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What does the word chaperonage mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word chaperonage in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with chaperonage and anagrams of chaperonage.

Definitions of "chaperonage"

  • The state of being a chaperon noun
  • The protection offered by a chaperon noun
  • Attendance of a chaperon on a lady in public; protection afforded by a chaperon. noun
  • The protection or countenance of a chaperon. noun

The word "chaperonage" in example sentences

The modern girl scoffs at the idea of chaperonage, but the O'Shaughnessys were not modern.. [The Love Affairs of Pixie]

When he ventured to plead with her not to go back to her home where her servants provided a kind of chaperonage, she made only. [We Can't Have Everything]

Even Yates made a slight mistake regarding her on one occasion, when they were having an evening walk together, with that freedom from chaperonage which is the birthright of every American girl, whether she belongs to a farmhouse or to the palace of a millionaire.. [In the Midst of Alarms]

We all do better with chaperonage when it comes to temptations of any kind – kidsdo.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Sex Education, Dirty Words, and the Due Process Clause]

“I told the laird this morn that if he truly wished to see ye married, then the less chaperonage ye had, the better.”. [Much Ado About Marriage]

The popularity of the bicycle, which enabled women much more freedom (and also brought about the grudging acceptance of the bloomer) from chaperonage and from past restrictions concerning their contact with places outside of the home.. [Introduction: Edwardian Women’s Fashions | Edwardian Promenade]

We all do better with chaperonage when it comes to temptations of any kind –kidsdo.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Sex Education, Dirty Words, and the Due Process Clause]

Five minutes later Miss Lila Barr entered the living-room under the impeccable chaperonage of Paradise.. [Dear Carl]

The custom of chaperonage disappeared in America, perhaps because the parents of young immigrants often remained behind in Europe, and young immigrant men and women considered it their right to choose their own spouses.. [Eastern European Immigrants in the United States.]

There had been a time, he knew, when two unmarried persons of the opposite sex, walking hand in hand without chaperonage, might have beento say the leastfrowned upon.. [The Messenger]

Their destination is the Hotel des Dunes on the Cote d'Argent, and even with the chaperonage of his canine confrere, Pommes Frites, Pamplemousse feels uneasy.. [Monsieur Pamplemousse Stands Firm]

With Lady Violet confined to her bed, fever raging, Lady Clementine took up the mantle of chaperonage and looked on as one of the young men with spotty cheeks rushed to request Hannahs hand.. [Kate Morton Ebook Collection]

As far as you emulating the Opikian style of politics is concerned, I am quite sure that the fragrant Mrs. D. please note the full stops to denote an abbreviation would provide you with more than adequate protection and chaperonage from these un-cool temptations.. [October 25th - General Election.]

The idea of chaperonage makes us laugh; women are independent.. [May 30, 2004]

The harsh demands of king and country and the constant anxieties over the fighting men reduced the rules of chaperonage to a minimum; people simply had no energy to spare for the proprieties.. [The Beekeeper's Apprentice]

If her twin shadows were in attendance, there would be that much more chaperonage.. [Ill Met By Moonlight]

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Chaperonage Meaning
Chaperonage Meaning
What does chaperonage mean
What does chaperonage mean
What does chaperonage mean?
What does chaperonage mean?

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