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Definitions of "centers"

  • Plural form of center. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of center. verb

The word "centers" in example sentences

This proves again that the anæsthesia is not retinal, but it proves very much more; namely, that _the retinal stimulation is transmitted to those lower centers which mediate reflex movements, at the very instant during which it is cut off from the higher, conscious centers_.. [Harvard Psychological Studies, Volume 1 Containing Sixteen Experimental Investigations from the Harvard Psychological Laboratory.]

The title centers around American doctor Robert Cath, who boards the Orient Express to escape troubles with the law, only to find himself embroiled in a plot rife with intrigue, treachery, romance, and murder.. [Kotaku]

The title centers around Faith Connors, an illegal courier who becomes embroiled in Orwellian city politics.. [MacNN | The Macintosh News Network]

The title centers on a pair of brothers, Kurt and Daniel Kilgore, who could care less for one another.. [ComicList Headlines]

Having enough desirable housing near such 'centers' is another first step.. [Parking as Far as the Eye Can See « PubliCola]

The vote of the Texas State Board of Education is not only sad but also dangerous, representing a throwback to willful darkness, something that should not find a haven in centers of education.. [Ignorance, Not Islam, Is The Enemy]

The organization will run craft-skills training workshops for the women in centers around Botswana, and sell the products they produce.. [Robyn Scott - An interview with author]

Solution: the organizers team up with the LVCVA (and the hotels) and establish satellite check-in centers so there is no wait to get in.. [San Diego Convention Center Plans $753 million Expansion in Bid to Keep Comic-Con | /Film]

The bill exempts data centers from the state sales tax.. [Only One Dealmaker « PubliCola]

The idea of selling naming rights to corporations to fund community centers is brilliant!. [Surprise! City’s Youth Want Different Things than Parents « PubliCola]

Assurant Solutions might have followed the herd and focused on the problem of getting customers who dial into its call centers off the phone as fast as possible.. [What's Next For IBM's Watson]

Even the brightest students and those with the most drive and desire are denied the opportunity to complete their secondary education because the cost of transportation to attend high school in the larger centers is prohibitive relative to the means of their families.. [Traveling light to Oaxaca?]

The expertise at such centers is varied; most counselors have business degrees, and some states require them, but all states require strong business backgrounds, says Charles "Tee" Rowe, CEO of the Association of Small Business Development Centers.. [Entrepreneurs turn to small business centers for free help]

I know for a fact that certain centers and center directors immediately had the touch and go mentality as they have always had Mars fever.. [Why the Moon? Here's Why. - NASA Watch]

The demand for servers inside the data centers is on an upswing — about 50 percent of the 8 million servers sold every year end up in data centers, according to a BusinessWeek report.. [With a New Server, Cisco Pushes “Comm-puting” Strategy]

The intellectual capability of NASA's research centers is the most under-appreciated, under-utilized, and under-awarded capability in this Nation.. [Should NIAC be Revived? - NASA Watch]

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@HelenBranswell: Official word from @MSF: Their #Ebola treatment centers in Butembo & Katwa are enrolling patients in the clinical trial…


@TransEquality: 0.1% of ICE's detainees are transgender, but 12% of victims of sexual assaults in ICE custody are trans. ICE is incapabl…


@HumanDefenseINI: Finally some good news coming from the NY pro-life movement!


@OETKB2: @PhilipRucker @JesseHapke Facts are a foreign entity to Trump. He’d prefer they be locked up in the border detention centers.


f/a centers looking to join a comp team dm me ps4. come prepared to show screenshots. @2kCompGames @Big_Brudda_PURP @2KCrewFinder

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