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Definitions of "centre"

  • Chiefly British Variant of center. noun
  • Alternative form of center. noun
  • Alternative form of center. verb
  • See center. noun-and-verb
  • See center.
  • See center. noun
  • a place where some particular activity is concentrated noun
  • a cluster of nerve cells governing a specific bodily process noun
  • the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience noun
  • an area that is approximately central within some larger region noun
  • a building dedicated to a particular activity noun
  • move into the center verb
  • the sweet central portion of a piece of candy that is enclosed in chocolate or some other covering noun
  • the object upon which interest and attention focuses noun
  • a low-lying region in central France noun
  • a point equidistant from the ends of a line or the extremities of a figure noun
  • direct one's attention on something verb

The word "centre" in example sentences

This method is that of grouping parts around centres, and several of such groups around larger centres, upward and onward indefinitely; while in living beings, according to their complexity, each individual part, and each individual group of parts with its centre, _is left free to move within its own sphere, yet at the same time is harmonized with the movements of its neighbors through the medium of the common centre_.. [The Continental Monthly, Vol. III, No. V, May, 1863 Devoted to Literature and National Policy]

At the lower part of the area which controls the muscles of the different parts of the body, above and a little in front of the tip of the ear, lies a very important centre, which controls the movements of the tongue and lips, and is known as the _speech centre_.. [A Handbook of Health]

He therefore ordered his heaviest ship, the _Cornwall_, 74, to go there from the centre, exchanging places with the _Centurion_, 50, and at the same time signalled the fleet to close _to the centre_, -- a detail worth remembering in view of Rodney's frustrated manoeuvre of April 17th,. [The Major Operations of the Navies in the War of American Independence]

In Milton's MS. it is 'bestud the centre with their star-light,' _centre_ being the 'centre of the earth.'. [Milton's Comus]

... with their trunks (the beams carefully supported at their centre of gravity, the logs carefully supported at their centre of gravity, the elephants without a smile at_ their _centre of gravity). [Rhymes of the East and Re-collected Verses]

The point to which we wish particularly to direct attention in connexion with this exposition of the phænomena attending the transmission of a storm is this: -- If the observer so place himself at the commencement that the wind passes _from his left hand towards his right_, his face will be directed towards the centre of the storm; and the wind undergoing no change in direction, but only in force, will acquaint him with this important fact that the _centre_ is not only gradually but surely approaching him: in other words, in the case before us, when he finds the wind from the S.E., and he places himself with his face to the. [The Hurricane Guide Being An Attempt To Connect The Rotary Gale Or Revolving Storm With Atmospheric Waves.]

To give an idea of scale, the large pink bead in centre is about 1.5 "in diameter and about 3/4" thick.. [Double Monday giveaway]

In the centre is an enormous circular counter … We ascend a broad staircase, which leads to ‘The Lounging Rooms’, and to the first of a series of circular galleries, lighted from the lantern of the dome, which also lights the ground floor.. [2009 November 18 | NIGEL BEALE NOTA BENE BOOKS]

At the centre is a much venerated image of Our Lady from ca. 1250:. [Catholic Bamberg: The Upper Parish Church]

At the centre is the very fine Sharon Small: fiery and darting, like a fighting cock – not least in the scene where, still in her pinny, she sports her present of a new red hat and is told by her crushing sisters that black would have been much more fitting.. [Men Should Weep; Blasted; When We Are Married]

At the centre is a relationship between two men, Rooney and Sir Alex Ferguson, with 44 years age gap between them.. [Wayne's new world]

Dark stars have a finite radius, a Schwarzschild black hole does not (the centre is a singularity).. [“Black Holes – a Simplified Theory for Quantum Gravity Non-Specialists”]

The vice-president of the centre is his own wife, Michelle Obama.. [Archive 2008-10-01]

The little dot near the centre is the decimal point.. [Most Complex Crop Circle Ever Discovered in British Fields | Disinformation]

For one user group - Muslim women who like to swim - the window configuration at the centre is a concern, municipal officials familiar with the project said Friday.. [VDARE.com: Blog Articles » Print » Bay Area Muslims Organize To “Negotiate” With America]

In the centre is the piece I added a first border to - the butterfly on the gold background was what I received; I added an offset purple border with orange curved flying geese; the third person added the flowers in the yellow/gold background.. [Sewing stuff - and a question]

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