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Definitions of "cattywampus"

  • In disarray or disorder; askew. adjective
  • Not directly across from nor adjacent to. adjective

The word "cattywampus" in example sentences

The justice of the peace was a twitchy little man with a stutter and a two-dollar rug laid cattywampus across his head.. [Come Again No More]

September 25, 2009 at 6:34 am cattywampus is wun of mai faberite wers!. [Statler and Waldorf kittehs - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?]

"If this is mean to be reassurance, it's cattywampus" said Allie, grinning at Myra.. [MORE FROM GINNY BATES: ALLIE]

Let the customers put up with the cattywampus walls they are inflicting on the outside environment, and see how they like it.. [Suing the architect.]

Or buried paleosols with the A horizons cattywampus.. [Fault Line]

If you are going to display documents on LinkedIn profile, this is important PDF file = Lock work in place so it can't be easily modified by others MS Word shows industry jargon with underlines for misspellings can look cattywampus!. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

I resent it when my toes are going a bit cattywampus after 8 hours on the retail floor, and when my legs cramp up with the wrong shoes.. [Discussion Forum - TuDiabetes - A Community for People Touched by Diabetes]

Last Sunday we went out for dinner, last night we went out for dinner to celebrate Chase's birthday and he's working tonight, and then next Sunday is Easter, so my posts are a little cattywampus these days.. [eat'n veg'n vegan food and recipes]

By a., April 4, 2010 @ 12:21 pm i’m going to start using “cattywampus” during haircut consultations.. [Build Blog » A Vocabulary List for Architects Who Want to Get Things Built]

“And capsizing's always a worry, even if we were just to tumble over onto the ice here, the ship being all cattywampus the way she is.. [The Terror]

The problem with the rest of the film is it goes cattywampus, or pussy paradoxical if you'd prefer.. [Pajiba]

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