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High-quality porcelain or other ceramic ware, originally made in China. noun

Porcelain or earthenware used for the table. noun

The common name of porcelain and of porcelain-ware. See porcelain. noun

Cinchona bark. noun

Quinine. noun

A country in Eastern Asia. noun

China ware, which is the modern popular term for porcelain. See Porcelain. noun

A well-known garden flower and plant. See Aster. noun

See under Bean, 1. noun

See Kaolin. noun

Same as Ramie. noun

See India ink. noun

An anual or biennial species of Dianthus (Dianthus Chiensis) having variously colored single or double flowers; Indian pink. noun

The rootstock of a species of Smilax (Smilax China, from the East Indies; -- formerly much esteemed for the purposes that sarsaparilla is now used for. Also the galanga root (from Alpinia Gallanga and Alpinia officinarum). noun

A flowering hothouse plant (Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis) of the Mallow family, common in the gardens of China and the east Indies. noun

A shop or store for the sale of China ware or of crockery. noun

See Azedarach. noun

Mate (i.e., friend). noun

The root of a climbing plant, Smilax china L., once believed to have important medicinal properties. noun

The plant Smilax china, a liana of much of eastern Asia.

1) A country with a rich history (explained better by other definitions) and with the most amount of people. 2) Where all asians supposedly come from  Urban Dictionary

A magical place that likes to shove sticks up your ass as a tradition. This place also provides a shit full of stuff made out of plastic. Along with all the people who watch porn everyday, they also look like they're asleep.  Urban Dictionary

The nation with no problems whatsoever, no population decline damaging it's industrial ability, no water crisis, no lack of political cohesion, no housing crisis, no nothing! there isn't even an excess population of males! there isn't even horrible building quality! look, they even have the money capacity to do desalination by having an incredibly low gdp per capita!  Urban Dictionary

Heroin. a kind of plate. a country.  Urban Dictionary

In British prison slang, china means friend. It is short for 'china plate' which rhymes with mate. This uncomplicated style of rhyme slang has characterized prison slang for years.  Urban Dictionary

A slang term meaning 'mate'. Originates from China Plate, where Plate rhymes with Mate.  Urban Dictionary

(1) One of the largest countries in the world (2) a type of dinnerware used in formal occasions (3) Puerto Rican Spanish slang for Orange.  Urban Dictionary

Three points: 1. China is NOT a fucked up country. You think they look down on people of other countries? Hark who's talking. 2. If you want to know an unbiased account of what the country China is, go to Wikipedia. If you only want to bash China, go add a definition. 3. If you want to know slang definitions of the word "china", you can either a) go to china and ignore the definitions that flame China and its people. b) I have heard it used as a substance nice plates and cups are made out of.  Urban Dictionary

The host of Olympics 2008 games.  Urban Dictionary

1. a country that declares himself communistic but actually is economically capitalistic and extremely autocratic in governance. 2. the world largest capital attracting mechine that is good at producing lousy products 3. one of the "two largest axes of evil on earth", another is the bush government  Urban Dictionary

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How to use china in a sentence? Example sentences with the china, a sentence example for china, and how to make china in sample sentence, how do I use the word china in a sentence? How do you spell china in a sentence?

All my email's inboxes are down. well from china hotmail and yahoo has been slow .. and they banned youtube in china~~ what a flung 0_o #dinked I heart Creana "True friends walk in, when the rest walk out."   ❋ Unknown (2009)

J um, according to dress, I would say first that the clothing in china is very similar to the clothes you would wear in the US.   ❋ Unknown (2003)

Please ensure your china is at room temperature first – do not bring it in directly from a cold car in winter and plunk it into warm water.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

KAYE: Officers hope the suspected dealer will lead them to what they call china white, heroin so pure, so potent, so powerful, it killed 55 people in St. Louis in just the first six months of this year.   ❋ Unknown (2007)

KAYE: Officers hope the suspected dealer will lead them to what they call china white, heroin so pure, so potent, so powerful it killed 55 people in St. Louis in just the first six months of this year.   ❋ Unknown (2006)

KAYE: Officers hope the suspected dealer will lead them to what they call china white.   ❋ Unknown (2006)

It’s not that having things made in china is inherently bad, it’s that * everything* is made in china, and therefore, we are sending our money out the window as fast as we can manage.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

HUGE amounts of subsidies have gone for solar panels – made in china of course.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Looks like china is smarter than obama – they know gorebal warming is a hoax!   ❋ Unknown (2009)

There was a noise of breaking glass and china from the work room and Hathor yelled: ‘Mize!’   ❋ Nathreee (2010)

Can't Post | Private Reply there are many such suppliers in china, why not purchase from china? raileysolarenergy   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Yes | No | Report from the cowboy wrote 2 weeks 4 days ago piece-o-crap gun. made in china for 30$ and the rest is simply shipping and retail add-ons so they can make money. buy a t/c bone collecter you can buy one for 200-300$ if you know how to buy used guns (talk them down) +2 Good Comment?   ❋ Unknown (2010)

"China, India and just about every other country push ahead with their industries and out produce us." ok so the fact that everything you own is made in china never made you angry but the precautions we have to take for global warming has made you fed up!!! lol you republicans are clowns you know that?!   ❋ Unknown (2009)

June 25th, 2009 12: 35 pm ET so ... how 'bout we also get involved with the internal disputes in china, saudi arabia, zimbabwe, and so on ... while my heart goes out to the protesters in iran – and i def hope they achieve more of the freedoms they seek and deserve!!!   ❋ Unknown (2009)

So far the best product I have found for cleaning vintage china is our old helper Bar Keepers Friend.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

If china is your favorite collectible most of the larger china companies come out with a new ornament each holiday season.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

"So, where do you come from? China" "No, Korea" "So you must speak Chinese then" "No, and there isn't a language called Chinese, but differecnt dialects" "Do you like rice?" ❋ Evilreddot (2006)

That's china! ❋ Fish HistorY 69 (2018)

Guy 1: hey guy 2, lets write a blog about china and how great it is! guy 2: but it sucks, you should watch polymatter's china's reckoning guy 1: but we need to justify communist ideologies!!!! ❋ The Maker Man Guy (2021)

Dude Hui got the China. Serves it on china also. I hear he's from china. ❋ Hugaboo (2006)

Billy and I go way back, he's a real china. ❋ Martin (2005)

Guy 1: Hey China! Long time no see! Mate: How are ya pal!? Good to see ya! ❋ Australian Dude (2006)

When me & my two College roomates went to a nearby Wal*mart supercenter one day to get some things. One of my roomies saw a nice frying pan & saw the label said that the frying pan was made in China. Next we went by housewares & was some nice looking china dinnerware. My other roomie from Puerto Rico went to the refrigerated juice section & said "Look! the "Jugo de china" on sale here!" ❋ BruinKiller3469 (2009)

China is an awesome country, man! ❋ Biased, Just Like Everyone Else (2005)

It will start on On 8th August 2008 8:08:08 P.M. in Beijing, Capital of China P.R. ❋ New Zealander (2008)

Che will say "jugar! china is really a shame to socialism". ❋ PrincipeIII (2006)

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