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Chloral, also known as trichloroacetaldehyde or trichloroethanal, is the organic compound with the formula Cl3CCHO. This aldehyde is a colourless oily liquid that is soluble in a wide range of solvents. It reacts with water to form chloral hydrate, a once widely used sedative and hypnotic substance..

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Definitions of "chloral"

  • A colorless, mobile, oily aldehyde, CCl3CHO, a penetrating lung irritant, used to manufacture DDT and chloral hydrate. noun
  • A colourless narcotic liquid, trichloroacetaldehyde, CCl3CHO, obtained at first by the action of chlorine on alcohol and that, when treated with water, produces chloral hydrate. noun
  • A colorless oily liquid, CCl3.CHO, of a pungent odor and harsh taste, obtained by the action of chlorine upon ordinary or ethyl alcohol. noun
  • Chloral hydrate. noun
  • A colorless mobile liquid (CCl3.CHO), having an agreeable pungent smell and biting taste, first prepared by Liebig from chlorin and alcohol, afterward by Städeler by the action of chlorin on starch. noun

The word "chloral" in example sentences

JEAN CASAREZ, COURT TV: The medical examiner says that she was taking a liquid sleeping medication called chloral hydrate in combination with anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs that she was taking.. [CNN Transcript Mar 26, 2007]

The thought of the chloral was the only spot of light in the dark prospect: she could feel its lulling influence stealing over her already.. [The House of Mirth]

No sooner had they left the room and locked me in than I tried so see how far down my throat my finger would go, and the chloral was allowed to try its effect elsewhere.. [Ten Days in a Mad-House]

You cannot basically put this kind of chloral hydrate undetected in a beverage because it has a very distinctive, unpleasant taste.. [CNN Transcript Mar 26, 2007]

Sedatives such as chloral hydrate may be used to quiet the animal.. [Common Diseases of Farm Animals]

The fashionable devotee, in order to counteract this, either stimulates the system with alcohol, or exorcises the "fidgets" by the use of sedatives, such as chloral or morphia.. [Religion and Lust or, The Psychical Correlation of Religious Emotion and Sexual Desire]

In his doctor’s bag Kingston had some chloral, which is a reputable narcotic when used in moderation.. [The Case of the Late Pig]

Since the war M. Daudet has never had an hour's sleep without artificial aid, such as chloral; but devotees of Lady Nicotine will be interested to learn that in answer to a question he once said, "I have smoked a great deal while working, and the more I smoked the better I worked.. [The Idler Magazine, Volume III., July 1893 An Illustrated Monthly]

Typically, his friends were eager to avoid calling his breakdown even temporary insanity and blamed it on the large amounts of bromide and chloral he was taking for sleep, on top of his usual heavy consumption of brandy, wine, and crème de menthe.. [Henry’s Demons]

By all accounts, Williams's doctor, Toby Marshall, was a quack whose cure for drinking involved lots of chloral hydrate, a sedative.. [Lost Highway, Found Writer]

He held up a vial of chloral hydrate, but his fingers were too weak and nerveless to draw the cork.. [THE STORY OF JEES UCK]

The 1870s had seen an increase in the use of drugs as they became more available, and though chloral (prescribed to combat insomnia after 1869) and barbiturates such as veronal or gardenal were popular, the great favorite of the epoch was opium, and its derivative, morphine.. [Eaters of Dreams | Edwardian Promenade]

The large dose of chloral hydrate in the food knocked the dogs out within minutes.. [Respect The Jux]

In addition to a lethal dose of the powerful sleep drug chloral hydrate, there were at least eight other drugs in her system, Ken Sealy, sedatives, muscle relaxants, anti-anxiety meds, none of them illegal.. [CNN Transcript Jan 1, 2010]

Two examples are phenobarbital, an anti-convulsant, and chloral-hydrate, a sedative.. [BioIdentical Hormone Disinformation From AP Medical Writer, Marilynn Marchione]

Maurice Brighthaupt, Smith's security guard, described watching Smith slurp from a baby bottle of the powerful sedative chloral hydrate -- cited by a coroner as a primary cause of Smith's fatal overdose -- as if it were a Pepsi.. [Archive 2009-10-18]

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(i)., (kim). kloralhidrat.(i)., (kim). kloralhidrat.

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a chloral is a stewardess: sloshy yet uncapturable


@nymphomachy How do you get alcohol drunk? Chlorine gas. Drunk alcohol is chloral hydrate.


@MallinsonT @CCWearmouth Chloral hydrate PO 😉 @DrRoseM

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synthesis of chloral hydrate (OTC)
synthesis of chloral hydrate (OTC)
what is Chloral | Part- 28|Unit-12 |chem cbse|class 12
what is Chloral | Part- 28|Unit-12 |chem cbse|class 12
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  • Pronunciations(klôrˈəl, klōrˈ-)
  • Character7
  • Hyphenation chlo ral


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