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Definitions of "cheap"

  • Relatively low in cost; inexpensive or comparatively inexpensive. adjective
  • Charging low prices: a cheap restaurant. adjective
  • Obtainable at a low rate of interest. Used especially of money. adjective
  • Devalued, as in buying power: cheap dollars. adjective
  • Achieved with little effort: a cheap victory; cheap laughs. adjective
  • Of or considered of small value: in wartime, when life was cheap. adjective
  • Of poor quality; inferior: a cheap toy. adjective
  • Worthy of no respect; vulgar or contemptible: a cheap gangster. adjective
  • Stingy; miserly. adjective
  • Inexpensively: got the new car cheap. adverb
  • cheap at twice the price Extremely inexpensive. idiom
  • on the cheap By inexpensive means; cheaply: traveled to Europe on the cheap. idiom
  • Trade; traffic; chaffer; chaffering. noun
  • A market; marketplace. noun
  • Price. noun
  • A low price; a bargain. noun
  • Cheapness; lowness of price; abundance of supply. noun
  • Low and/or reduced in price. adjective
  • Of poor quality. adjective

The word "cheap" in example sentences

_cheap laborer_ -- cheap not because she is a poor laborer -- she is not; generally she is an admirable one -- quick to learn, faithful to discharge.. [The Business of Being a Woman]

At the word cheap I felt a deep sense of dishonor, a sense that I now was at the lowest rung of this society, that I had fallen low.. [Nomad]

I don't think this is the end of credible news, although the word cheap does come to mind.. [The Full Feed from]

I use the term cheap since you got all the instances for a keyword for that measly price.. [Digital Point Forums]

House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith has made a career of fighting what he calls "cheap foreign labor," and one of his projects is to harass American business into becoming the enforcement agent for U.S. immigration laws.. [Republican Overregulation]

Allow me to first address your use of the word "cheap.". [Michael Cohen: Ask Michael Cohen: How to Be Pregnant and Not in Heels]

These differences speak to a larger contrast in baseball between the clubs at the top of the revenue ladder, which generally stockpile older, more expensive veterans, and every other team, where drafting well and finding reclamation projects on the cheap is the only affordable formula for success.. [Two Teams From Very Different Planets]

In an email recently sent from his campaign to supporters, Kirk claims to be indignant about what he calls a cheap campaign stunt, Dan's gas price event in Lincolnshire last week, but Kirk himself fully and knowingly participated in the mother of all cheap campaign stunts, the Iraq War, and it wasn't so cheap and was very deadly.. [Scott McClellan, Mark Kirk and the Mother of All Cheap (No, Expensive) Campaign Stunts]

Long-time wmtc readers may remember a discussion we had about Canadian perceptions of the US - of the positive variety - which I called cheap shopping vs. health care.. [Archive 2008-07-01]

And what he is accusing Romney and others of is taking what he called cheap shots without offering alternatives.. [CNN Transcript Jun 4, 2007]

My sense is that we've got around ten years before we're going hit the end of what we call cheap oil.. [CNN Transcript Aug 20, 2004]

Kimberley, Dipico accused the NP of reintroducing racism through what he described as cheap and destructive politics.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

It was no trouble for them to walk thirty or forty miles to get what they called cheap religion.. [An Ohio Woman in the Philippines Giving personal experiences and descriptions including incidents of Honolulu, ports in Japan and China]

Oh, in Roumania, one can buy a title cheap -- and so you can be. [Plays: the Father; Countess Julie; the Outlaw; the Stronger]

KUWAIT: First Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah yesterday lashed out at what he called cheap media leaks from last week's joint meeting between members of the ruling family and the Cabinet.. []

I wish to use the term "cheap prostitute­" instead".. [The Full Feed from]

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@liamalexander Hey no fair... they worked hard at being born in a stolen continent at a time when houses were cheap…


@akkitwts That's cheap bread too


@SgtPepperSSB I already have it. I can sell it to you cheap


@neg_dave And sign better free agents. Wow the pohlads are cheap!


TRUE Romance is cheap wine and Conan movies 🎥 🐍 🍷

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