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What do we mean by cellarer?

A person, as in a monastic community, who is responsible for maintaining the supply of food and drink. noun

An officer in a monastery who has the care of the cellar, or the charge of procuring and keeping the provisions; also, an officer in a chapter who has the care of the temporals, and particularly of the distribution of bread, wine, and money to canons on account of their attendance in the choir. noun

Same as cellarman. noun

One who keeps wine- or spirit-cellars; a spirit-dealer or winemerchant. Also cellarist. noun

A steward or butler of a monastery or chapter; one who has charge of procuring and keeping the provisions. noun

The person, usually in a monastery, responsible for providing food and drink. noun

The person, usually in a monastery, responsible for providing food and drink.

Slang word for basement Mostly used up north or in New England. Urban Dictionary

On a scale of 0-5 in socio-economic status, level 1 Urban Dictionary

An inhabitant or permanent resident of a room or group of rooms below the ground level and usually under a building often a relative or child turned adult that refuses to leave the parents home. Urban Dictionary

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What new englanders say instead of "down in the cellar" Urban Dictionary

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The word "cellarer" in example sentences

The cellarer was a stout man, vulgar in appearance but jolly, white-haired but still strong, small but quick. ❋ Eco, Umberto (1980)

The cellarer was the purveyor of all food-stuffs and drink for the use of the community. ❋ 1840-1916 (1913)

He needs men to take on the demanding jobs, such as cellarer, prior and bishop. ❋ FOLLETT, Ken (1989)

The cellarer was the material counterpart of the sacrist: Cuthbert had to provide for all the monks’ practical needs, gathering in the produce of the monastery’s farms and granges and going to market to buy what the monks and their employees could not provide themselves. ❋ FOLLETT, Ken (1989)

Feminine Genius discusses the duties of the cellarer in the Benedictine Rule and how so much of it is imitable for all walks of life. ❋ Elena Maria Vidal (2009)

They do not follow you, Christ crucified, but they hound you and your blood- especially those who rebel against your cellarer who holds the keys to the wine cellar where your precious blood is stored... . ❋ Esther (2009)

“Let these strangers be carried to the great hall,” said the Sub – Prior, “and be treated with the best by the cellarer; reminding them, however, of that modesty and decency of conduct which becometh guests in a house like this.” ❋ Unknown (2008)

“His wife makes a lovely chatelaine, and Oom Hendrik has assumed the congenial functions of cellarer and chaplain.” ❋ Patricia O'Toole (2008)

The cellarer unlocked the best wine or his treat as he called: "Oh Key of David, come, and come quickly." ❋ Jessica (2008)

We came about evenfall, and were received by the cellarer who had a nose very rich – like an obelisk. ❋ Unknown (2004)

“They make up a balanced account with Heaven, as our old cellarer used to call his ciphering, as fair as Isaac the Jew keeps with his debtors, and, like him, give out a very little, and take large credit for doing so; reckoning, doubtless, on their own behalf the seven-fold usury which the blessed text hath promised to charitable loans.” ❋ Unknown (2004)

I have seen but little of him myself, but our cellarer and treasurer have dealt largely with him, and report says that his house at York is so full of gold and silver as is a shame in any Christian land. ❋ Unknown (2004)

“My gold collar,” answered the Prior, “against ten butts of Chian wine; — they are mine as securely as if they were already in the convent vaults, under the key of old Dennis the cellarer.” ❋ Unknown (2004)

The reverend cellarer for a time laughed at our emotion, and then spoke to us as follows: ❋ Unknown (2004)

“True,” said the father, “I am not cellarer for nothing.” ❋ Unknown (2004)

His cook and his cellarer had set out an elegant and lavish display, as they always did. ❋ Turtledove, Harry (2002)

"I keep all my [old] [records] in the [cellar]" ❋ DJ-High (2010)

Man, [that fucker] is so [broke] he lives in the cellar but at least he's not in [the street] ❋ Wriggler (2005)

After seeing the empty [pantry], [refrigerator] and the recent electric bill Dad turned to Mom and said, " This is outrageous, tell cellar-dweller he needs to [get a job] and pay room and board we cannot afford him anymore." ❋ Jpg3 (2010)

I’d like to clean the [cobwebs] [off that] [dusty cellar]. ❋ JoeJo Dancer (2015)

They [put] more [cracks] in [the glass ceiling] than they did in the glass cellar. ❋ Smashdummies (2012)

"[go down] [cellar] and empty the [litterbox]" or "what are you kids doing down cellar" ❋ Romeolvr5997 (2009)

[Cellar Door] ❋ Miles Pieri (2004)

[say it]! "cellar door" ooooooooooooooooh. [feel] the prettiness! ❋ .. (2004)

Guy one: [yo dude], I gave that bitch the Whiskey cellar! Guy two: [get the fuck] away from me you [fucking degenerate]! ❋ I Cum On Hamsters (2021)

Go down [cellar] and get me [the clean] [laundry] ❋ Hippiedeb (2003)

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