advance. Ususally used in reference to a place you plan to burglarize or commit an act of mischief at. 2. Noun-24 pack of beer. Urban Dictionary

In the West a case is 12 beers (bottles or cans). In Ontario and out East a case is 24 beers (bottle or cans). Urban Dictionary

Twelve bottles or cans of beer in Western Canada or twenty four cans or bottles of beer out East. Urban Dictionary

When you bottom out by landing heavily on your bike so bad that you end up with either broken testicles or mild spinal injuries. Often referred to "casing it", a case is a most unfortunate occurance that freeriders and dirt jumpers fear for the safety of their gonads. Usually happens when a rider is over zealous with their own ability and land shitty. Urban Dictionary

1) face (see grill) 2) Business, e.g. "get out of my business" 3) personal space in general. Urban Dictionary

Adj: synonym for awesome or great. Urban Dictionary

When something is completely and utterly fucked. Urban Dictionary

Noun: 1. A 24-pack of beer. 2. NOT any other increment of beer. Urban Dictionary

V. to case out-- to swap out the internals of recently purchased piece of hardware so that you get new hardware, and then you return your old hardware in the new case to place of purchase thereby screwing retailers or manufacturers or both. The casing method works well on modular PC components... optical drives, computers, gaming systems, anything with a case. Similar to boxing. In other words, a white collar way to possibly steal expensive hardware. Urban Dictionary

The word used to describe the last possible card that can help your hand in poker. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Case

The word "case" in example sentences

In either case, the blood will reflow upon the heart, and dilate the left ventricle, as in _case the first_, and others; and, if the mitral valves be thickened and rigid, the left auricle will be more dilated than in a case of simple aneurism of the left ventricle, as appeared also in the _first case_. ❋ John Collins Warren (1817)

Evidence and economic theory suggests that control of the Internet by the phone and cable companies would lead to blocking of competing technologies (as in theMadison River case), blocking of innovative technologiesthat may not even compete with the phone/cablecartel (according to Comcast itself, theComcast/BitTorrent case would be an example), andincreased spying on Internet users. ❋ Marvin Ammori (2010)

So, when we place a noun before a verb as actor or subject, we say it is in the _nominative case_; but when it follows a transitive verb or preposition, we say it has another _case_; that is, it assumes a new _position_ or _situation_ in the sentence: and this we call the _objective_ case. ❋ Samuel Kirkham (N/A)

+_Remember_+ that a noun or pronoun used as an _explanatory modifier_ is in the same case as the word which it explains, and that a noun or pronoun used _independently_ is in the _nominative case_. ❋ Brainerd Kellogg (N/A)

If it be ‘case’ (I choose it as Jargon’s dearest child—‘in Heaven yclept Metonomy’) turn to the dictionary, if you will, and seek out what meaning can be derived from casus, its Latin ancestor: then try how, with a little trouble, you can extricate yourself from that case. ❋ Unknown (1916)

It says ‘In the case of John Jenkins deceased, the coffin’ when it means ‘John Jenkins’s coffin’: and its yea is not yea, neither is its nay nay: but its answer is in the affirmative or in the negative, as the foolish and superfluous ‘case’ may be. ❋ Unknown (1916)

But here are a few specimens far, very far, worse: —The special difficulty in Professor Minocelsi’s case [our old friend ‘case’ again] arose in connexion with the view he holds relative to the historical value of the opening pages of Genesis. ❋ Unknown (1916)

It cannot be too emphatically insisted upon that every case of typhoid, like every case of yellow fever and of malaria, _comes from a previous case_. ❋ Woods Hutchinson (1896)

It reaches _the case, the question_; it attaches the power of the national judicature to the _case_ itself, in whatever court it may arise or exist; and in this _case_ the Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction over all courts whatever. ❋ Daniel Webster (1817)

A Whig proves his case convincingly to the reader who knows nothing beyond his author; then comes an old Tory (Carte, for instance), and ferrets up a hamperful of conflicting documents and notices, which proves _his _case _per contra_. ❋ Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1803)

If, in any case, we are to _presume_ the existence of insanity; if, in any case, we are led to believe the thing _without positive proof_; if, in any case, there can be an apology in human nature itself, for such an act; _this was that case_. ❋ William Cobbett (1799)

'41b CASES IN THE EXCHBaU£» tend beyond dilatories; but it rather appears by the other cases that this expression isonly intended to shew, that a plea to the jurisdiction was the principal case there referred to, without mean - ing to limit the rule to that case* ❋ Unknown (1796)

I'm assuming this isn't possible, but just in case: is it possible to upgrade for x86 Vista to x64 Win7 RC or do I have to do a clean install? ❋ Unknown (2009)

He said the Benin case is different, because the man who stole the money could not pay its members and this is not the case with REDEMARE. Economic analyst, Noouroudine Mensa, said the company was taking advantage of Togolese citizens. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The Wisconsin case is only the latest in a grim procession of hundreds of such cases stretching back to the late 1800s in England, when a sect called the Peculiar People ended up on trial for allowing generations of children to die as a result of their decision to spurn doctors and medicine. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"Unconventional" in this case is code for believing the dangerous idea that government should promote life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I guess just having what you need, just in case, is the ticket. ❋ Unknown (2006)

"Lets go case the house first so [we know] the easiest and quietest way to [break in]." "Can you pick up [a case] on the way here?" ❋ Edgar Friendly (2004)

Person 1: I got a case of beer, eh. Person 2: What a bonus! When you said 'case' I forgot that you are from [Halifax]. Your East coast hospitality is appreciated. Person 1: It's a [hoppy] ale, kind of bitter, I hope that's OK. Person 2: Sounds good to me. The mere fact that it's not 'lite' beer assures me that you are worthy to drink with. People who drink 'lite' beer should be shot and pissed on. Person 1: [Fuckin' rights], eh. Bottom line is there's 24 of 'em. ❋ Arsehat1972 (2007)

[The distance] between [Edmonton] and [Prince George] is about a case of beer ❋ Arsehat1972 (2007)

[Shit man], Mike was a little [too keen] and [overshot the landing] and fell 20ft to flat. He gonna need a lawyer for that case. ❋ Coinage (2006)

Why [are you] [all up] in my case? ❋ Number25 (2005)

Dude, [check out] [the case] ass on [that chick]. ❋ Establishment (2010)

Yo I think it's case for the [Yankees] tonight. You sure [about that]? Nah they are definitely [losing] ❋ Real_deal_steel_69 (2020)

1.I picked up a case of [Miller Lite] for the party. 2. Loser: I picked up a 30-case of beer for the game tonight. [Normal Person]: Dude, you mean you got a 30-PACK for the game. Loser: [No dude], it's a 30-case. Normal Person: You're a fag. A case is 24 cans of beer; NOT 6, 12, 18, or 30! ❋ Dave (2005)

1. [Casing] my 1TB [hard drive] that failed on day 10 has saved me many days-- maybe weeks-- that would normally be spent on trying to get a replacement through [warranty] work. 2. The cheapest way to get a blue-ray drive is to case it with an old 52x. ❋ Tomsnafu (2009)

Three people [folded] [aces], so I needed the case [ace]. ❋ Heather Clemens (2007)

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