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Cult of the Dead Cow. Founded in 1984 in Texas, the cDc was a group of hackers who came together to create one of the most-accomplished groups of the computer underground. The group started out by publishing the very first "e-zine", and has continued to be a leading developer in Internet privacy and security tools to this day. Extremely famous for remote administration tools Back Orifice and BO2K. cDc is also a hot spot for news from around the world and has articles related to computer programming/hardware/administration/hacking, in addition to articles about anything and everything else. In short, these guys were the original 1337 h4x0rz.  Urban Dictionary

Cult of the Dead Cow or cDc. Creaters of 1337 and group of 31337 h4k3r5 who use Back Orifice  Urban Dictionary

Crudely Drawn Cock - precisely what it says on the tin. These dicks are often coloured magenta (purple) and created in a simplistic style using tools such as Microsoft paint. They can be seen on the forums of where they have cult status and always achieve a cheap laugh. this may have been where they were first conceived.  Urban Dictionary

Acronym for crudely drawn cock (not the animal).  Urban Dictionary

Cool dude chillin also hardcore band from pennsylvania  Urban Dictionary

An over zealous poster on matters concerning the Windows product line.  Urban Dictionary

CDC stands for Centers for Disease Control. Without the people who work there and other disease research places we'd all have crabs and cat scratch fever. Also in other cases they have a tendency to overreact to things.  Urban Dictionary

Curved dick crew  Urban Dictionary

Corrupt, worthless, organization that claims to be helpful when it comes to health and safety and other crap like that, but in reality they just fuck over everyone they can when they can.  Urban Dictionary

California Department of Corrections. The California state prison system.  Urban Dictionary

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View It » the cdc is a cult of useful idiots and back scratchers. if you look into the SARS scare, you will find that the increase in SARS contractions had a direct corollary to a decrease in influenza cases. (read: the numbers were padded, creating the effect of some dangerous new flu.) ❋ Unknown (2009)

Notice that five of these are part of the "cdc" schema. ❋ Unknown (2009)

If you open the Properties window for the new ChangeDataAccessRole role, you can see that the role is owned by "cdc" and has SELECT permissions on the two table-valued functions listed above and nothing else. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Can't Post | Private Reply have not heard of any travel restrictions, you can always check the cdc website, however; if travel restrictions were put in place, i am quite confident it would be all over the news. nancyyy158 ❋ Unknown (2009)

Labels: cdc, health, kane county health dept, st. charles, swine flu comments: ❋ Unknown (2009)

To learn where there's a high terror threat, what inoculations you need, and where Dengue Fever and Ebola have been active, go to,, and ❋ Rosalyn Hoffman (2011)

M. P. Heron and B. L. Smith, “Deaths: Leading Causes for 2003,” National Vital Statistics Reports 55, no. 10 2007: 7, ❋ Ben Hobrink (2011)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (www., individuals are considered to have pertussis (even if they are immunized) if they have a cough lasting for at least 14 days (with no other confirmed cause) and any one of the following symptoms: coughing spasms, a whooping noise while inhaling, or vomiting caused by the coughing. ❋ Unknown (2010)

February 25th, 2009 at 12: 34 am ps I had the exact same thought abaout the volcano monitoring. and hurricanes. cdc Says: ❋ Unknown (2009)

Health, United States, 2006. prepublication. ❋ M.D. James Beckerman (2011)

Information can be obtained by calling 800-232-4636 (English or Spanish) or by visitingwww. ❋ Unknown (2009)

For more information on autism and treatment, go to the site of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,, as well as ❋ M.P. McQueen (2011)

At cdc. goc, "drinking in moderation is defined as having no more than one drink per day for women and no more than two drinks per day for men." ❋ James Altucher (2010)

"All of us in [the cDc] participate in this site. If you want to complain because this ain't teaching you how to be an [31337] [hax0r], you can eat our collective ass. Thx!" -From the cDc homepage. ❋ Godfather (2005)

[cDc] h4x3d my [b0x] ❋ Shiv (2003)

i just [photoshopped] a cdc into [the hand] of [george bush]. ❋ Brownish (2006)

I got a new [graphics] [tablet] today, you know what that means: [CDC]! ❋ StrangeQuark (2005)

those are some cdc!! ❋ Jessy Brutal (2007)

"Who has actually kept all of their cd [receipts] for [the last five years]?" "Well, I have." ❋ IAmANickyWarrior (2003)

Made up statement #1 from [the CDC] : We're working in conjuction with researchers from the United States Army and Navy to find long-term treatments to the ongoing but controlled [MRSA] outbreak. Made up statement #2 from the CDC : OMGWTFBBQ a huge case of [emola] has taken over the free world as we know it and we should all evacuate the planet!!!! We're all gonna die!!!! ❋ Sid Barrett (2008)

I just found out I could [squirt], I ain't [fuckin with] niggas with straight dicks, imma need me a [curved dick]. That CDC. ❋ Anonymous101918 (2016)

[The CDC] is [fucking garbage] and should not be taken [serious]. ❋ PhoenixGamer34 (2021)

Tyrone: "Hey [Shiniqua], where Rayquan?" Sheniqua: "O, he done gone fuck up again and be doin da time in the CDC fo holden up the fried chicken and [koolaide] stand again." Tyrone: "[O fo sho]!" ❋ J-Cat Title 15 (2006)

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