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Definitions of "charpoys"

  • Plural form of charpoy. noun

The word "charpoys" in example sentences

They're sitting on charpoys, beds made of wood and rope.. [Riddle On Grand Trunk Road: Where To Begin?]

All down the wide verandas, on sheetless charpoys, rows of grey-faced men lay silent and moveless.. [Burmese Days]

'The men would not budge from their charpoys, sah.. [A Rude Awakening]

Get your men out of their bloody charpoys and on that stretch of miadan at the double!. [A Rude Awakening]

Connie said that they had finished about one o'clock and had slept for a few hours on charpoys in the hangar; they had the engines running and the machines all ready to go when we got there, so they had probably been working again at dawn.. [ROUND THE BEND]

As walls were absent on one side of each house, if not on two sides, the effect was that of a number of deep verandas which disclosed sleeping charpoys in the dim background.. [ROUND THE BEND]

Arjan Singh paid the villagers with money left with him by Wazir Hussein to build an atap dormitory hut, a simple affair that consisted of little but a board floor raised two feet above the ground, a thatched roof, and a lot of charpoys or string beds.. [ROUND THE BEND]

The nine forms lay flat or curled up on their charpoys -- all was well.. [In Clive's Command A Story of the Fight for India]

But they lay listless on their charpoys; they knew no English, and there was nothing in Desmond's tone to quicken their hopelessness.. [In Clive's Command A Story of the Fight for India]

But he saw that the eight men, all natives, were lying on crude charpoys along the wall, each man chained to a staple like his own.. [In Clive's Command A Story of the Fight for India]

Inside the shed, reclining on their charpoys, the men continued their performance, changing their song, though not, as it seemed to Desmond, the tune.. [In Clive's Command A Story of the Fight for India]

Our accommodation was in long huts that in memory appeared to be permanent; we found the charpoys quite comfortable and the bell-shaped mosquito nets that dangled from the ceiling gave us uninterrupted nights.. [Coming of Age: 1939-1946]

However at this stage we were introduced to mainly Indian words, charpoys for rope beds, chatties for unglazed urns, pani for water, jaldi for quick and many, many more.. [Coming of Age: 1939-1946]

Most sensible soldiers then stripped off and lay on their charpoys doing nothing for a while to cool down but there were some athletic types who decided to play soccer even though the temperatures were well above 100°F and they didn't seem to suffer from it.. [Coming of Age: 1939-1946]

We had hundreds of cases just lying on the floor or bamboo charpoys in palm huts-it was raining almost all the time.. [A Town Like Alice]

There were two charpoys or stretchers tied one to each side of this little deck, and we determined that Imam Sharif should have one, and the 'botanist' the other.. [Southern Arabia]

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