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Definitions and meanings of "Chaunceth"

What do we mean by chaunceth?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word chaunceth. Define chaunceth, chaunceth synonyms, chaunceth pronunciation, chaunceth translation, English dictionary definition of chaunceth.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Chaunceth

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The word "chaunceth" in example sentences

First a dearth of victuals, for that the land was vntilled, by the peoples departure, then a famine, such as chaunceth to the besieged: which had brought a great destruction of people, had not the Consuls forseene the same, by prouision in forren places. ❋ William Painter (N/A)

Mithridanes envying the life and liberality of Nathan, and travelling thither, with a setled resolution to kill him: chaunceth to conferre with Nathan unknowne. ❋ Unknown (2004)

For they cryed as doe the Christians, when sodeynly any marueylous thyng chaunceth. ❋ Unknown (2003)

Bodin (p. 455), “which chaunceth when ... you depart farthest from those concords which the Musitions call diatesseron and diapente.” ❋ GRETCHEN LUDKE FINNEY (1968)

So of like sorte it alwaies chaunceth, tyrauntes and bloodie menne, dooe seke alwaies a meane, and practise pollicies to destroye all soche as are godlie affected, and by wisedome and godlie life, doe seke to subuerte and destroie, the mischeuous ❋ Richard Rainolde (N/A)

Turler must acknowledge "an auntient complaint made by many that our countrymen usually bring three thinges with them out of Italye: a naughty conscience, an empty purse, and a weak stomache: and many times it chaunceth so indeede." ❋ Clare Howard (N/A)

But, who so chaunceth on the peece wherin the money lies, ❋ John Ashton (N/A)

The sending awaye of the chylde to an other Nourice is not muche inferiour to the forgetfulnesse that chaunceth when death dothe take it awaye. ❋ William Painter (N/A)

But sithe thou hast thus done, it chaunceth that our Lord God, hath shewed more mercy vpon thee, then thou hast done vpon thy selfe. ❋ William Painter (N/A)

And as they were talking of diuers matters (as chaunceth in communication) they fel in talke of prayers, that men do make vnto God. ❋ William Painter (N/A)

To whom Andreuccio rehersed the whole aduenture as it chaunceth. ❋ William Painter (N/A)

For many times it chaunceth, that he which diggeth a ditch, and setteth vp a Gallowes, is the first that doth fall, or is stretched thereuppon. ❋ William Painter (N/A)

But yet this is but litle in respect of that which chaunceth in the night: for if it happen that my poore eyes doe fall a sleepe, weary with incessaunt drawing forth of well springes of teares, slombring dreames cease not then to vexe and afflict my minde, wyth the cruellest tormentes that are possible to be deuised, representing vnto me by their vglie and horrible visions, the ioye and contentacion of her, which inioyeth my place: wherby the greatest ioy which I conceiue is not inferior to cruell death. ❋ William Painter (N/A)

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What does chaunceth mean?

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