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Hyphenation cheap
Pronunciations /t͡ʃiːp/

Definitions and meanings of "Cheap"

What do we mean by cheap?

Relatively low in cost; inexpensive or comparatively inexpensive. adjective

Charging low prices. adjective

Obtainable at a low rate of interest. Used especially of money. adjective

Devalued, as in buying power. adjective

Achieved with little effort. adjective

Of or considered of small value. adjective

Of poor quality; inferior. adjective

Worthy of no respect; vulgar or contemptible. adjective

Stingy; miserly. adjective

Inexpensively. adverb

(cheap at twice the price) Extremely inexpensive. idiom

(on the cheap) By inexpensive means; cheaply. idiom

To trade; traffic; bargain; chaffer; ask the price of goods; cheapen goods.

To bargain for; chaffer for; ask the price of; offer a price for; cheapen.

To buy; purchase.

To sell.

Rated at a low price or cost; purchasable or obtainable at a low price or cost, either as compared with the usual price or cost, or with the real value, or, more vaguely, with the price of other things; relatively inexpensive.

Of small intrinsic value or esteem; common; commonplace; mean; costing little effort to obtain, practise, influence, etc.: as, to make one's self cheap.

Trade; traffic; chaffer; chaffering.

A market; marketplace.


A low price; a bargain.

Cheapness; lowness of price; abundance of supply.

A reference to one of the following: 1. An individual who is extremely careful with money 2. An individual who is easy to have sex with 3. An individual who uses the same tactic/tactics to win 4. An object that is worth very little Urban Dictionary

Someone that doesn't like to spend money Urban Dictionary

A tactic available in a game which is loved and loathed in equal measure. people who abuse a cheap tactic would call it "effective" as it is available for use in the game. As effective as it may be, abuse of a cheap tactic can detriment skill at a game as cheap tactics do not usually require a great deal of skill to utilise in the first place. People can also become reliant on it to win, further detrimenting skill. Cheap tactics tend to proliferate themselves as people adopt a cheap tactic to counter the same cheap tactic used against them (esp. the combo in Halo 2). The debate about a particular cheap tactic can become never-ending, due to the mixed opinions on the debate of cheapness vs effectiveness. Urban Dictionary

1. a term to qualify a person, action or condition as bad or undesirable. 2. a way to express one's disapointment. Commonly prefaced by "That's so...", "freakin'...", or followed by "...crap." Urban Dictionary

A negative term for a person who decides to save money. People who are savers prefer to be called frugal. This term is used by people who are jealous of savers and are unable to save money themselves. Urban Dictionary

A word used by dumb ass scrubs & n00bs to taunt any move/person that can beat them in a fighting game. Urban Dictionary

One who cant bear to spend money on Anything. one who will die wearing rags, living in a cardboard box, with millions in their bank account. Urban Dictionary

A female who cares neither who nor what she has sex with. Urban Dictionary

An individual that goes beyond all reasonable means to save a buck (i.e. Take soda to a fast food restaurant in order to avoid paying for the soda at the restaurant when eating in the restaurant). Urban Dictionary

Lots of people have danced around the definition, but no one has said it fully, so I will. "Cheap!" the interjection, or "You are cheap!" the insult are mostly used by scrubs in video games of all types. It could be zerg rushing in Starcraft, or using an AWP in Counter-Strike, or just WINNING the highly balanced game, Soul Calibur II, where EVERY MOVE has something you can do to counter. The interjection or insult is mostly used by scrubs that don't know how to truly play the game to people that do, and beat them, to attempt to guilt-trip them against using a certain attack, or playing their best. Despite popular opinion, button-mashers are not cheap; they are just button-mashers. Carefully timed attacks counter their sloppy timing and lack of variety and throw moves. Another definition cited Soul Calibur 2's Raphael, where all of his moves have something to stop them. Is he using 236B? Block or sidestep, and counter. Is he doing the Auto-Evade? Do a throw. EVERYTHING in SC2 has something to stop it, even Guard Impacts, which are extremely difficult to do 100% of the time, and can be tripped up with charge and delay moves. I will make an exception in Nightmare, who is fast, powerful, and has long range, so is therefore completely unstoppable in a good player's hands. The moral of this definition is: Don't get mad, get better. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Cheap

The word "cheap" in example sentences

_cheap laborer_ -- cheap not because she is a poor laborer -- she is not; generally she is an admirable one -- quick to learn, faithful to discharge. ❋ Ida M. Tarbell (1900)

At the word cheap I felt a deep sense of dishonor, a sense that I now was at the lowest rung of this society, that I had fallen low. ❋ Ayaan Hirsi Ali (2010)

I don't think this is the end of credible news, although the word cheap does come to mind. ❋ Leo C. Wolinsky (2011)

I use the term cheap since you got all the instances for a keyword for that measly price. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Allow me to first address your use of the word "cheap." ❋ Michael Cohen (2011)

These differences speak to a larger contrast in baseball between the clubs at the top of the revenue ladder, which generally stockpile older, more expensive veterans, and every other team, where drafting well and finding reclamation projects on the cheap is the only affordable formula for success. ❋ Unknown (2010)

House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith has made a career of fighting what he calls "cheap foreign labor," and one of his projects is to harass American business into becoming the enforcement agent for U.S. immigration laws. ❋ Unknown (2011)

In an email recently sent from his campaign to supporters, Kirk claims to be indignant about what he calls a cheap campaign stunt, Dan's gas price event in Lincolnshire last week, but Kirk himself fully and knowingly participated in the mother of all cheap campaign stunts, the Iraq War, and it wasn't so cheap and was very deadly. ❋ Ellen Beth Gill (2008)

Long-time wmtc readers may remember a discussion we had about Canadian perceptions of the US - of the positive variety - which I called cheap shopping vs. health care. ❋ Unknown (2008)

And what he is accusing Romney and others of is taking what he called cheap shots without offering alternatives. ❋ Unknown (2007)

My sense is that we've got around ten years before we're going hit the end of what we call cheap oil. ❋ Unknown (2004)

Kimberley, Dipico accused the NP of reintroducing racism through what he described as cheap and destructive politics. ❋ Unknown (1996)

It was no trouble for them to walk thirty or forty miles to get what they called cheap religion. ❋ Emily Bronson Conger (N/A)

Oh, in Roumania, one can buy a title cheap -- and so you can be ❋ August Strindberg (1880)

KUWAIT: First Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah yesterday lashed out at what he called cheap media leaks from last week's joint meeting between members of the ruling family and the Cabinet.

I wish to use the term "cheap prostitute­" instead". ❋ The Huffington Post News Editors (2011)

1. " [That guy's] cheap " 2. " She's [real] cheap " or " He's real cheap " 3. " You're cheap! " " Man, that's cheap " 4. " Those [jeans] are cheap! " ❋ Bill Abnovsky (2006)

Olvier is very cheap ❋ Jon (2003)

Counter-Strike -The n00b cannon --Kills with pretty much one hit, even when shot in the toe. [Marvel vs capcom 2]: [Cable's] air [hyper viper beam] is cheap. Playing well with magneto is not cheap as skill is required to be good with him. Halo 2: Plasma Pistol battle rifle combo aka "The combo" "ha ha--he's using the combo!- How cheap!" ❋ Duffath (2005)

There may be a guy or girl you see [who in] the interest of popularity does certain things to make themself look "cool," but in [your opinion] the things they do are really lame. You may say that this person is cheap. If my computer was to crash in the middle of my writing a long blog I would have said, "What the...? That's so cheap." You may [come home] after a long day and there is nothing you would like to watch on TV. In that case, TV is being cheap. ❋ 100Percen% (2006)

Tom: [A penny] saved is [a penny] earned. Jack: You cheap ass loser. Tom: I've saved up 100,000,000 pennies. That's $[1,000,000] damn dollars! Who's laughing now? Jack: A**hole!!! Matt: You cheap loser why dont you spend your money on booze, hookers, and drugs like me? Fred: I'd rather be cheap and rich, instead of spending and being poor. ❋ SamRoe (2008)

[Scrub]/n00b: Hey, [AHVB] is cheap! Scrub/n00b: Don't pick [Cable], he's cheap! Scrub/n00b: I'm not playing against you! You're cheap! ❋ RS (2003)

Marc is so cheap that he uses cold water to [wash dishes] to save money Marc is so cheap he brings his dates out to thier parents fridge for dinner. Marc is so cheap he buys water at the bar and tells people its vodka Marc is so cheap that he makes 45k a year, has 30k [in the bank] and drives around a 15 year old paintless [dodge neon]. ❋ FOrty (2006)

[Man], [my ex] was so cheap. ❋ MightyStalin666 (2003)

"[Are you] bringing a [soda] with you to the [burger joint]? Boy, you are cheap!" ❋ ZZZZ (2006)

I've been called cheap so many times in the [Arcade's] [Soul Calibur 2], mostly by the same people that challenge me over and over. There are precious few others that aren't just scrubs that take their losses like men, use a different character, and scrape together a win. These same scrubs and whiners pick the SAME character over and over and over, believe that there are tiers for the characters ([Yoshimitsu] is kickass, and Yunsung is worst by a landslide? You wish.), and post on, which is worse than the SomethingAwful Forums. Heck, one guy is so vehement that he's resorted to the most childish tactics of blocking the coin input with his leg, and making oh-so-creative names of me in conquest like "[Kentar] Sux" and "Gaythar." simply because the first time I played him, I beat him. ❋ Kenthar (2004)

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