Character 8
Hyphenation cer e mo ny
Pronunciations /ˈsɛɹɪməni/

Definitions and meanings of "Ceremony"

What do we mean by ceremony?

A formal act or set of acts performed as prescribed by ritual or custom. noun

A conventional social gesture or act of courtesy. noun

A formal act without intrinsic purpose; an empty form. noun

Strict observance of formalities or etiquette. noun

To confirm or join by a ceremony.

A religious observance; a solemn rite. noun

The formalities observed on some solemn or important public or state occasion in order to render it more imposing or impressive: as, the ceremony of crowning a king, or of laying a foundation-stone; the ceremony of inaugurating the President of the United States. noun

A usage of politeness, or such usages collectively; formality; a punctilious adherence to conventional forms; punctilio. noun

A ceremonial symbol or decoration. noun

A sign or portent; a prodigy. noun

An officer in many European cathedrals whose business it is to see that all the ceremonies, vestments, etc., peculiar to each season and festival are observed in the choir. noun

Synonyms Form, Ceremony, Rite, Observance. Form is the most general of these words; it is impossible to join in worship without the use of some forms, however simple; we speak of legal forms, etc. Ceremony is a broader word than rite, in that a rite is always solemn and either an act of religion or suggestive of it, as marriage-rites, the rites of initiation, while ceremony goes so far as to cover forms of politeness. A rite is generally a prescribed or customary form, while a ceremony may be improvised tor an occasion: as, the ceremony of laying a corner-stone or opening a new bridge. Observance is primarily a compliance with a requirement, as in religion, where the word was applied to the act of compliance; as, the observance of the sabbath. noun

Ar act or series of acts, often of a symbolical character, prescribed by law, custom, or authority, in the conduct of important matters, as in the performance of religious duties, the transaction of affairs of state, and the celebration of notable events. noun

Behavior regulated by strict etiquette; a formal method of performing acts of civility; forms of civility prescribed by custom or authority. noun

A ceremonial symbols; an emblem, as a crown, scepter, garland, etc. noun

A sign or prodigy; a portent. noun

An officer who determines the forms to be observed, or superintends their observance, on a public occasion. noun

Not to be ceremonious; to be familiar, outspoken, or bold. noun

A ritual with religious significance. noun

An official gathering to celebrate, commemorate, or otherwise mark some event. noun

A ritual, with religious or cultural significance.

An official gathering to celebrate, commemorate, or otherwise mark some event.

A formal socially established behaviour, often in relation to people of different ranks; formality.

Show of magnificence, display, ostentation.

An accessory or object associated with a ritual.

An omen or portent.

(noun) A ritual performed by one or more persons where they ingest their preferred drugs and/or chemicals in a relaxing atmosphere to assist them in overcoming the trials of a day yet to be done and/or as a well deserved treat near the end of their day done in. Urban Dictionary

When a man puts semen on his thumb and then smears it across his partners forehead while saying: SIMBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Urban Dictionary

55 minutes and 58 seconds of perfection in the form of Florence + The Machine's sophomore album. Urban Dictionary

A late 90s shoegazing/postpunk band out of Philadelphia Urban Dictionary

Barriage Ceremony is the ceremony conducted to unite a Bondage Partnership by with at least 2 individuals (referred to as Bubby & Bifey - Please see Bifey & Bubby definitions by Bifey’s Voice) through a Barriage Ceremony or also known as a Bondage Matrimony. This Barriage unification process can never be ended with a divorce and this partnership is for a lifetime or multiple lifetimes (Please see: Soulmates) in forever lasting love. (Please see: Barriage). If you feel that: Marriage = Divorce In a Barriage or Bondage Partnership... Well there is NO Divorce after a Bondage Matrimony (Also known as: Barriage Ceremony) has been completed. Barriage is important process to conduct if you have been divorced at least once and you feel that marriage = divorce. So an alternative to a Marriage is a Barriage, if you & your partner (Bubby &/or Bifey) chooses to have a “Barriage Ceremony” then there is NO Divorce options available (Also Known as: Bondage Matrimony). The “Equation” of Barriage is the following: (Bondage - ondage = B) + (Marriage - M = arriage) = Barriage. Bubby is short for Bondage Hubby & a Bifey which is short for Bondage Wifey. The “Equation” of Bubby & Bifey is the following: Bubby : (Bondage-ondage=B)+(Hubby-H =ubby)=Bubby & Bifey : (Bondage-ondage=B)+(Wifey-W=ifey)= Bifey (Please see definitions posted by Bifey’s Voice for the following term & definitions for: Barriage, Bubby and Bifey.) Urban Dictionary

Bondage Ceremony is the Matrimony conducted to unite a Bondage Partnership (a.k.a. Barriage) with at least 2 individuals (Also known as: Bubby & Bifey - Please see definitions by Bifey’s Voice) through a Bondage Ceremony or a Barriage Ceremony. This Bondage Partnership unification process can never be ended with a divorce and this Barriage is for a LIFETIME or MULTIPLE LIFETIMES (Please see: Soulmates) in FOREVER lasting love. In a Barriage or Bondage Partnership: A Bondage Ceremony is an important vow to conduct If you & your partner feel that: Marriage = Divorce. So an alternative to a Marriage is a Barriage, if you & your partner (Bubby &/or Bifey) chooses to have a “Bondage Ceremony” then there is NO Divorce options available. There is NO Divorce after a Bondage Ceremony has been completed. The “Equation” of Barriage is the following: (Bondage - ondage = B) + (Marriage - M = arriage) = Barriage. The “Equation” of Bubby & Bifey is the following: Bubby : (Bondage-ondage=B)+(Hubby-H =ubby)=Bubby & Bifey : (Bondage-ondage=B)+(Wifey-W=ifey)= Bifey (Please see definitions posted by Bifey’s Voice for the following term & definitions for: Barriage, Bubby and Bifey.) Urban Dictionary

Computer programming code (typically APIs in a framework) where the use requires many specific things to be done before and/or after it in order for it to function but had it been in a more elegant way, could have been eliminated entirely. Many times the designers of these frameworks feel that what they're doing is so big, complex and important that requiring the consumers to perform the ceremony is completely justifiable. If they make it easy for you, they don't think you'll appreciate their genius. It can many times be assumed that the author would add that you kneel before him/her before you get the privilege of using their API if that were practice didn't completely expose their douchbaggery. They tend to get off on their (over-engineered) "cleverness" (codesturbation) and want others to regard them as code masters as well. Urban Dictionary

A Yassification Ceremony is a common ritual amongst the younger generations of this century. Participants choose one lucky person to partake in the ceremony, and together, they complete the steps to properly Yassify the participant. Step 1: the group must gather in a circle around the chosen one. They all strip the participant of their clothing, and douse them in a flammable oil. Step 2: a candy cane is handed to the participant who is now naked and covered in oil, and the participant must whittle it down to a sharp point using their mouth. Step 3: the candy cane will then be used to carve an X into the participants torso; starting from the rib cage down to the hip bones. (If the candy cane breaks during this process, another may be supplied, but step 2 must be repeated. If the second one breaks, the ceremony will cease, and the chosen one will be cast out, never to achieve Yassification.) Step 4: Using the blood from the X carved into their stomach, the participant will rise, and drip the blood oil mixture into a fire pit. Step 5: the fire will be lit, and all will rejoice. After the ceremony is over, participants usually celebrate by dancing around the fire, and eating lots of candy canes. The successful participant in the ceremony is blessed with the gift of Yass, and is guaranteed to become Yassified in the following years. Urban Dictionary

In the hip hop world the most confused word would be MC the word is obvious to be Master of Ceremonies,but what does it mean. In order for music in general to put your mind at ease in a state of relaxation, it needs to trigger your left and right lobes in the brain, they have to be in ceremony there for the people that are emcing have to put you in harmony. Urban Dictionary

Virgin conversion Urban Dictionary

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The word "ceremony" in example sentences

And the issue of bible vs koran for a swearing in ceremony is totally dumb. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Such vain ceremony is a thin disguise of rebellion, nor are there perhaps any personal wrongs that can authorize a subject to take arms against his sovereign: but the want of preparation and success may confirm the assurance of the usurper, that this decisive step was the effect of necessity rather than of choice. ❋ Unknown (1206)

The conch shell lets out a last bellowing call and warns any remaining straggler that the ceremony is about to begin. ❋ Unknown (2006)

This ceremony is a tribute to all prisoners of war and soldiers who remain missing. ❋ Unknown (1991)

A tea ceremony is a coming together in feeling, a meeting of good comrades in a good season. ❋ Unknown (1968)

I may say in passing, that to see my novel Thousand Cranes as an evocation of the formal and spiritual beauty of the tea ceremony is a misreading. ❋ Unknown (1968)

The high point of the ceremony is his reading of a carefully prepared address, known as the Speech from the Throne. ❋ Unknown (1966)

This ceremony is an integral part of their judicial administration. ❋ Unknown (1940)

_ The writer witnessed what he calls the ceremony of consecration in the case of a young man of the highest rank in Somosomo and he has described what he saw. ❋ James George Frazer (1897)

Blackfeet used to hold the great festival and sacrifice which we call the ceremony of the Medicine Lodge. ❋ George Bird Grinnell (1893)

To indifferent spectators, the ceremony is almost overpowering, and to a tender father, struggling between a desire to retain his child, and a sense of the holiness of the vocation she is obeying, the suffering can only be conceived by parents in a like position. ❋ Unknown (1845)

The dedication ceremony is now scheduled to take place on Memorial Day. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The ceremony is free and open to the public, with a reception to follow ❋ Unknown (2009)

She goes catalog shopping, not because she couldn't spend whole days in ceremony in department stores if she wanted to nor because she wouldn't do that if her lifestyle depended on it, but because cranberry-ale cardigans and pewter-puff pullovers communicate her optimism. ❋ Ann Bogle (2010)

This sort of religious cum civil ceremony is very important in the highlands and is not to be scoffed at by infidels thinking themselves intellectually superior to folks respecting religious traditiion that is a melding of Catholic and Pagan traditions. ❋ Unknown (2009)

But the most remarkable ceremony is the washing of the altar. ❋ Unknown (2009)

No more then Hitler deserves a public ceremony from the Church because he was catholic. ❋ Unknown (2009)

To this day, Israeli soldiers perform the swearing-in ceremony on the top of Masada. ❋ Unknown (2009)

He had been doing a swearing in ceremony for MSC i hear and was on his way for dinner or something when all this kicked off! on February 9, 2010 at 9: 57 am Paul ❋ Inspector Gadget (2010)

‘ [Fuck 10]:15 Spanish class’ was the collective thought between both Jordy and Nikki as they dashed back to their dorm room to partake in the day’s second ceremony for them. These young tykes were yet to make their [plummet] to much more serious “hard drugs” and were instead habitual and serious consumers of the [hydroponic] marijuana ceremony…….for now 👹 ❋ Nikki Stixx (2022)

After having [missionary] [intercourse] with my [significant other], I performed The Ceremony on her. ❋ KWK (2009)

My [absolute] favorite [album] of [all time] ever is Ceremonials. ❋ Misrabella (2012)

Have [you heard] of Ceremony? ❋ WarGoatForestWolf666 (2010)

Bill & Amanda had their Barriage Ceremony on [November 28th] [2015]. Their Barriage Ceremony was absolutely beautiful and we had a ton of attending [the ceremony]! ❋ Bifey’s Voice (2020)

William & Amanda had their Bondage Ceremony on [November 28th] [2015]. Their Bondage Ceremony was absolutely beautiful and they had so many guests attending [the ceremony]! ❋ Bifey’s Voice (2020)

[Microsoft's] .NET [framework] requires a lot of ceremonial code to accomplish some truly mundane tasks... whereas [Ruby On Rails] thinks all that ceremony is simply a waste of developer time. ❋ Nukespike (2010)

“Do you think we should have a Yassification Ceremony tonight?” “I cannot believe [Racheal] failed her Yassification Ceremony. What dumb bitch can’t suck [a candy] [cane] without breaking it?? ❋ Okayokayokaystayaway (2021)

When [a tribe called quest] says that the term [mc] means master of ceremonies [and that] most mc dont know what that term means. ❋ Onlyermo (2006)

I [partook] in a deflowering ceremony with one of my [sisters] [mates] after she got pissed at her school social. ❋ Alex Pump (2003)

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