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Definitions of "changes"

  • Plural form of change. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of change. verb

The word "changes" in example sentences

Jacobs said the label changes are not related to the recalls.. [Tylenol daily dose cut to prevent overdose, liver failure]

She said the FDA will be posting a "Drug Safety Communication" on the label changes in the coming days.. [Biogen, Elan's Tysabri Label Updated]

Bainbridge added that FNMF's recommendations for the name changes will be forwarded to Congress immediately.. [Mark C. Miller: Are Food Names Corrupting Our Children?]

The department of health confirmed that the name changes would be "more than 75%" of the changes to the NHS bill.. [Labour attacks NHS bill amendments]

"This may indicate that the market is digesting the label changes implemented in the U.S. and EU around year-end," it said.. [Drug Maker Elan Narrows Loss]

DOWNLOAD with issue#5 the title changes to Kid Slade. [Archive 2009-09-20]

FDA officials said the label changes -- a so-called black-box warning -- aren't intended to stop people from using the drugs, just to prod patients and doctors to closely monitor behavior.. [Warnings Sought by U.S. on Drugs to Halt Smoking]

Severe vision changes is code for blindness and loss of hearing means deafness.. [OpEdNews - Diary: Alternative Medicine for Affordable Health Care and Overcoming Anxiety]

If they just follow the majority idea...sure, they might get more support and more money, but we will probably still think we are pure Chinese, and eventual "unification" is unavoidable note even how the term changes, nowadays people use "annexation" instead of unification.... [Five Commentaries for Wednesday]

When I tell her about Jack, her expression changes slightly.. [The English American]

When I tell her about Jack, her expression changes slightly.. [The English American]

So continues the title changes for North American audiences and in this case, the good folks at Buena Vista even feel the need to change the title of an English film.. [Row Three » Mister (AKA Hallam) Foe Trailer - Where Cinema is more than just $100 Million productions]

When I tell her about Jack, her expression changes slightly.. [The English American]

When I tell her about Jack, her expression changes slightly.. [The English American]

The label changes don't incorporate all the recommendations of the March committee, which said patients with advanced breast cancer and head-and-neck cancer shouldn't get the medicines.. [Anemia Drugs to Carry Wider Warnings]

Is there a way to have the title changes into your own title?. [Pink Blooms]

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Getting caught taking selfies in public really changes you as a person.


@NeuroscienceNew: How playing the drums changes the brain Drummers have higher microstructural diffusion in the corpus callosum, an ar…


having someone you care about in the army changes you, theres not a day that goes by that i dont think about them a…


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