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Hyphenation cat tle
Pronunciations /ˈkæt(ə)l/

Definitions and meanings of "Cattle"

What do we mean by cattle?

Any of various domesticated ruminant mammals of the genus Bos, including cows, steers, bulls, and oxen, often raised for meat and dairy products. noun plural

Any of various similar wild or domesticated bovine mammals, such as the anoa or the gaur. noun plural

Humans, especially when viewed contemptuously or as a mob. noun plural

Property; goods; chattels; stock: in this sense now only in the form chattel (which see).

Live stock; domestic quadrupeds which serve for tillage or other labor, or as food for man.

Human beings: in contempt or ridicule.

Quadrupeds of the Bovine family; sometimes, also, including all domestic quadrupeds, as sheep, goats, horses, mules, asses, and swine. noun plural

See under Belted, Black. noun plural

A trench under a railroad track and alongside a crossing (as of a public highway). It is intended to prevent cattle from getting upon the track. noun plural

Any species of louse infecting cattle. There are several species. The Hæmatatopinus eurysternus and Hæmatatopinus vituli are common species which suck blood; Trichodectes scalaris eats the hair. noun plural

The rinderpest; called also Russian cattle plague. noun plural

An open space through which cattle may run or range. noun plural

An exhibition of domestic animals with prizes for the encouragement of stock breeding; -- usually accompanied with the exhibition of other agricultural and domestic products and of implements. noun plural

Domesticated bovine animals (cows, bulls, steers etc). noun

Certain other livestock, such as sheep, pigs or horses. noun

People who resemble domesticated bovine animals in behavior or destiny. noun

Chattel noun

Domesticated bovine animals (cows, bulls, steers etc).

Certain other livestock, such as sheep, pigs or horses.

People who resemble domesticated bovine animals in behavior or destiny.

(English law, sometimes countable) chattel

Used in restricted contexts to refer to the meat derived from cattle.

A large group of nasty, often hideous, girls, or whales of human female form, who graze and eat most of the day and go nutty for boy bands and chocolate bars. Urban Dictionary

Large portion of people living in the United States who are overweight and have similar lifestyles. Cattle can be identified as eating fast foods, processed foods, not exercising, or justifying eating a high calorie meal by ordering a "diet soda". Cattle hobbies include watching TV, playing video games, and never going outside. Cattle are wasteful of all resources for example leaving their 3 large screen TVs on 24/7 and not recycling their trash. Cattle are extreme consumers and love to buy vehicles and useless products. Cattle teach their children how to grow up to be cattle by sitting them in front of some kind of video screen at very early ages. Cattle children are all overweight and have asthma from never going outside and playing. Cattle justify this atrocity by claiming that outside is dangerous for children and they will get hurt. Cattle all have jobs where they have to clock in and work set hours. They are not intelligent or motivated enough to work for themselves. Cattle are the bread and butter for the US Government. They supply the government with the majority of all money collected in taxes. Cattle have bad habits like smoking and drinking. This is even more revenue for the US Government. Cattle are frustrated with their lives and in order to feel human or free they tend to break minor laws with the state they are living in. When caught, revenue from fines pay raises, bonuses, and buy new high performance undercover vehicles for local and state police departments. Urban Dictionary

Short, stocky, non-attractive women who are obese. Cattle most always wear tight slacks, and many look like men (i.e. "Pat" of Saturday Night Live fame) Urban Dictionary

The line of people waiting to get into a movie, concert, or especially an overrated club. Urban Dictionary

An alternate form of the definition of sheep in a more grand scale, for people who herd round each other in large groups, without any individual thought. Urban Dictionary

1. Large rudimentary animal that are bred for slaughter and processed into food products 2. Short for 'cattle class' which pertains to flying economy class (or 'coach' in America) on a flight. It is called this mainly because many people are crammed into such a small space for an extended period of time and most of the time are treated like animals. Urban Dictionary

A living, non-vampire that vampires keep for a blood supply. They do not bleed them dry but only take what is necessary so that the cattle can keep producing blood for them. Urban Dictionary

No dogs allowed Urban Dictionary

A cow that does physical labor Urban Dictionary

1 cattle equals $100. It usually costs $100 to buy a baby bull calf and so a cattle is $100. 1 Benjamin equals a cattle. One hundred federal reserve notes equals a 'cattle'. Got some cattle? = got some money? Cattle= sweet moolah. Urban Dictionary

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The word "cattle" in example sentences

"_And there was a strife between the_ HERDMEN _of Abraham's cattle and the_ HERDMEN _of Lot's cattle_". ❋ American Anti-Slavery Society (N/A)

A hazard that gives new meaning to the term cattle drive. ❋ Unknown (2006)

LEMON: Hey, look at this, highway hazard, gives new meaning to the term cattle drive, doesn't it? ❋ Unknown (2006)

COLLINS: A highway hazard that gives new meaning to the term cattle drive. ❋ Unknown (2006)

As you know, tuberculosis in cattle is one of the most damaging infectious diseases to affect agriculture. ❋ Unknown (1967)

It brings a whole new meaning to the term cattle class, a plane seat that is shaped like a saddle and could allow airlines to squeeze in even more passengers. ❋ Unknown (2010)

"Don't sit at that [table], that is where the cattle sit, [you don't want] to go near them, you might be [eatin]." ❋ Slopass (2003)

"[Diet soda] is on the fast food [drive-thru] menu to make the [cattle] feel healthy." "[Cattle] never have time to exercise, because all their extra time is allotted to watching TV or video games." ❋ Rarelyobscure (2013)

See those ugly women [crossing] [the street]? No, man - that [ain't] women - they is cattle" ❋ Especialrob (2006)

[Damn yo], lookat the cattle [tryin' to] [get into] that shitty club. ❋ Puma_blues (2004)

"Those [girls] are following him like cattle" ❋ Acebloke (2005)

1. [Farmer Joe] yelled at [Chunter] with all of his God given ability "THE CATTLE ARE EATING NOT FOR FUCKING!". 2. A: Did you manage to get a [business class ticket]? B: No space left. Have to fly cattle now *long exasperated sigh* ❋ Ozzie Oz And The Beautiful Bunch (2007)

The cattle lived in intense fear of the [vampires] and the fear of dying or being made into [one of them] was what kept them from trying to [escape]. ❋ Justin (2004)

no it [isnt] ❋ Dremel Kit (2003)

That cattle just [carried] [Allie] across [the farm], it must be strong. ❋ Lexibird (2011)

[one hundred dollars] [equals] one cattle. If you say "cattle r out" means whatever you're going to do will take [alot] of money. ❋ Silverfire (2010)

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