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Definitions of "chanson"

  • A song, especially a French one. noun
  • Any song with French words, but more specifically classic, lyric-driven French songs. noun
  • A religious song. noun
  • A song. noun
  • A song. noun
  • A finger-ring with an inscription. See posy-ring. noun
  • The motto on a ring. noun

The word "chanson" in example sentences

The 'chanson' -- _i. e._, the dance tune, was played on the flute, and accompanied by the 'tabourin' or drum, which beats all the time.. [Shakespeare and Music With Illustrations from the Music of the 16th and 17th centuries]

Her style is often described as "chanson" but in fact, it mixes classic French elements with American pop and rock music.. [ | news]

-- [MS.] [236] {504} [Brantôme (_Memoires, etc. _, 1722, i. 215) quotes a "chanson" of "Les soldats Espagnols" as they marched Romewards.. [The Works of Lord Byron. Vol. 5 Poetry]

With their inherent drama, influenced by French chanson , his new songs could be easily rearranged for vocalists as varied as Chris Isaacs, Raul Malo or Bon Iver's Justin Vernon; the late Roy Orbison would have had much to choose from had he the chance to explore the Condon canon.. [The Heart of Beirut's Brass Melancholia]

Although seen as the ultimate living exponent of la chanson française , Mr. Aznavour's roots are Armenian.. [The Formidable Nouveautés of Fall]

I am driving the kids home from school, singing a silly French chanson -- something I have just made up, based on the latest grammar correction I've received from my French son -- when the latter puts a stop to my singing.. [retirer - French Word-A-Day]

French Vocabulary la chanson (f) = song; bon, ça suffit!. [retirer - French Word-A-Day]

“Le mousse” de la chanson enfantine “Il était un petit navire” was the youngest of “les matelots” and might have been your age perhaps?. [mousse - French Word-A-Day]

Jour "J" pour te chanter le bon vieux refrain de la chanson populaire:. [se reposer sur ses lauriers - French Word-A-Day]

Those few words encapsulate all she's trying to achieve on her debut album: placing herself outside the earnest, folksy singer-songwriter trope into which so many young female singers are being shoehorned at the moment, and away from the vagaries of fashion, turning instead to a music that's a little bit chanson, a little bit blues, a little bit jazz, a little bit cabaret.. [Liz Green: O, Devotion! – review]

Though these trio gigs with local bass and drums partners Geoff Gascoyne and Sebastiaan de Krom will likely focus on his massive songwriting CV and long involvement with chanson rather than improv pianistics, they're a rare chance to hear a legend of 20th-century popular composition at close range.. [This week's new live music]

By the way, a certain development of the melancholic mood in Verlaine's poem "La chanson d'automne" can be found in the nostalgic poem by Jacques Prévert, music by Kosma: "Les feuilles mortes" = 'dead leaves' (song known in English as 'Autumn leaves').. [avant-propos - French Word-A-Day]

Experience the romance and charm of Paris and the French countryside with Acoustic France, a CD collection featuring contemporary chanson and acoustic pop by established stars and up-and-coming artists from today's thriving French music scene.. [mise en bouteille / wine bottling]

Le Goire lifted an old French chanson; the men, like a row of ghosts in the dim starlight, bent their backs to the tow line; the steering oar cut the black current sharply, and the boat swept out into the night.. [THE GREAT INTERROGATION]

Français · Iran: YouTube, chanson de Broadway et élection présidentielle. [Global Voices in English » Iran: YouTube, Broadway music and the Election]

Calvi's 50s-tinged chanson has little to do with either the Kinks, or the 60s.. [Meltdown round-up – review]

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@haikatte: La meilleure chose dans Adibou c'était clairement cette inoubliable chanson

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  • Pronunciations(shäɴ-sôɴˈ)
  • Character7
  • Hyphenation chan son




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