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A chick is a bird that has not yet reached adulthood. Chick or chicks may also refer to:.

What does the word chicks mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word chicks in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with chicks and anagrams of chicks.

Definitions of "chicks"

  • Plural form of chick. noun
  • Slang for young ladies noun

The word "chicks" in example sentences

To have a population which historicaly numbered 72, have 60 pairs fledge three chicks is flabbergasting!!. [The founding fathers believed that governments are instituted among men for the sole purpose of protecting human rights.]

With it, youth pheasant shoots, 4H pheasant rearing projects (stocked with pheasant chicks from the state facility), county sportsmen federation distributions, habitat improvement programs connected to pheasant habitat that supported not only pheasants, but other game and non-game species, are likely to be lost.. [Predictions for the New Year]

The introduction of hot chicks is an effort to stay competitive and draw in more viewers (probably at the urging of the network).. [Meet The Newest SUPERNATURAL Chick | the TV addict]

(Linguistically, avoid the phrase “hot penguin chicks” …) slaverstrike. [EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Surf’s Up is way better than I thought it would be.]

So if you will escuse me, I must put my WW2 fighter pilot in Imperial Rome to save the green skinned supermodel chicks from the undead time travelling Nazis (which we at SFSignal have the market cornered on.). [Why Do You Read/Watch Science Fiction?]

She called the chicks, “Here, baby, baby,” cheeped and cooed and collapsed into the cushions, snickering.. [Change Me Into Zeus’s Daughter]

Old Mother Hen heard the cries of the other fowls and knew there was danger, so she called her chicks to come home.. [Prince and Rover of Cloverfield Farm]

Then she called her chicks, and they ate up all the bread.. [Childhood's Favorites and Fairy Stories The Young Folks Treasury, Volume 1]

"Now, all yáll have to do to get yo 500 baby chicks is send Wolfman a postal money order for $3.99 - yea that´s right folks, only $3.99 to Wolfman Jack c/o XERF in Del Rio, Texas and the Wolfman will send you 500 baby chicks and get this folks, they ain´t nothing cuter than a bunch of baby chicks runnin´round the house and whut´s great about baby chicks in when they is growed up and done got ugly and you gets tired of ém you can eat ém.". [See You Later, Mr. Chan*]

Mother ducks call their chicks to them when danger is near and ferociously defend them against predators.. [Hook hunters up with 'tramps,' not stamps]

His mother went in and out like Florence Nightingale, carrying soup and clothing and books by women like Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem, writers Jack's dad once described as chicks who wanted dicks.. [Salem Falls]

Her clucking when she is impelled to sit on her eggs, or when she is calling her chicks, is no less demonstrative.. [Scientific American Supplement, No. 841, February 13, 1892]

Several of my chicks are the sad result of alcoholic parents, and they are never going to have a fair chance all their lives.. [Dear Enemy]

The hen had also come in, and frightened by the noise, had jumped up on a chair and was wildly calling her chicks, who were chirping distractedly around the four legs of the chair.. [Original Short Stories — Volume 05]

NOTE: For her nude body to be truly appreciated, Kirstie will have to star in a film where the majority of the audience actually likes looking at overweight white chicks ... in other words, it'll probably be produced by Tyler Perry.. [Celebslam: They're Better Than Us]

BI-HUSTLER: Martin (Austin Nichols) gets it on with dudes and chicks, which is so 1983 (just like that hair).. []

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@Bbillions: Some chicks chew gum better than others, it’s hard to explain


@Brandi_Coble: Jazz is one of those chicks that takes forever to find a man and once they get one they start feeling themselves a little…


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Hatchery Chicks
Hatchery Chicks
Hen Protecting Chicks - Mother Hen and Chicks - Funny Hen Video - Cute Chickens
Hen Protecting Chicks - Mother Hen and Chicks - Funny Hen Video - Cute Chickens
New Baby Chicks
New Baby Chicks

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News about chicks

Scientists Have a Plan to Turn Seabirds Into Tiny Ocean Science Labs
In the future, cyborg birds may help monitor ocean currents and help ground-truth satellite data. It may sound like an odd prognostication, but a study released on Thursday in Scientific Reports lays the groundwork. Read more...

Giant nappies, CD burning and 'perv bops': when girl bands go wrong
The history of girl group’s problematic pasts, from the shocking undertones of teen punks Bow Wow Wow to boycotting presidents and bloodied tampons Sex Pistols overlord McLaren knew how to shock. The Kings Road boutique he ran with Vivienne Westwood was calle…

From Scotland to Madagascar with love: safe havens for world's rarest duck
Conservationists used floating cages from Scottish salmon farms to rear and release Madagascar pochards Two floating cages from Scottish salmon farms have been transformed into a safe haven for the world’s rarest duck, which was driven to the brink of extinct…


Chicks Word Data

  • PronunciationsCH IH1 K S
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation


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