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What Jimmy Neutron calls normal table salt  Urban Dictionary

Its Basically salt and also a phrase used by jimmy neutron  Urban Dictionary

(n.) A smart way of telling somone that they are giving only bad feedback to a produkt or comment. It is referd to as "Salt" by pesants.  Urban Dictionary

The chemical name for table salt. consists of a Sodium atom and 1 Chlorine atom ionically bonded.  Urban Dictionary

A heavy liquid with a pungent odor which, when vapors are inhaled, causes very rapid onset of general anesthesia. Side effects similar to chloroform: toxic to heart and liver.  Urban Dictionary

The saltiness from when your ball sack is sweaty  Urban Dictionary

Silver chloride is a chemical compound with the chemical formula AgCl. This white crystalline solid is well known for its low solubility in water (this behavior being reminiscent of the chlorides of Tl+ and Pb2+). Upon illumination or heating, silver chloride converts to silver (and chlorine), which is signaled by grey to black or purplish coloration to some samples. AgCl occurs naturally as a mineral chlorargyrite.  Urban Dictionary

Its Basically salt and also a phrase used by jimmy neutron  Urban Dictionary

The base chemical compound of the carbon chain used in the manufacture of such things as cocaine, speed, viagra ect.ect  Urban Dictionary

#1: A type of muscle coolant used for sports injuries and can be found in most pharmacies. #2: A drug that people use to get a high similar to general anesthetic or chloroform. It is more commonly referred to as just EC. It is used by holding a plastic bag in your hand and using the top as a hole to inhale, then spraying the ethyl-chloride into a small plastic bag and putting your mouth up to the plastic bag and breath in a couple of times, the high comes on instantly and fades within a couple of minutes, the high consists of auditory hallucinations as well as just passing out or if you're awake flashing colours everywhere. The comedown is awful, you feel very out of it and confused for a couple of hours. It is also very toxic to your heart and liver.  Urban Dictionary

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How to use chloridate in a sentence? Example sentences with the chloridate, a sentence example for chloridate, and how to make chloridate in sample sentence, how do I use the word chloridate in a sentence? How do you spell chloridate in a sentence?

Jimmy: Just some [sodium chloride]. Skeet: Dude, it's called [salt] Jimmy: [That's what I said], sodium chloride ❋ R O O S T E R (2018)

its [just a bit] of [sodium chloride] ❋ An Intellectual But Smarter (2019)

Fanboy: Holy shit [ps4] is so crappy no one should ever buy it. You: Out of all the [minerals] on earth [you choose] Sodium Chloride. ❋ Wenzelthenerd (2017)

I [put] [sodium chloride] on my [dinner]. ❋ 5'1"Racer (2005)

That dumbass [Byron] accidently inhaled too much ethyl chloride [vapor] and passed out in the chemistry [lab]. ❋ Marty (2003)

I Played 4 hours of [hoops] earlier now my balls are covered in [scrodium chloride], I’[mma] have her lick it off later ❋ The Mocha (2019)

Person 1: "Isn't Silver Chloride [the stuff] u put in the pool?" Person 2: "[No u] dumbass it is [chlorine]." ❋ Vexacon (2021)

its [just a bit] of [sodium chloride] ❋ An Intellectual But Smarter (2019)

there isnt a [hydra-chloride] invented yet that the [white man] could become addicted to that the [mexicans] wont soon control ❋ J. ALEXANDER (2007)

Conan: Dude, Sarah and I did Ethyl-Chloride the other night. It was very fun, the comedown made me feel a bit shit though. [Jetson]: Aw dude I heard that [shit can] like destroy your esophagus. Conan: Yeah dude only if [you do too much] of it though. ❋ Asbestos69 (2020)

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What does the word chloridate mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word chloridate in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with chloridate and anagrams of chloridate. Looking for online definition of chloridate in the dictionary? Chloridate explanation free. What is chloridate? Meaning of chloridate term.

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