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Source of power for generating conversation during any social situation; the amount of chat that you give to other people during parties, dates, trips etc. Urban Dictionary

1. Chattery is adjective form of Chatter. Means small talk between people at a particular event etc. 2. Short chat going on among a group of people regarding a person, thing or event. Urban Dictionary

A sorry little Cambridgeshire town, inhabited by bigoted inbreds who feel it necessary to steal cutlery in order to survive. Most Chatteris inhabitants are tall, derp and herp. They feed upon the unhappiness of others, alongside a real desire for silverware. Chatteris is built up of a few shops which sell nothing particularly exciting or useful. Probably sell knock-off forks, for people that like TO STEAL FORKS. Some Chatteris dwellers like to leave the country sometimes, in order to spread their knowledge of how to be inbred and effectively steal silverware. These types should be avoided as they are more fucking annoying than people that actually outright rob your property. Or alternatively, thrown in the dyke at birth. Diddums. Furthermore, Chatteris plays host to some of the ugliest cuntry-folk, as they probably use the cutlery they steal to repair their faces. In conclusion, if you see any bone-handled forks lying around in Cambridgeshire or surrounding areas, please return in a jiffy bag to HMS Your Mother promptly. Urban Dictionary

Chattery is to cause a riot or fight. Urban Dictionary

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The word "chattery" in example sentences

I was quite nervous and 'chattery' before going out but soon settled down once I was there. ❋ Victoria Janssen (2010)

From the nation of lean, chattery bikes comes a big, American-style power cruiser—that's still a Ducati. ❋ Dan Neil (2011)

Snappy groovers with chattery percussion patterns underpin cinematic sax themes. ❋ Unknown (2012)

We all settled into a typical island night of warmth, chattery and friendship. ❋ Amy Chavez (2011)

From the nation of lean, chattery bikes comes the Diavel, a big, American-style power cruiser--that's still every inch a Ducati. ❋ Dan Neil (2011)

Traditionally, the big scrap in late night chattery has been between gap-toothed David Letterman and humongous-chinned Jay Leno seriously, have you seen the thing? ❋ Unknown (2010)

She starts out too broad, as she starts playing her character in her late teens as a chattery, lithe free spirit. ❋ Unknown (2009)

In the film, a chattery Richard Dreyfuss gets to live. ❋ Unknown (2009)

East of the Sun is lavish on descriptive detail and rather chattery conversations, especially in the first half of the book while the main characters are on the ship to India. ❋ Carla (2009)

In the chattery galaxy of books on this subject — many unfortunately classified in the self-help section — two works stand out as guiding stars. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I'm not going to explain rake and trail here because they're very complicated, but the short version is that "rake" refers to the fork's resistance to chatter (if you've ever raked leaves on an irregular surface you know that rakes can be very chattery) and "trail" refers to how the fork handles on a trail (which is why you want no trail on a road bike and lots of trail on a mountain bike). ❋ BikeSnobNYC (2008)

Mrs. Mittin soon went, though her continued and unmeaning chattery made the short term of her stay appear long. ❋ Unknown (2008)

After a life climbing the greasy pole with fibs and over-promotion Little Dorries finally realised her identity and true happiness by sliding all the way back down to become a chattery, error-prone, yet popular till dolly at Tesco, Neath. ❋ Unknown (2008)

But his efforts have definitely reduced the numbers of those pesky chattery red squirrels under our feeders. ❋ Pat (2006)

Clara shivered in her bathrobe, standing on the sidewalk, along with a clutch of chattery neighbors, as they watched the firemen extinguish the blaze and offered words of sympathy to the dismayed owner of the car, who lived a few doors away. ❋ Deaver, Jeffery (2006)

And then she became still, her hands locked together on the desk in front of her, her high, chattery voice quieter now. ❋ Mortimer, John (2006)

“Dude, [what’s wrong] with [Stacey] tonight? She has zero chat.” “Yeah, her chattery died about an hour ago and she can’t get it [charged] back up” ❋ BazCM (2021)

Hey [chattery] Girl, [Wassup]? What was the chattery about Joe at the [marriage] party? ❋ Raj0n (2012)

Me: WHERE IS MY [FORK]? Friend: I bet THAT [bellend] from Chatteris stole it. Me: [What's wrong] with his face? Friend: Oh, he's from Chatteris. Me: Do you know any silversmiths? Friend: Yes, they all live in Chatteris. ❋ Bellendstolemyforks (2011)

Person 1: You [up for] a bit of [chattery] tonight ? Person 2: [For sure] lets go break some legs. ❋ Ganja89 (2010)

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