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1. A person, especially an older or married woman, who accompanies a young unmarried woman in public. An older person who attends and supervises a social gathering for young people. 2. A guide or companion whose purpose is to ensure propriety or restrict activity Urban Dictionary

Any adult present in order to maintain order or propriety at an activity of young people, as at a school dance. Urban Dictionary

1) The unfortunate boner you receiver from a hot chaperone, especially at a soiree. 2) A shameful boner the chaperone catches you with after she breaks up the grinding. Urban Dictionary

A person in a group designated to be sober so that order can be sustained. This is especially common in large groups or with use of substances that affect decision-making skills. Urban Dictionary

One of your friends you take with you on a "groupdate" when you don't feel the need to be molested Urban Dictionary

Someone that supervises. Urban Dictionary

A devine proxy server that blocks 90% of the internet but lets the admin look at pr0n. Urban Dictionary

Drou-zee shap-uh-rohn -noun The act of falling asleep during, or immediately following, masturbation, leaving one's genitalia fully exposed. Urban Dictionary

Intentionally or unintentionally sitting between a couple or people who are looking to make a play for each other. Urban Dictionary

This is identified as an adult who essentially baby sits another adult to keep them from embarassing themself, their family, and their friends, in public settings. This person might be in charge of limiting drinks, drugs, and flirtatious activity. This person should not be confused with a HATER as they are doing it for the benefit of said person! Urban Dictionary

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The word "chaperoned" in example sentences

At a meeting scheduled for June 25, the SEC will also propose removing barriers to U.S. investors dealing with foreign broker-dealers, including a requirement that foreign brokers be "chaperoned" by a U.S. broker. ❋ Unknown (2008)

No student is allowed to talk or otherwise interact with another student of the opposite sex outside of a "chaperoned" area. ❋ Unknown (2006)

My previous jaunts to D.C. were quite short and usually "chaperoned", hence I'd never really taken part in the nightlife scene at all. ❋ Michelle Collins (2005)

And now, since you will not put me quite at my ease by assuming, in words, that I have been properly 'chaperoned' here, ❋ Gilbert Parker (1897)

Since launching last year and giving music fans across Australia the chance to see great new music live, the first JD Set tour for 2009 will feature your choice of bands "chaperoned" around the countryside by the illustrious Mr. Rogers and Co. ❋ Unknown (2009)

And now, since you will not put me quite at my ease by assuming, in words, that I have been properly 'chaperoned' here, I must inform you that my father waits hard by -- is, as my riotous young brother says, 'without on the mat.'" ❋ Gilbert Parker (1897)

Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The WindDVD & Blu-Ray, OptimumIn the west we only really discovered animation master Hayao Miyazaki well into his career when 2001's Spirited Away was chaperoned into cinemas by Pixar's helpful John Lasseter. ❋ Phelim O'Neill (2010)

Lilia heads off, chaperoned by one suitable young woman from the village, Caroline Abbot, and the family considers it has won itself a year of peace. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I have never felt as serenely in control of my finances as I have during these months of knowing that every single dollar is where it is supposed to be: either in the bank, or on a well-chaperoned date with our envelope organizer. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The spectacle featured 39 miniature models who paraded a catwalk inside the company's Fifth Avenue flagship, wearing logo-printed capes, tiered peasant skirts and skinny pants, all chaperoned by Kelly Rutherford of "Gossip Girl." ❋ Sameer Reddy (2011)

Louise was only 22 when she was hired for the job and had to have a chaperoned place to live before moving from New York to L.A. She quickly established an ability to bring out the best in the stars, and was the particular favorite of Garbo when Garbo fist arrived at MGM. ❋ Kate Kelly (2011)

Spokesmen for some of the banks say that to ensure nonpublic information isn't improperly shared, the gatherings are chaperoned by bank compliance officials who vet traders' questions in advance. ❋ David Enrich (2011)

And then there's his Mormon "home teacher," a godfather-like figure who taught young Mike principles of their faith, chaperoned him at the swimming pool and, once, as a prank, locked the boy in his garage. ❋ Philip Rucker (2011)

"Every day, it is getting safer now," said Hussein Ali, a 56-year-old electrical engineer, as he chaperoned his family through the square on Wednesday night. ❋ Yaroslav Trofimov (2011)

Michael Todd , a UC Riverside researcher who chaperoned my drive, says mashing the accelerator to get on a freeway can overwhelm the car's exhaust-scrubbing systems. ❋ Joseph B. White (2011)

“to see and feel the rough [edges] of [the society] . . . without the filter of official chaperones” ([Philip] Taubman). ❋ Johny Bravo (2008)

[the DJ's] playing my favorite song ain't no [chaperone's] this could be the night of your dream. ...No [adults] to keep an eye on us... ❋ Nina Bieber (2011)

Your [date]: Is that chaperoner from me or [Mrs]. [Breen] over there? ❋ Kammwise (2014)

Tom: Yo [brad] hit this! [Brad]: I’m a [chaperone] fuck off! ❋ HeeshGreesh (2020)

hey come with me and this guy i just met to the movies. [gosh] i [dont wanna] be your chaperone! i also dont wanna get [molested]! ...fine... ❋ Gigglegiggle.maddog. (2011)

[Ashton] was always getting shushed by her [chaperone], she [hated it]. ❋ The Original Agahnim (2022)

The fucking filter wont [let me go] to [gmail] without useing all kinds of [tunnels]!!! ❋ Lolwut484793ue3j (2004)

1. I [must have been] more drunk than I thought last night, because I totally pulled a drowsy chaperone. 2. I [walked in on] my [roommate's] drowsy chaperone this morning. It was disgusting. ❋ Fancygriddles (2011)

I got to the restaurant and just down at the first seat, i didn't realise that [Geoff] was going to [sit there] and I ended up [sitting chaperone] all night with Geoff giving me the evil eye all night. ❋ Jaffaw (2010)

Person 1: Man, Tishsa got straight [WASTED] for her party and doesn't remember a THING about what happened. Person 2: Well, clearly she needed a Social [Chaperone] but since the rest of her friends were [wasted], too, she was on her own!!! ❋ Ms_Luckey (2011)

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