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Man That dudess is so Hott!!Loves to have her say and opinion on everything generally tends not to shut up but is a Great girl in bed, man i'd tap that any day of the week Sexy Flirty and always Looking Fucking hot. Urban Dictionary

The name given to the toilet when one has drank too much and must hurl. The act of visiting Charley would be voiced as “I think I need to go see charley.” Urban Dictionary

1.A cheap item bought to look expensive but looks cheap. 2. Something that breaks easily. Urban Dictionary

Charley will be your best friend till the very end even if you two get in fights she will still find a way back into your life she is funny and loud you can tell her everything and anything. She gives the BEST help out there!!! Urban Dictionary

Someone sweet that deserves all the love she can get. A Charley often feels hopeless, and Hope often wishes they could always be there for her. Charleys have low self esteem and at times forget there are people looking out for them. Urban Dictionary

Beautiful eyes with lashes that would make a Latisse model envious, beautiful smile when they decide you're worthy of seeing it, smart, ambitious, deep thinker, difficult to get to know but once you do you can never forget them, if you hurt them you end up hurting yourself ... more worse - they'll get over it - you won't, you only get to know them if they want you to know them. Loyal, kind hearted, honest, hard working, athletic, positive, strong willed, and determined. Urban Dictionary

Very good person Loveable and friendly Urban Dictionary

Derived from the Eurpean emperor's name, Charlamagne, Charles, Charlie, and Charley became popular among Europe. It is considered a royal name. In old English and German the name means "Free Man" and "Strength". In Italian it is associated with "Freedom, Strength, and Valiance", while in French the alnternate female name of Charley and Charlotte also means "petite" and "feminine". Urban Dictionary

The best boyfriend ever, is attractive, sweet, caring, giving, and everything you could ask for. Urban Dictionary

Derived from the European emperor, Charlamagne, the name Charles and Charlie became a popular name in the common European household. Charley, Charlie, and Charles is considered a royal name in many European countries. In old english and German it means "Free Man" and "Strength", in Italian it means "Valient, Strong, and Free." In Frech the alternate female version (Charlotte and Charley) also means petite and feminine. Over all the name resembles independance, strength, strong will, stubborness, determination, and succession. Urban Dictionary

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The word "charley" in example sentences

And I had 3 older brothers that loved to delight in charley horses … … ❋ Unknown (2006)

Notes: Bruins LW Milan Lucic missed his sixth straight game with an undisclosed injury and D Aaron Ward was out for his third consecutive with what the team called a charley horse sustained Jan. 13 against Montreal. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Franzen's injury is being described as a charley horse and he is expected to be back at full strength after a week of rest. ❋ Unknown (2010)

It felt like my calf, a kind of charley horse like deal. ❋ Unknown (2002)

Running as fast as I could, plagued by a stitch in my side and the beginning twinges of a charley horse, boots and jeans where had those come from? covered in a patina of red dirt, I came to the top of a rise and looked down upon what I can only describe as Hell. ❋ J.F. Lewis (2011)

Before they moved out, his older brothers had teased him relentlessly, calling him a nerd and a geek, landing charley horses on his skinny biceps or sticking out a foot to trip him as Michael walked by, engrossed in a book. ❋ Sarah Pekkanen (2011)

I thought it was some kind of thing that he knew how to uh—make you hurt, like, your brother giving you a charley horse or giving you a brownie or a wedgie, what they call it, or flicking you on the head. ❋ Lisa Davis (2011)

Maks appeared on Good Morning America Tuesday, as a loop of the stumble played on screen, to explain himself it boiled down to a charley horse and, "Oops!" ❋ Unknown (2011)

Watch our exclusive video of 21-month old Charley Grimet as she shows off her reading skills to mum Sharon … baby books charley grimet literacy reading sharon ❋ Unknown (2009)

Yes | No | Report from Jim in Mo wrote 48 weeks 3 days ago rabbitpolice, charley and others are right, I use the same but Huntandtrap09 really hit on something. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[Whoa]!! [did you] see her [now] she's a charley ❋ Lauren666 (2008)

[ohhh] i dont feel [so hot], i think [i need] to go talk to charley ❋ Raven21 (2005)

Man where did you [get that] charley watch from. This charley [computer] never [works] when i want it to. ❋ Wepnx (2006)

“[I love] have having a Charley as [my best friend].”-ensley Stropes ❋ Ensley (2019)

If there are any Charleys [reading] this, [remember] that [I care] about you. ❋ Remember To Breathe (2017)

Person 1: "Wow, that girl [is is] [envious]." Person 2: "Well, she's a Charley [after all]." ❋ Crazy_gal01 (2010)

[She is] a [charley] ❋ AwfulFortnitePlayer6969 (2019)

That person act likes such a [royal]. Well, [his/her] name is Charley [after all]. ❋ Crazy_gal01 (2010)

"Man [that guy] is [so nice] to [his girlfriend]" "Yeah he's such a Charley" ❋ BIWLZ (2009)

[Perosn] 1: "Wow that girl acts like a [royal] and still suceeds despite the enemies." Person 2: "Well, her name is Charley [after all]." ❋ Crazy_gal01 (2010)

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