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Pronunciations /tʃiːps/

Definitions and meanings of "Cheeps"

What do we mean by cheeps?

A short, high-pitched sound made by a small bird.

Cheeps are Jacquie's version of "Peeps", which are marshmallow bunnies, ducks, or chickens. They're much cooler, ghetto-er, and tastier than Big Webb's stupid Peeps. Urban Dictionary

Used when a female is talking and a guy does not want to listen or just wants to annoy her by either ending the sentence with cheep cheep or interrupting her while speaking by saying cheep cheep. The female can then respond back with squawk. (Both cheep cheep and squawk should be said LOUDLY) Urban Dictionary

Hitting that dank kush Urban Dictionary

Something that is cheep Urban Dictionary

A game in Mario Party 4 that requires coordination, timing, and stealth. It is a 2 vs. 2 mini game and everyone roots for it to land on when it is one of the randomly selected games after a round. The goal of the game is to collect more cheep cheeps (fish) as a team than your two opponents in the given amount of time. Red cheep cheeps are worth one point, gold cheep cheeps are worth two points. However, one cannot just catch the cheep cheeps at will, one must sneak up to the fish and not scare them away and slowly lower their net with the A button and empty the net -which can hold up to three cheep cheeps at once- (3 gold ones if I'm playing), with the B button. There is almost unlimited strategy to this game too. You may sabotage your teammate for whatever reason at any time and dump all your wonderful cheep cheeps in your opponent's goal. You can also block your opponent from their goal by standing in their way if they are threatening with hella cheep cheeps. It is easier to block a computer because they will not make moves to try to juke you out as long as they are pinned against a wall and you. An alternate player may catch on quicker to the blockade idea and will most likely try to get out of it depending on how aggressive they cheep cheep sweep. Urban Dictionary

A female creep. Urban Dictionary

Cheep chop; meaning very happy and full of glee. correct response to this is a cheerful aboo jeebi! failure to do this will result in a whip lashing with a 10 inch spiked dildo. Urban Dictionary

A way New-Zealanders refer to "fish and chips". It's pretty retarded but hey I'm just Australian so I already have a love-hate relationship with kiwis. Urban Dictionary

The best and only way to describle "chips and dip", for a massive mega party! Urban Dictionary

An expensive piece of crap Urban Dictionary

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The word "cheeps" in example sentences

My favorite character was Steven (click this link!) who was originally a homeless guy stealing the orphans "cheeps" (hehehe) but he was so ugly that every time he smiled I cracked right up. ❋ Dailycomic (2008)

Jet Blue's "cheeps" and United Airlines 'twares are exclusive Twitter promotions for last minute fare deals. ❋ Unknown (2009)

And today, lots of cheeps and chirps, which means another set of baby birds. ❋ Alice Walker Blog Administrator (2009)

The first day here, as we dragged out the deck furniture and snapped the tablecloth onto the table, I thought I heard an unusual amount of chirps and cheeps. ❋ Alice Walker Blog Administrator (2009)

They have a World Market in almost every state so you can rush out and buy some little cheep cheeps for your soap project. ❋ Anne-Marie (2008)

Ai brawt margareetaz alkyholic an nawn-alkyhawlic, cheeps an sawlsa, faheetas an burrytos wif chikkin an beefs tew sillybrate. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Once it is filled with the chirps, cheeps, and song of migrating birds, Gitmo will restore a measure of pride and honor to the US. ❋ Wolcott, James, 1952- (2009)

They deserve each other, but the nation deserves better than having that pair of habitual cheeps calling the shots for the next four years. ❋ Unknown (2009)

It cheeps and I realize that this is a first flight, a first appearance even, out from the crack in the cliff and the nest where it hatched. ❋ TIM DEE (2009)

I'm not sure what breed they are, but there were hundreds of the little cheep cheeps calling my name and I felt righteous coming home with only two. ❋ FUZZARELLY (2009)

I am greeted by all manner of chirps and squawks and cheeps. ❋ Shipping Troll (2009)

“Hear to that now,” again whispered Henry, “and me whispering lower than a wren cheeps!” ❋ Unknown (2008)

The result is a symphony of cheeps, peeps, and tweets. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Bonus Nawchos! yum, xtra cheeps adn lawts ob salsaw… ❋ Unknown (2008)

I hear the wind tinkling against the wind chimes outside our front door, the territorial screech of a mocking bird, the bee-like buzzing of a hummingbird, the show-offy song of a bird I cannot name and an entire orchestra of chirps, twitters and cheeps. ❋ Jek-a-go-go (2008)

[The uber] marshmallowness of the [Cheeps] pwned the crappiness of the [Peeps]. ❋ Saint Jacquie (2005)

Female: Oh my gosh, did you hear about *[CHEEP CHEEP]* (male)! (Female gives evil [glare] and responds): *[SQUAWK]!* Female: I cannot believe he actually had the nerve to show up! Male: CHEEP CHEEP! ❋ Bird Famers United! (2010)

Person 1: [bro what] you get up to yesterday? Person 2: cheeping all day and [night man]! Person 1: [tubular]! ❋ Ghostintheforest (2018)

"Cheepness!" used after someone has [done] something that others [might] say [Cheep] too ❋ Anonymous116 (2009)

[BCK] got them gold [cheep] [cheeps] on deck b, One can make the argument that he has mastered [Cheep] Cheep Sweep. ❋ Big_Country_Kellogg (2010)

"[Yo that] girl cheepin'." "Yo girl is a [cheep] bruh." "It aint nothin' cut that cheep off." "Yeah I was talkin' to her but she [turned out] to be a real cheep." ❋ JohnnyBlaze562 (2014)

it's a cheep chop day in [the month of may] [hey hey hey] hey hey hey [hey hey]!!!!!!!!! ❋ Jdazzle24 (2010)

Kiwi: O yeh [bru] wanna [gu] [git sum] Feesh and Cheeps? Other Kiwi: O yeh bru. Aussie: The fuck you two on about? ❋ EckEckUghUgh (2018)

guy1: so what [are we] going to have for this [HXC] party, [my buddy]! He's buddy: Fucking cheeps en deep fool!!! guy1:awesome.... ❋ HXCNESS (2007)

ooo this old penguin [wrapper] from the [50s] is only £50 billion its as [cheep as chips] ❋ Somebody In Particuar (2003)

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