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Hyphenation cau dex
Pronunciations /ˈkɔːdɛks/

Definitions and meanings of "Caudex"

What do we mean by caudex?

The thickened, usually underground base of the stem of many perennial herbaceous plants, from which new leaves and flowering stems arise. noun

The trunk of a palm or tree fern. noun

In botany, as used by early writers, the stem of a tree; now, the trunk of a palm or a tree-fern covered with the remains of leaf-stalks or marked with their scars; also, frequently, the perennial base of a plant which sends up new herbaceous stems from year to year in place of the old. noun

The stem of a tree., esp. a stem without a branch, as of a palm or a tree fern; also, the perennial rootstock of an herbaceous plant. noun

Woody stem of palms and tree ferns noun

Persistent thickened stem of a herbaceous perennial plant noun

An enlargement of the stem, branch or root of a woody plant, usually serving to store water.

What you call someone who has a square head. or you can just make that their new name. Urban Dictionary

The latin word meaning "dork" Urban Dictionary

LATIN - tace caudex (N): literally translated as "Shutup Dickhead" 1. a term used by latin scholers to confuse the simple minds of lads and emos 2. the only comeback a latin scholer can come up with Urban Dictionary

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The word "caudex" in example sentences

The leaves are its main feature; with age it becomes rather tall, 6ft. to 9ft. high, having a woody hole or caudex, which is largely concealed by the handsome drooping foliage; a few of the youngest leaves from the middle of the tuft remain erect. ❋ John Wood (N/A)

SCCULENTS: Adenium is spectacular for its swollen stems, called caudex, and colourful flowers. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The swollen stem called caudex is basically a reservoir for nutrients and varies from species to species and plant to plant. ❋ Unknown (2010)

It was Claudius, and this was the very reason he was surnamed Caudex, because among the ancients a structure formed by joining together several boards was called a caudex, whence also the Tables of the Law are called codices, and, in the ancient fashion, boats that carry provisions up the Tiber are even to-day called codicariae. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Adenium socotranum has a special cell sap cycling within the caudex which prevents overheating. ❋ Unknown (2008)

They are an odd plant from the middle east with a large caudex. ❋ Unknown (2006)

The ground is carpeted with a grass of preternaturally vivid green and rankness of growth, mixed with a handsome fern, with a caudex a foot high, the Sadleria cyathoides, and another of exquisite beauty, the Micropia tenuifolia, which are said to be the commonest ferns on Hawaii. ❋ Isabella Lucy (2004)

Some spring from immediately below the earth, and may more properly be termed suckers; the others grow on the visible part of the stem or caudex, often close to the oldest leaves; these should be cut off with a sharp knife, in early summer, and if they have a little of the parent bark attached to them all the better. ❋ John Wood (N/A)

Some sorts, the present one included, are not very readily propagated, as the crowns are not on separate pieces of root, but often crowded on a woody caudex. ❋ John Wood (N/A)

The caudex is altogether similar in structure to that of Alsophyla, equally furnished with strong black bristly radicles towards its base. ❋ William Griffith (N/A)

Kydia continues; a fine Palm, caudex 8-10-pedali; it probably belongs to the genus Wallichia? ❋ William Griffith (N/A)

Its rising caudex, often creeping for several inches over bare rocks, suggests the habit of a tree fern. ❋ George Henry Tilton (N/A)

The name of a book, caudex, codex, was first given to these tabellae when they were strung together to form a square "book." ❋ Unknown (1911)

The caudex is made up of many strands twisted together like rope, its numerous branches terminated by clusters of very small, new and old leaves, with flower clusters. ❋ George Wharton James (1890)

The ground is carpeted with a grass of preternaturally vivid green and rankness of growth, mixed with a handsome fern, with a caudex a foot high, the Sadleria cyathoides, and another of exquisite beauty, the Micropia tenuifolia, which are said to be the commonest ferns on ❋ Unknown (1867)

The repent caudex of the saw palmetto (Farmer's Encyc.), being torn from the surface of the earth, cut into proper lengths, dried, and burned to ashes, produces the greatest quantity of potash of any known vegetable. ❋ Unknown (1863)

Perennial; consisting of numerous slender fibres proceeding from a short horizontal caudex; stem 8 or 10 inches in height; flowers purple, proceeding from the joints near the root, and standing singly on long, slender, round, jointed peduncles, which bend downward, so as nearly to bury the flower in the earth or decayed leaves. ❋ Confederate States Of America. Surgeon General (1862)

Then, in Latin, caudex passes into the sense of log, and so, of cut plank or tablet of wood; thus finally becoming the classical ❋ John Ruskin (1859)

For this latter purpose, the fibril roots, with the main root itself (caudex), are provided with soft porous terminations, called spongioles, from their peculiar efficacy in imbibing the surrounding moisture. ❋ 1823-1886 (1855)

It has a rough, wrinkled, perennial root; the caudex or main root is about the thickness of the little finger, and the lower end often dead or rotten, from the main root issues many small blackish fibres, the whole root is of a dirty dark color and full of little holes. ❋ Richard Foreman (1849)

John is a [caudex]. [Caudex] likes to [make fun of] [spanky]. ❋ Stevefarr (2005)

[Lindsay] is a caudex ❋ *~*Kay*~* (2004)

lad: yeh [what cunt] ima [shank you] latin scholer: tace caudexlad: what eshay your mums so mut she has [vaginatation] latin scholer: ............... tace caudex ❋ Mhmmmmm (2008)

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